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New Switch update out now (version 4.0.0) – video capture, transfer user / save data, eShop pre-load, more

Posted on October 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

A major system update is now available for Switch. Nintendo just issued version 4.0.0.

Among what was added today, Switch users can capture video for “select games”. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, and Splatoon 2 are currently supported. It’s also only possible to capture up to 30 seconds of gameplay.

Aside from video capture, you can now transfer user and save data to another system, pre-load games on the eShop, and more.

A video promoting today’s update is below. We also have the full update notes attached.

  • Capture video on select games
    • To capture video, hold down the Capture Button during gameplay
    • Up to maximum of the previous 30 seconds will be saved in the Album. You can trim the beginning and end of each clip, and post to Facebook and Twitter.
    • As of October 18th, 2017, this feature is compatible with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, and Splatoon 2
  • Select from 12 new Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild icons for your user
    • To edit your user icon, head to your My Page on the top left of the Home Menu > Profile
  • Transfer user and save data to another system
  • Pre-purchase option on Nintendo eShop
    • A pre-purchase option will be available for certain games. This option allows pre-load of the game to your system for quicker play when the game is released.
    • This feature will be supported by future game releases
  • News channel updates
    • The news feed has been updated with a new look.
    • Unfollowing a channel will remove that channel’s content from the news feed and following the channel again will make it reappear.
  • Match software version with a group of local users
    • To create a group, head to the software’s Options > Software Update > Match Version with Local Users
    • Everyone’s software will be updated to match the most recent version in the group
    • All users must be on system menu version 4.0.0 or later to view and join a group

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:

  • Changed the specification which hid wireless networks using TKIP security from the network search results. Wireless networks using TKIP security will now display in search results as a grayed-out selection instead of not being displayed
    • The Nintendo Switch console supports WEP, WPA-PSK(AES), and WPA2-PSK(AES). If your router is using a different security type (e.g. WPA-PSK(TKIP)), you will need to change this security type within your router’s settings.


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  • Ardisan

    Thats neat. Remember people asking for preloaded eshop, still dont understand what that does since I am dumb.

    • GoldenTriforce

      Downloads the game before launch day so that when the game releases, it unlocks and you can play it without waiting for the download.

      • when can’t you just play it when you download it

        • GoldenTriforce

          I don’t understand what you are asking

          • if i downloaded the whole game, why do i have to wait to play it

          • dimension gamer

            If you pre order an eshop game before it’s released normally you would have to wait till its released to download it but now you can download it before it’s released so that when it does release you can play it strieght away instead of having to wait for the download.

          • they released it
            that’s how i downloaded it from the eshop
            you can’t tell me it’s “not released” or “isn’t out yet”
            it’s literally on my system waiting for some artificial unlock code that doesn’t exist if i buy it a year later.

          • dimension gamer

            The game releases when the company say’s it is released not when you have downloaded it ,if the release date for it 30th of nov and they let you download the game a week early in preparation that doesn’t mean its released on the 23rd, i really don’t know why this is so difficult for you to get.

          • GoldenTriforce

            Same reason you can’t buy a game in stores before release date. The ability to have a rigid and defined release date is important for a lot of reasons, if someone plays early they might leak spoilers, and for systems like 3DS, it can lead to pirates leaking ROMs early.

          • if i downloaded the game
            that’s the release date
            it’s been released

          • Maybe it’s for people that not sure whether they’ll have internet connection during the launch date or not, basically to ensure that there’s nothing between them and the game before the release date. You can say preload is like a christmast gift, your parent bought that a few days before christmast but you can only open them during christmast.

          • it’s not a christmas gift. it’s not your birthday. nintendo is not your mom. they’re a vendor who thinks waiting weeks to ship tiny sd cards to stores so you can get in your car and go pick one up, take it home and plug it in is a better idea than getting 100% of the revenue from a game.

            downloadable movies come out 2 weeks before dvds. the same tech applies here, but they’re just artificially making you wait for something they’ve already sold you, and is already completely functional… and they control the digital storefront.

          • The christmas gift is just an example of similiar situation. Another thing that you need to put into consideration is how earlier release on eshop than at retail could affect nintendo relationship with the retail. Releasing big title earlier in eshop than retails could hurt their relationship. Another point is pre-load exist to make sure everyone could enjoy the game at the same day spoiler free, unlike movies that (probably though not all) have been released at theatre before they come to streaming service. Nintendo, PS, and xbox doing this so it’s seems pretty clear that pre-load is the effective way to pre-order games digitally and to make sure no spoiler spread around internet before the release date.

  • GoldenTriforce

    Nintendo loves the term “evergreen”, don’t they?

