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Nintendo bans Hitler from Mario Kart Wii online, lets Stalin and Osama slide

Posted on May 16, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii


To keep in line with their austere “safe and fun” policy, Nintendo has banned the name Hitler from Mario Kart Wii’s online services. If you attempt to access the Wi-Fi Connection with your Mii licence set as Hitler, you will receive a message stating that such nick names are forbidden and that you must modify your Mii name to proceed. On the other hand, those who connect to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as other notorious gentlemen such as Stalin and Osama will be able to do so without a message/disconnect.

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  • XauriEL

    well to be fair, Osama is actually a fairly common name.

  • True, true. But, taking the opposite side, there are a ton of historically awful people. People are probably going to wonder (if they find out Hitler is blocked) why the person they know was nefarious when they were alive isn’t.

  • Unknown

    WTF… Seriously? What happens if they ban this guy’s console… Any other gaming network such as Xbox Live and Playstation Network will accept mature words… And im sure they will accept Hitler too.

  • Danielle

    Um, @unknown, Xbox live and PSN will ban things when they get negative feedback from a number of users. which a Hitler based gamertag probably would, just like that one TheGayerGamer and his gamertag did. And Nintendo Wii is known for being the family console, so I’m not surprised. I’m surprised that they haven’t banned more names.

  • starcade64

    Unknown has a good point..,but then again, the “other consoles” aren’t family-friendly, are they ^_^

  • foxdie003

    ummmm….yeah….Hitler was a pretty bad guy….but he is nothing compared to stalin….in WWII there was aproximatly 20 million casualties thats for both sides and the entire war Japan and china included, Stalin killed over 20 million of is own people by himself

  • sage

    “Stalin killed over 20 million of is own people by himself”

    wtf no

  • Nathan

    WWII was more like 72 million killed. But yeah, Stalin is so under-eviled.

  • Hitler

    OK, so I made some mistakes. But banning me from Mario Kart is too harsh.

  • Adolf Hitler

    Why do are the japs banning me i was their only ally during the war. may be they should ban Dwight Eisenhower or Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Come on, they freaking drop two nukes, not just one two freaking atom bombs. killing more than 100000 in a flash. That’s like the fastest mass killing in the history of the world. I hate these double standards.

  • Baby Adolf

    “Pisschrist” was also banned… but he didn´t kill anyone…