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Nintendo currently valued as a bigger company than Sony

Posted on January 8, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Indications from the business markets point to Nintendo holding a higher market value than all of Sony combined. Whereas Sony’s market capitalization stands at $17.7 billion, the total value of all Nintendo shares come in at $18.4 billion.

Nintendo’s performance can be attributed to the 3DS’ success and announcement concerning China’s consoles ban removal. Investors are also banking on Nintendo making changes to its business model.

As for Sony, despite its strong PlayStation business, the company’s movies, music, and laptop divisions haven’t been up to par.

Thanks to Tim for the tip.

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  • Lucas

    Oh my, I can see the internet already.

  • Nocturne

    nintendo wins all gen wars combined outdoing all of sonys tvs laptops etc with just games


    • Ghirahim

      Since 1889.

    • Yeah. I wish I had a company as doomed as Nintendo. lol

  • SecretX

    all they need is a couple of third party and first games to win the market even more.

  • TalesOfBS

    Meltdowns incoming?

  • Well, what did people expected. Even when Nintendo “looses” in console gens (like N64 or GC), they are the ones with the most earnings. Nintendo is one of the smartest companies in the world.

    • D2K

      Well they won the 7th gen and they achieved Nintendo’s highest market-value ever with an 85-billion market cap before the recession hit them.

  • TheSneakyLizard

    Well, this is great news. So, in your face, Michael Pachter! XD

  • InterTreble

    Please tell Pachter that his customers, who were suggested by him not to invest on Nintendo, are looking for him… And they are not so pleased, I fear. Since it’s his own job, his isn’t a simple troll or hater, he is a useless – or better, dangerous – guy.

  • Daisy Mae

    Sony do a range of tech as well as videogame consoles :/ Surely that would make them a bigger company?

    • sonicfan1373

      They do, but most of their divisions have been reporting large losses for quite a few years now thereby reducing the value of the company as a whole. Last year Sony made $2.4 billion money…mainly from selling their office buildings and stock portfolios. If Sony were healthy, they would surely be above Microsoft right now because they are diverse, but the issue is that many of their divisions are not and have not been making constant profits for a while. Furthermore, Nintendo right now has slightly more raw cash in the bank than Sony (I believe Nintendo has around $10 billion whereas Sony has around $9 billion).

      You can take a look at Sony’s finances for the last quarter (ending September 2013) here (note that these numbers should be updated as Sony announces third quarter results in January 2014):