    • ronin4life

      All businessed do. I thinm Nintendo are just really really good at managing evergreen status so they like to bring it up publically

      • GoldenTriforce

        Yeah, this was just a weird place to use it.

  • Exy

    I really hope they plan on expanding the video capture. 30 seconds isn’t enough for a lot of what I do.

    I wonder if that change to wi-fi included the fix for that WPA2 exploit disclosed this week.

    • ben

      30 seconds is pretty cool for twitter posts but it isn’t streaming.. Also I don’t know what the quality will be like.

    • amak11

      Chances are it was part of it. Also if you’re capturing more than 30 seconds you should be using a dedicated device for that

      • Exy

        Even if I’m using it handheld?

        • amak11

          I dont know why you want to capture footage from it in handheld mode. It’s not like Sony’s consoles where everything has HDCP and the only one they disabled it on was the PS4…

          • Exy

            Maybe I did something cool while handheld and I want to save it.

          • amak11

            30 second bites for that is pretty good. But like hour long sessions, not so much. 30 seconds is also pretty standard for highlights and such. Like Overwatch is pretty much stuck to that formula

          • Natsu Dragneel

            Be reasonable though. Your not trying to understand. If your say… In the future playing a switch smash bros with a friend in handheld and you 2 had a great match that was a few minutes long… You can’t get the whole thing now lol. It’s just about convenience, it’s not really great for a multiplayer game. Apart from Mario kart. Fine for MO or Zelda though

          • apoQ

            Doesn’t smash already feature a replay functionality?

      • Jade

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    • DonSerrot

      I think 30 seconds is pretty good for most situations. If you want more it does start saving the next 30 seconds right away so you can always record another chunk and edit stuff together later. I actually had two that were captured close enough together for me to test this. You can still tell where the split is, but it seems like they may have gone on the side of caution and had a slight overlap so I could probably edit them together smoother if I wasn’t lazy. Might check that later.

    • netname

      expand what ?… with 32gb ?..
      the only thing nintendo can do is a space tetection features when you have a 128gb “or more” Sd storage available.. and reserve 30gb of storage just for video capture features.

  • ben

    I like that it is the previous 30 seconds. that is pretty cool. It means that you can capture the win in a fight or a wicked kill spree.

  • Michael C

    Nintendo online is so far behind its crazy….. now let me update my switch.

    • nemo37

      Hmmm…nice random comment about the online infrastructure on an article that has nothing to do with the subject.

      Also, the lie that you own a Switch is laughable. You have made it clear that you hate the first-party games, you only play the third-party games on your Xbox, and you hate everything else regarding the system. Why would you own a Switch? It is the same as you lying about owning a PS4 on Playstation fan sites whenever someone confronts you about making up lies about that system. Just looking at your comment history it is clear the only console you own and are frankly interested in owning is an Xbox One.

      • NintendoPSXTheSecond

        He’s not wrong though. Love Nintendo but there is no argument against the fact the online is behind it’s competitors.

        • ronin4life

          Microsoft is doing a good job. Sony… ehh… they have constant instability and security issues, are the only platform to lack true crossplay capability, all while being more expensive: which is really important to note as Nintendo’s online is also currently free and when it converts to being a paid service will be a lot cheaper than both MS and Sony.

          With MS and Nintendo you get what you pay for. And Nintendo is working on free – 20$(?) A year, all with none of the advanced committed multimedia/network divisions MS and Sony have. So I’d say they are doing pretty great.

        • nemo37

          I totally agree with that as well. Voice chatting is terrible and inconvenient, not being able to join friends in a game is bad, and frankly using friend codes in 2017 (and considering they had the ability to add friends using user IDs on the Wii U in 2012) is atrocious.

          However, Michael C is not really someone that offers constructive criticism, in fact, outside of this case he has a tendency to just outright lie about what he does not like. He frequently pops up on Playstation and Nintendo sites either making up hypocritical talking points (ones that apply to his console of choice as well, the Xbox One; case and point look at any of his criticisms about Switch’s graphics yet he dismisses all graphical comparisons made between PS4 and XOne where the PS4 comes out on top), going off topic (which is what he did here), or outright lying (like claiming there is conspiracy again MS and Xbox by Sony, or that Playstation Now only worked on stage because Sony hid the servers behind the curtains at E3, claiming that the Essential Phone is vapourware when it later ended up coming out, and occasionally trying to convince people that Breath of the Wild was unplayable and glitchy, amongst many others). My comment was directed as this specific person’s online tactics, as opposed to Nintendo’s archaic online system (which I have criticized in length on articles that are on that subject).

      • RoadyMike

        Another day, another fool who falls for such weak b8

    • Aline Piroutek

      Are you “gamingfan”?

