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Nintendo Power review scores – 7.5 for Okami?

Posted on March 31, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News, Wii

Mario Kart Wii (Wii) – 9.0
Battle of the Bands (Wii) – 7.0
The World Ends With You (DS) – 9.0
Teenage Zombies (DS) – 7.0
Puchi Puchi Virus (DS) – 7.0
Okami (Wii) – 7.5
N+ (DS) – 7.0
Summer Sports: Paradise Island (Wii) – 3.5
Minicopter: Adventure Flight (Wii) – 6.5
Rondo of Swords (DS) – 6.5
Castle of Shikigami III (Wii) – 7.0
MLB 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars (DS) – 6.5

I’m extremely surprised about Okami, to be honest. Previews of the game have sounded promising, and I know most people who played it on the PS2 were impressed.

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  • Pissed of guy


  • hamidious

    OKAMI is a remake without any new content, it shouldn’t get a perfect score, it should get at most 7

    Or should it just get a great score because there are so few games to play on Wii?

  • alek

    It doesn’t matter its a port of an older game. its graphic style cant get old cause of its strange nature.

    the only possible reason for low marks is bad gameplay with the wiimote. if thats the case, i’m really sorry to see it.
    okami was easily one of the top 5 games for last generation.

  • That’s the problem with reviewers: they judge the product and not the game. As a product, Okami Wii isn’t worthy of a top grade. On the other hand, as a game, it deserves all praising, as it is amongst the best games ever created and had, of course, very low public attention – as it happens with most revolutionary games.

    In essence, it’s the players and the readers who need to change their habits, not the reviewers doing their function. Ignore scores and reviews, read descriptions and try the game before you purchase it. Then decide what it is worth – that is your power as a player. Why should we let anyone else pick our games for us?!

  • Ben

    Its a Nintendo official magazine is it not? they probably gave it a low grade coz its 2x better then Zelda TP…dont disagree….the last 4 temples sucked balls….it felt like playin a ten year old game…..okami was fresh…..nintendo suck…..the reviews of that mag have probs been replaced by loads of casual gamers who no jack sh**. Lost faith in the big N just over a year ago now…..shame

  • Okami is my favorite game. I personnally think that Nintendo Power only gave it a sad 7.5 because it used to be owned by Clover Studios which was a Sony Entertainment Company. Now, if Nintendo gave The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker a 9.5, they should have Given Okami the same or better due to the Graphical Interface that this magnificant game has. Nintendo Power is just jealous.