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New Pokemon episode has a couple of homages to the original games

Posted on September 26, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

The latest Pokemon episode was a landmark of sorts. After many years, Brock and Misty were brought back and were featured prominently. While that in itself was great news, the show also had a treat for longtime Pokemon players.

Fans noticed a pair of homages in the episode that are tributes to the original Pokemon games. Brock and Misty both had their poses from the titles on Game Boy, as pictured in this post.

And hey, if that wasn’t enough, Brock takes his shirt off:

And as another throwback, Misty was back in the episode with her original swimsuit:



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  • Exposer

    Kinda Slow…poke on this one dont you think?

    • Ash didn’t aged at all since 20 years, what did u expect?
      In this world it seems it’s easier to get ripped then to grow some breasts or get a height lol

    • I think that’s part of the fact that Brock/Takeshi was always intended to be ripped.
      The anime made him competent, but still kind of a butt monkey. (The 90s adaptions of stuff definitely had that problem.)

      In comparison, Misty/Kasumi was originally flat, and she stays relatively flat through-out her artwork and redesigns. (The Pikachu manga were one exception, lol.)

      • Exposer

        Yeah i remmember that manga…

        • I liked that one for what it was. But I think it made it a little harder for me to get into the main manga series.

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  • Heh. This is rather late. But they were cool references, yeah. The internet was so excited about them.

    And the two of them still dragging him over how he got their badges. x’D

  • Roto Prime

    Please come put on Blu ray, this anime looks god tier!!!!

    • TPCI is to cheap for that. And besides would you really want a bluray from TPCI?

  • SecretX

    They couldn’t do this with Pokemon Origins?

    • Exposer

      Apparently not, also only Brock appeared on Origins.

  • Grace

    I may have to watch this.

  • RoadyMike

    Pretty l8 on this one m8. People pointed this out weeks ago even on meme sites