      • nemo37

        No that is someone else, and his comments are nowhere near as asinine as this guy. This particular person has three different accounts (Michael C, Michael Clanton, the Truth-ier), and he goes around on Playstation and Nintendo sites lying about PS3/PS4 and Wii U/Switch and prop up his favourite system the Xbox One. Just look at his previous comments.

        As a side hobby he also likes to make up lies about Android and Android Wear to defend his iPhone and Apple Watch purchase. I know all of this, unfortunately, since he tends to pop-up on various tech-sites I follow and he always makes the same hypocritical assertions, no matter what site or product he is bashing.

    • Symbol de Au

      You look kind of like my cousin and have the same first name. I almost lost it for a second there. Anyway, uh yeah, what Nemo said.

  • Roto Prime


    • JasonBall


      • GoldenTriforce

        Maybe he was really worried about not being able to transfer his saves?

        I don’t know….

        …or its sarcasm that too…

        • Roto Prime

          No sarcasm, I just wanted to own the Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo Switch.

          • Spah some change, sah?

          • Roto Prime

            LOLOLOLOLOLOL, your too funny!

      • Fernando Silva

        Regarding the data transfer…

        • JasonBall

          Oh ok I get it now

  • BananaJama

    With XB1 AND PS4 supporting up to 15 minutes with Game DVR, 30 seconds is kind of laughable.
    Hopefully they expand on it in future updates.

    • Tide

      X1 and PS4 have to 500GB or 1TB storage built-in while the Switch has 32GB. With not everyone racing for big SD cards I can see why they went with 30secs. Maybe they could add an option to extend the record time to 1-2min for the ppl with more memory.

      • Aline Piroutek

        It should allow to record the vídeo independant on how much internal storage I have.
        If I want to use 20gb of recording footage, please allow me.

      • shoulda put moar geebees

    • nemo37

      Search for a feature called Nvidia Shadowplay. This is the technology that is built-into the Tegra chip on the Switch that allows for 30 second recording of previous completed gameplay. Unfortunately, the 30 second rule appears to be a hardware limitation, since other Tegra-based products (namely Shield Tablet and Shield TV) also have the same limitation.

      The good news is that Shadowplay can be used to record an unlimited amount of gameplay that the user wishes to record in the future. Nintendo can provide an update to enable this feature in the future. In addition, it also has built-in Streaming features so Nintendo can technically implement live game streaming with Twitch and Youtube, without any hit to performance. Now whether or not they will add all of this is the bigger question (considering their track record on these matters has been spotty at best).

      • SpectralDynamite

        I’m gonna keep my eye on this comment.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    Really like how they implemented. It would be nice to have longer video options. But it will be awesome to be able to share crazy splats and things like that

  • Hidden Flare

    YES finally an update…. Ok no internet browser but this is still rather cool with the improvements with its news and the preload and the footage capture is fine too.

  • hi v3.0


    • Exy

      Nuts to the people who wanted to save data on the microSD card though.

      • amak11

        I can see why Nintendo doesnt want it though… Look at the 3DS. Almost all of its exploits are save data related.

    • Thomas_NE

      Yeah but if your Switch breaks you still lose all your saves. Where the hell are Cloud Saves?

      • SpectralDynamite

        I imagine that’ll be implemented in Nintendo Switch Online rolls out in full next year. I don’t think they’d want to make that a free option. This is good for the time being.

  • See what happens when you wait.

    • Hidden Flare


      Just playing Im not an immature child… Will continue complaining about the browser though. Why is that taking so long?!

      • Okami

        then sell yours there are people who want one

        • Hidden Flare

          Im not that anger about it.

      • Good Things come to those who wait.

      • Also the browser already exist on the Switch. otherwise we wouldn’t be able to share screenshots and video clips. The actual browser is blocked.

        • Hidden Flare

          Exactly thats why I’m wondering why they aren’t available?

      • Patrick Ryan Williford

        Browser is where a lot of the hacks originate from. We either won’t get one or they’ll make damn sure it can’t get hacked

  • Addy

    Only 30 seconds on a select few games? Well, it’s a start.

  • Mr. Oshawott

    I’m thrilled that Nintendo has finally introduced video recording to the Nintendo Switch! 😀
    However, 30 seconds just isn’t a lot to work with for most titles, particularly Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon, and Arms. Hopefully the recording time will be expanded in a future update (5+ minutes would really help).

  • JasonBall

    Okay, okay. There’s a lot to take in here. I guess this is all good. Right? Could be better but is not bad.

    • GoldenTriforce

      I would have wished they offered YouTube uploads, but I generally did not expect save transfer and video capture until next year so they fact that its here right now is enough for me to be satisfied.

  • Aline Piroutek

    So, no Youtube to Nintendo don’t have problems of flaggin’ it?

