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New WWE 2K18 footage

Posted on October 3, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch, Videos

Some of the first actual footage has come in for WWE 2K18. While it’s not specifically from the Switch version, it finally gives us a look as to how the game is shaping up. You’ll find plenty of footage below.

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  • Michael C

    Its weird that you use a 8 man battle…which runs so smooth, but is exclusive to the X1/PS4…. the switch version doesnt have 8 man…which im sure the fanboys here will all of a sudden say they dont care about 8 man anything.

    • Radish

      Feeling lonely?

    • nemo37

      I see our little Xbox fanboy troll is back at it. You know with your recent obsession with the Switch, I hardly see you on Dual Shockers or Playstation Lifestyle anymore. I recall you used to be very active on those forums trying to show how Xbox is somehow better than Playstation (typically with lies) and how articles that leaned towards Playstation where a part of some conspiracy.

      Regarding your comment btw, a great deal of people understand that Switch versions of certain games are not going to have performance and in certain cases features that is completely on-par with the X1 and PS4 counterparts. They also understand that the Switch is a PORTABLE SYSTEM that consumes 1/10th the power of the two stationary systems. Despite this, however, it is capable, at least in a great number of cases, of creating an experience that comes close to the other two while also allowing people the flexibility to take the system with them on the go. In this case, you may not get the 8 person battle but you get the ability to take the game with you on the go in the form of a handheld, something which the two stationary versions of the game CANNOT offer. Your arguments regarding performance (which I find hypocritical coming from you; a person that has been trying to dismiss any performance differences between PS4 and your consoles of choice, the Xbox One, as being unimportant) will only be valid once Sony and MS create a portable handheld version of their systems. Comparing a stationary system consuming over 100 watts of power to a portable system consuming 15 watts build around similar sized semiconductor processes and expecting both to offer the same experience is as ridiculous as expecting hatchback to have the same power as a truck.

      • jimmy

        You, are my hero :’)