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NBA 2K18 – full breakdown of storage requirements

Posted on September 15, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

The file size situation surrounding NBA 2K18 on Switch has been a bit confusing. The Japanese Switch eShop initially listed the game for 6.8GB, but was later changed to 22.9GB.

Nintendo’s support site fully explains the situation. Here’s the full breakdown of storage requirements:

A microSD card (sold separately) is required to download NBA 2K18 for Nintendo Switch, in addition to 5GB per save file on the system memory. Please have the microSD card inserted before beginning the game download and ensure that you have a least 5GB of system memory (not on a microSD card) available.

Below are the storage space requirements:

Initial software download after purchase – 6.8 GB
Additional software update – 16.1 GB
Save file – 5 GB system memory per save file

Please note that a microSD card is required for both the digital and physical versions of the game. Additional information about this requirement is located on the game packaging and in the Nintendo eShop / Game Store.

So technically, both file sizes in the eShop listing were correct. But now we can absolutely say that the base download is 6.8GB, followed by another 16.1GB for a software update. That makes it 22.9GB. You’ll then need to add 5GB for each save file.


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    jesus christ…

    • _17chan

      Yeah I’m definitely not down for this.


        I heard its the same for other consoles aswell but damn do I agree!

        • Lumine

          There’s way I’m ever buying any games that do this no matter how much I would’ve wanted it on the Switch.

    • Ruinic

      5GB per save file… wtf… That is just ridiculous.

      • SarahJScholz

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  • Reggie

    The more we learn of this, the worse it looks. I really hope that mandatory downloads like this will be few and far in-between for the Switch library.

    • that’s hard to tell, we know now that doom will have the single player on the cart, but multiplayer will need to be downloaded, which is fine if it’s optional. So I don’t mind the doom scenario (lolz) because at least the offline component is sitting on the cart, meaning long after the servers die, the game will still be playable.

      • Reggie

        I consider that to be different, because as you just said, the multiplayer mode is optional. Most people say that Doom 2016’s strength lies in the single player campaign anyway. It’s not like NBA 2k18 where you’re required to download additional data just to play the main game.

  • this game is a turd, I don’t care how well it ends up playing, this is a freakin’ mess. Skip, this will teach them to skimp out on a 32gig card. I think most gamers would be fine with a $10 increase if it meant the game was mostly intact.

    • Michael C

      Or its what happens when you put a big game on a small system, doom is missing a mode, memory matters.

      • Bruno_Ostara

        The game can be as big as it wants, but a save file requiring 5GB is just insane lol

      • amak11

        A level editor you retarded troll…

        Who cares about a level editor. DO you use the Doom level editor? Grow up and get off the site

      • jimmy

        With these sports games people like to chunk money at the higher price points so $10 extra would’ve been nothing

    • joegvo

      So 70 dollars for a sports game?

      • you should be so lucky that it would only cost you $70. Over here (Canada) regular priced games are $80.

        • joegvo

          Because of currency differences.

          • genius!

          • games only a few years ago were also $60 here, sadly our salaries don’t change based on currency fluctuations…

          • joegvo

            Games for N64 through Wii were also only 50 dollars.

  • awng782

    Save file – 5 GB system memory per save file

    Holy cow that’s huge…

  • GoldenTriforce

    So over 50GB? I guess an update is required on PS4 & Xbone as well

    • Michael C

      hmm no

      • amak11

        Hmm, yes. There is always a day 1 update on those consoles

      • Lance Devon

        There actually is, a several gigs download at that.

  • Blanco8x8

    This game is an oversized mess.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    How is the save file bigger then splatoon and Arms? lol

  • amak11

    I dont mind this. Then again I’m more than willing to go out and get microSD cards… people are willing to pay 60 dollars for a game but not storage… THATs rediculous

  • jimmy

    That storage thing reminds me of how Skyrims storage kept on getting bigger and bigger as you played, i remember i ran out of storage because of that game lmao

    • Reggie

      Definitely not getting Skyrim for Switch then.

  • zorniki

    Mad mofos!

  • Kenshin0011

    Pretty odd imho that people are so upset over storage requirements…why is it such a big deal? If one really wants this game, which performs amazingly well for a portable hybrid, needing access to plenty of storage memory is not that bad.

  • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

    Okay so just wait for the physical version if you don’t have the space, this is for the digital download as that is all that is currently available for the Switch, but wow that save file size is criminal

    • John Adney

      the physical version only includes that 6.8gb “initial software download”. you still need 16.1gb on an sd card and 5gb per save file on system memory. it’s really absurd.

  • Melatelo

    This WILL impact sales. There’s no doubt about it. Surely Nintendo thought this through when they were making the Switch. Did they really not think this would be an issue?

  • sremick

    So basically one savegame is the size of the entirety of Super Mario Odyssey.

    Seriously, WTF

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