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Nintendo lists NBA 2K18 as having amiibo support for Switch on Japanese store listing

Posted on August 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo’s Japanese store has added in a listing for the Switch version of NBA 2K18. According to the page, the game will feature amiibo support. We’re currently assuming that the page is accurate rather than being an error.

It’ll never happen, but it’d be hilarious if you could have characters such as Mario and Luigi playing alongside the likes of LeBron James. I’m pretty curious to see what the functionality turns out to be…

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  • Leonel

    If it did have amiibo support I could see it having nintendo theme Gear to have in a team. It would be so funny if somehow nintendo worked with them to make a an exclusive mode to work like if it was Mario hoops 3 v 3 or the basketball game in Mario sports mix

  • Shonenfan
    • TruExtent

      I was going to mention this as well. You beat me to the punch though. Maybe I should dig out my copy for some screens of Luigi and Peach.

  • chancetime

    Lemme dunk as Lucina pls

  • hi-chan!

    I wanna play as a kid and a squid!

  • Francesco Gentile

    This can be really crazy. Looking forward to learn more!

  • Anthony Chowanec

    I want a Walt Frazier amiibo haha.

  • jimmy

    They should make amiibos on every player in the game like smash lol

  • geri911

    Still bummed out that there is no physical realease. I don’t know what the f is the deal with that. Anywho, glad we’re still getting this game. They have no idea how much switch owners zens out for patience. Hope this game companies, even Nintendo start to het thwir acts together and quit frustrating us like this and make us the priority for once.

    • Felipe M.

      There’s no physical release of what exactly?

      • geri911

        of the NBA, its gonna be digital only first, and the physical would come at a later date with no reason given, which is infuriating.

    • A physical release has been confirmed, but it will launch later in the year.

      • geri911

        I know that but like you said its gonna come later for no reason given. I want physical releases, which means I need to wait.Which seems to be the deal every effing time.

  • Felipe M.

    Not my type of game but this is cool. If true, it’s probably costumes that the players can wear.

    Amiibos aren’t like other NFC toys which are brought to life.

  • Exodecai

    Waluigi would be OP if he can be used.