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NBA 2K18 Switch file size

Posted on September 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Update (9/14): NBA 2K18’s file size has updated on the Switch eShop. It’s now showing 22.9GB. That makes much more sense, and is in line with a rough estimate provided by the developers previously.

Original (9/13): With just a few days to go before launch, NBA 2K18 has been given a listing on the Japanese Switch eShop. We have the game’s file size as a result.

The base download for NBA 2K18 seems to be 6.8GB. However, the listing says that you need more than 6GB of additional storage space. Players are advised to prepare a microSD card (recommend more than 32GB) when you buying the game.

Even with this information, it would be a smaller download than we would have expected for NBA 2K18. We’ll let you know if we receive any further news about NBA 2K18’s storage on Switch.

Source: Switch eShop

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  • amak11

    So… smaller than Breath of the Wild?

    • Paddy Alfan

      Smaller than Kyrie scored during last Finals!

  • Stuart

    Huh…Smaller than I was expecting

    • jimmy

      That’s what….nevermind

  • StuOhQ

    Why would we need an SD card for a 12GB download? That would fit on system storage… and easily on a 16GB cartridge.

    • Jaxad0127

      Warning about future downloads. Large patches, additional content, etc. Switch game cards are read-only, hence needing additional storage even for them.

      • Brian

        This is really the only thing that makes sense.

  • That is a pretty low file size. Combined, it’s not much bigger than the one for NBA Playgrounds right now. It’s tempting me to get it digitally but I’m trying to wait for the physical version next month.

  • awng782

    Wait…a micro SD card is needed for that…?

  • Melatelo

    So in other words, 2K went cheap with the cartridge even though they could of fit the whole game on a bigger card? The file size is a lot smaller than expected- especially compared to the PS4/X1 versions. I hope this doesn’t impact the overall experience. I can’t help but think they could of perhaps achieved a higher frame-rate if they increased the file size? Who knows.

    • FutureFox

      As @jaxad0127:disqus points out, it’s for additional content that that Switch game cart itself can not support because it’s read-only. This would include updates (big and small), DLC (if any), etc. The base game is 6.8Gb but future content will need to reside on writeable SD cards.

      • Melatelo

        Why would an SD card be required then?? Surely the patch/s won’t equate to over 30GB. That would be crazy.

        • FutureFox

          Have you seen some of these patches coming out of devs in just the past few years? One dev can easily clear over a 1Gb from a single update; and add on top of that multiple “smaller” updates compounded by multiple games a user owns that might undergo the same process. That doesn’t even count just games a user wants to download.

          This promotion of the SD card really though is just noted as an, note sure how to put it, but a “keep in mind” for consumers. Yes this particular game won’t reach 30Gb put the overall point is that one needs additional space. I think its advertising the cautionary need of additional space through the promotion of a game more than tying this one game as needing that much space. If that makes any sense.

        • Gemmol Lewis

          the others did not explain properly, but for the regular part of the game where you just go against teams, for the other modes you need a micro sd, and I think by time they finish with the game it will be over 40gb, 2k always adding stuff, not just patches, and most likely if you save your replay videos it will take up space also

    • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

      Maybe, or maybe the additional space is needed for patches? seems more likely they went cheap though

    • Roto Prime


    • Indielink

      Nintendolife wrote an excellent report about Switch game cards the other day. Apparently Ninty provides 8GB cards to developers. Anything larger is at cost.

      • StuOhQ

        Publishers should’t be asking for us to provide our own memory, though. That’s part of the cost of developing AAAs. If they’re charging $60, that extra revenue should offset cost.
        Most indies, using the 2GB carts, are only charging $20-$40. That extra $20-$40 for a AAA should include the cost of necessary storage.

        • Indielink

          That “extra revenue” is to pay the hundreds of people who are working on the game….

          Also, most indies aren’t using 2GB cards. They are using the standard capacity cards that Nintendo provides in bulk.

          They either charge us 70 or 80 for the game that comes on a larger card, or they charge 60 and we need to buy our own storage space.

  • Roto Prime

    wowzers………Not happy ;______;

  • Lightning Zen

    25+6.8=31.8 GB

  • YamiryuuZero

    On Youtube, everybody is bashing Nintendo for the “lack of internal memory capacity.”
    Except Nintendo Prime. He’s the only youtubber who came out and said 2K could have used a larger cartridge but decided to screw up with Switch owners instead.

    Can we go back to bashing 2K, who actually deserves the bash, please?!

    • Indielink

      It’s hard to blame a business for wanting to make money. Apparently the high capacity cards that this would have required are more than 15 bucks each. That is a HUGE cut in the profit margin after already having an entirely separate team just for the Switch version.

      • YamiryuuZero

        Yes and no.

        My point is that people are misblaming Nintendo for 2K’s decision. Nintendo does offer higher capacity cartridges, but also allowed the third party to utilize internal and/or external storage. This is Nintendo being kind to their partners in a manner they’ve never been before, offering them high capacity storage solutions in many shapes. This has never happened before, and allows third parties (and even indies) to port their games to the console without having to worry about limited space or loading speeds.

        However, people are blaming Nintendo for 2K’s own choice in not using the high capacity cartridges, despite the alternative being there!

        Yes, you are correct in stating the company has the expenses of paying more for the extra space in larger cartridges, and from a business perspective, it makes sense to go for that route. But let us not put the blame on Nintendo for this, it was all 2K’s decision!

  • Mahmoud Bany-Mohammed

    Hold up, how on earth is the XBOX One version 45.32 GB, the PS4 version 46.8 GB, and the Switch version only 6.8 GB. There is literally no way the switch version is only 6.8 GB for the FULL download. That’s literally impossible. This file size reveal from the eShop has to be a mistake lol. There were reports that were saying this was going to be at least 25 gbs. Which makes sense.

    • Big Daddy K

      The PC version is about 67gb.

  • Mahmoud Bany-Mohammed

    from “Internet download and Micro SD card required (minimum 32GB recommended).” It amazes me that these guys cant spot an obvious error.

  • Mahmoud Bany-Mohammed

    Hold up, i figured it out. If you dont have the additional memory. You need AT LEAST 6.8 gb just to play the game (exhibition mode and maybe online). But you cant have the full game experience like mycareer, myteam, or myGM

  • Mahmoud Bany-Mohammed

    The prelude that just includes a very small portion of the mycareer mode is 12.4 gb on the PS4. It is literally impossible for the switch version of the ENTIRE game to be only about half the gbs. I remember when it was announced that the switch version will be 25 gbs. I was actually surprised and thought that was pretty low because both PS4 and Xbox 1 versions are in the 40 gb range.

  • awng782

    If you buy the game physicallly, there should be plenty of space in the Switch without needing a micro-SD card.

  • Hectic

    this is ridiculous i went crazy to get all these games and i cant play 2k18 because id have to delete zelda game save to do so meanwhile my sd card is empty this has enfuriated me with nintendo after i spent all this money and helped them sell 6 switches to friends and family i have 2k and i cant even play it since release date i am pissed

    • Hectic

      so they are basically saying they dont want my money like why have all that memory free on sd card and no memory whatsoever on system therefore rendering the micro sd useless pretty much

      • Hectic

        had to delete all games and game saves besides zelda cuz if i delete that im gonna trash my switch after all the work i put in so i have digital 2k18 for nothing cant even play and now have to restart all them about 8 games i believe and 7 of them are less memory than 2k idk but this is ridiculously unfathomable

  • Paul diamond

    The content on the cartridge is about 6gb, the file(s) that are downloaded, (roster updates, & a 5gb space for saves/season play) are the rest of the 22.9 gb