  • Yolkghost

    Great, was just talking to a friend about how i’m ready for an update – and I’ve been begging for the video recording to finally come to fruition since March. Still got a ways to go in terms of features I want but what we got today is pretty cool.

  • Yolkghost

    Wait, did videos in the news app always have playback speeds? Might be videos in general but I noticed it in the news app specifically.

  • nemo37

    These are all welcome additions. I still hope that a Wii U-like web browser and some video content streaming apps (like Netflix) are on their way as well.

    One little gripe I do have though is that a save-data backup system like the one on the 3DS would be nice so that you do not have to move your entire profile to a separate console (which is not really a backup system but a transfer system). Being able to backup saves to an SD card (and hopefully eventually the cloud) is more in line with expectations. I suspect Nintendo will eventually allow users to save game data to the cloud (and only to the cloud) so that they get more people to purchase the online subscription and to prevent people from using saves as entry-points for hacking (like they did on Wii).

    I’m afraid that Nintendo cannot do much to change the retrograde 30 second recording feature, since it is a limit of Nvidia’s Shadowplay system built-into the Tegra. They can however use Shadowplay to record future gameplay for as long as the user desires (in reality, either until the system storage runs out or when the SD card storage runs out depending on where the user chooses to save). So hopefully they will enable a more expansive version of Shadowplay in the future. Also Youtube and Twitch uploading and streaming capabilities would be welcome (since, again the Tegra chip has dedicated hardware, as a part of Shadowplay to make live streaming possible).

    • amak11

      Just saying…. 3DS was exploited by save data… why the hell would they want that with the Switch?

      • nemo37

        I actually mentioned that in my comment 😀 It is one (partial) reason why I expect Nintendo’s save-backup system to be cloud-based (the other reason being they want to create incentives for players to purchase the online subscription).

        Also, it was the Wii that was mostly exploited by transferring external save data. The 3DS was mostly exploited using a combination of QR (at least for Ninjahax) and browser based entry points. These entry points would then modify save data or system configuration files (like theme data). Since this does not rely on external save files (it modifies the existing save file on the system memory or SD Card), these save-based exploits are still possible on Switch and it has nothing to do with the transferring of external data.

  • Puffdaddy

    I’m really hoping they also update the Eshop soon as well. It’s starting to look rather cluttered now

  • ronin4life

    Yay. Now I can get my Zelda BotW saves onto my personal system.

    Kind of figured they would have made this part of the update that allowed guest accounts and stuff tho. Hmm…

  • James Fox


  • Snackster1001

    Love it. I never expected to capture more than a minute with this feature and 30 seconds isn’t bad for twitter posts. Will be using this for multiplayer games (or whenever I do something cool)

  • Yolkghost

    There’s also a joy-con update.

    • Hidden Flare

      Whats the update on the joy con?

  • Blake Good

    I have almost 30 games (including BoTW and MK8D) when will there be a firmware update where we can we move and sort our icons and/or add them to folders? Seriously, I’m not asking for something big, like the Virtual Console or video streaming apps (i.e. Netflix), just a simple feature that both the 3DS and Wii U has.

    • I been waiting on this. Hopefully they do it soon. But if I remember correctly, took a minute for 3DS to get that too, didn’t it?

    • nintendo intended the random order your games are “organized” in
      trust them, they know what they’re doing

      • Blake Good

        Nintendon’t listen to it’s fans!

        • ChuckyGuy98

          They do, just because they don’t give you what you want doesn’t mean they don’t. Nintendo doesn’t center around 30 year old man children that get money from the government, they center around younger kids.

          • Blake Good

            They don’t listen to me though. I am everything Nintendo needs. They are s*it for not acting like my slaves and giving me everything I want!

  • Reggie

    Data transfer is great. Everything else is great too.

  • Sure hope ARMS icons come at some point.

    • Yolkghost

      Never EVER :(. Gave up hope a long time ago.

  • JasonBall

    I’m now having major connection issues with the pro controller whenever I use nfc in BotW

    • ben

      did you update your controller?

      • JasonBall

        The pro controller hasn’t gotten an update, unfortunately

  • JasonBall

    I got a great clip, how do I share it here

    • Addy

      Someone uploaded a test clip on Twitter. Try that.

      • JasonBall

        So I have to embed a tweet? No way to post a raw mp4? Oh well.

  • Amethyst Gaze

    Wow nice.

  • The Switch keeps getting better and better…..I’m loving this update

  • RoadyMike

    Only interested in game saves and preloads

    Still waiting on a browser and/or YouTube Nintendo

  • Simtopia23

    The option to transfer user and sava data to another system is a big deal: with previous Nintendo consoles was a huge pain.