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Nielsen provides a look at the most anticipated games this holiday

Posted on October 5, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Wii U

Nielsen is continuing its annual tradition of providing a look at the most anticipated games of the holiday season. The company’s results are based on games scheduled between October and the end of the year.

On Wii U, Paper Mario: Color Splash is ranked highly, which makes sense as there’s not much else to look forward to. Pokemon Sun/Moon, Mario Party: Star Rush, and Disney Magical World 2 are the anticipated 3DS titles.

As for how Nielsen collects its data, the company says:

“Nielsen Game Rank represents the overall anticipation level among gamers on each platform, based on a combination of several key measures (including awareness, purchase interest, consumer rating and others). The percent value shown reflects how strong the overall anticipation level is for the title, relative to the pre-release anticipation levels of all previous titles that released on the platform(s). Values shown for multi-platform titles are averages of the values from each release platform. Titles included are those being released between Oct. 1, 2016 – Dec. 31, 2016, that have a Game Rank of 75% or higher. Data was collected by surveying 6,000 gamers age 7 to 54 between Aug. 21, 2016 – Sept. 24, 2016.”



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  • Blake Good

    BF1 is the most anticipated game, alongside CoD:IW? Idiocracy unleashed!

    Also, love how all of those damn games are M-rated! WTF!?

    • Cinema Crap

      Maybe because they look like they have the most potential. Stop being a baby and assuming we just like violence. WE WANT QUALITY.

    • I don’t know why you’re surprised, this has been the trend for years now

      • Blake Good

        You know what really belongs on that list; Fallout 5, if it was coming out this year. Yeah, I don’t care for M-rated games but some of them are actually fun like Perfect Dark and Mass Effect.

        • R.Z.

          You mean Half Life 3 right ?

          • Blake Good


        • I was more referring to COD and Battlefield themselves, honestly being E – M doesn’t matter to me. A good game is a good game.

    • Clay Claymore

      What? Mama won’t let you play M-rated games

  • ben

    No Dishonored 2? bad company is bad.. Dishonored 2 is probably going to be the best game released this holiday but it cant catch a grain of hype? All the feedback for that game from press events is through the roof.

  • ForeVision

    I find it quite funny how Pokemon Moon has 1% over Pokemon Sun.

  • Bap

    People getting excited for Watch Dogs 2 after how bad the first one was. I wish I could be done with Video Games.

    • Dianeomclean1

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    • FowlOsborn

      You actually can be done with video games! You just don’t buy them! Amazing! (I agree with you about watch dogs 2 though)