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Nintendo gives insight into its games development, how ideas are fostered

Posted on August 3, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Podcast Stories

How do new projects inside Nintendo begin? How are new ideas fostered? Company officials gave an inside look of sorts through an explanation provided to SAIPO:

“In software development, there’s no proposal to the actual company. At first, 2-3 people bring the idea to the table, and then actually write the program and build a prototype game. As the project moves forward, more people are hired, and the game gradually takes shape. In the end, the team will end up between 30-50 people, and if it is a large title, it can get up to 70 people.”

For Japanese manufacturers, elements such as the suggested retail price, date, overview, expected costs, and making a proposal describing the workforce along with other items are what leads to approval for the beginning of development. When it comes to Nintendo, however, there is no proposal to stop the ability to develop freely. Employees can actually build a prototype, and as long as the game is interesting, it has a shot at getting the green light.

Mid-level executives from Nintendo also said:

“We don’t have a concept of ‘continually getting better and better’ within the company, because this doesn’t apply to making new things. We don’t mission statement, motto, or song to support this thinking either. We are just a company that is blind to this idea.”

Also worth noting, the privileges of the development team are rather large – even if the president has a chance to intervene, he doesn’t do so often. As an example, some consoles such as the Nintendo 64 didn’t sell particularly well, but from possible failure, there is a simple corporate thinking of always being able to challenge the situation.

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