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Neat trick to get more Ancient Parts from decayed Guardians in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Posted on March 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Wii U

When you walk up to a decayed Guardian in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you can obtain various Ancient Parts. However, players can receive even more by using a special trick.

brandonNaustin discovered that Magnesis can be used to pick up metallic rocks and flip over Guardians. Doing so reveals additional parts. It doesn’t work with Guardians that have legs or are buried in the ground, but you should find this useful in a number of instances.

Here’s a look at the trick in action:

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  • Billy

    I was just collecting parts in one big area when this video appeared. Now i’m going to go back and try this trick to get even more parts.

    • Kenshin0011

      I was at an area with a bunch last week! Where was it again? lol

      • Fernando Silva

        Near this soldiers gate, after you find for the first time the stable and before you go to Hateno Village.

      • Billy

        Fort Hateno. If anyone knows of a large boulder in the general area then let me know. I don’t care if i have to walk it for an hour to get to the Fort area lol. So far i haven’t found one. But i will use cryonis on the ones near water.

  • ForeVision

    If it would physically hurt the guardians, I’d do it just for that. Getting their laser in my back, my face or whatever other part they tend to aim for has gotten me ticked off more than I’d like…

    • Nowhere Man

      Lol. Shield parries one shot decayed guardians, mang.

      • sporeboy100

        That’s why the pot lid is god tier

      • ForeVision

        True, but I thoroughly sucked at properly timing those until a while ago :P. Still, their lasers HURT, the only enemy I can think of that gives the guardian a run for his money, is the Lynel, and that’s special beast altogether, especially if one’s wielding a 2handed hammer.

        • Nowhere Man

          Yeah I struggled with the one Lynel I saw. Granted, my gear sucked, had no inventory upgrades, and had 6 armor at the time lol. I’m anxious to fight one now, but I want some better weapons first. I put them way above guardians, though, because guardian gear/shield parries make them easy to handle.

          • ForeVision

            True, but the damage their laser does makes them daunting foes, especially if you’re fighting something else, running to Ganon through the front gate (did I mention that I’ve the strangest ways of getting in?) or flying off the Hyrule Central tower, and getting 2-3 lasers lining up on your face.

            Lynels depend on which weapon they wield. Sword and Board is doable once you get used to their moves, the same goes for spear, but the 2handed hammer ones are in a league of their own, since they also use an entirely different moveset (complete with double swing around themselves that crushes your face, even if you have double upgraded ancient armor like I did)

  • gamegod

    I have been flippin’ them with Crionis, they have water under them so I use the ice pillar to flip them, quite effective, faster & easier than this method…

    • Switchling

      All of them have water underneath them?

      • gamegod

        No, not all of them have water underneath them, but the ones shown in the video which he topples with the metal rock, have water under them so, you can just go there & flip them with crionis, there are quite a few on the map that allow this trick 😉

        • Switchling

          Oh, I see. Thanks for the tip!

    • mullent169

      This was actually a big life saver. I was running around for a good half hour trying to find anything metal to flip this one decayed guardian. Come to find out I could have just used Crionis to flip it over instead. xD

  • Blanco8x8

    Just give Nintendo all the awards, already!

  • Fernando Silva

    Usually I do not like spoilers or any tip with a Zelda game, but this was very helpful…

  • youhoe

    Just a lil correction, it wasn’t found by brandonNaustin but by me! Here’s the original imgur post: and the reddit post:

    Certainly wasn’t expecting this reaction while making the gif – I thought it’d be old news by now! Just to be clear, it only works for Guardians that are in a puddle of water, so you can use Cryonis too.

  • ForeVision

    Another interesting trick to try, in case you haven’t yet. Fire an Ancient Arrow at any enemy that is NOT a guardian, and behold the results (make sure you don’t want their weapon though)