Nintendo still resolving and testing Pokemon Bank issues

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3 months ago by (@NE_Brian)

Pokemon Bank is still out of action in Japan (and still has yet to launch in other territories) following the unexpected downtime that plagued Nintendo’s online services last week. Today, a brief update was shared.

Nintendo says that it continues to resolve and test issues relating to Pokemon Bank. Details will be announced as soon as possible.

Nintendo also apologized to fans who are waiting for Pokemon Bank, and asks for their patience.

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  • sonicfan1373

    “following the unexpected downtime that plagued Nintendo’s online services NEXT week”
    Wow you guys can read the future :O; lol, just joking.

    • Brian

      Brain fart!

  • SecretX

    what happen to flipnote?

  • Angry

    I’m so angry that im still waiting for this. Nintendo you had 2 MONTHS!! Plus an additional two weeks to make sure that this app works but instead you release during the Christmas period like a bunch of amateurs and you wonder why the servers crashed. Holiday period is over and the servers are back online and I’m STILL WAITING!!. Twelve days later and no update on when it going to be ready just a heap of bs. What happened to you Nintendo? I used to look up to you as a kid and you made so many amazing games that nothing will ever beat but over the years you just died and became useless. Get your act together and just give me bank already even for an hour, that’s all I need to transfer all my boxes and then you take as long as you want to release your cloud based storage.

  • Angry

    Actually the two months and two weeks is how long they had since launch of x and y but they were probably making bank even before launch so who knows how long they had to make sure fake Pokemon don’t get in (they failed at that) And fix the other issues. Why not make it that you can save your Pokemon on your sd card with a hack detecter (one used for gts) instead of bank? Suppose they wouldn’t make there 5$ a year but still would have been nice

    • Ohhithere

      Your sense of entitlement is astounding. Also “Suppose they wouldn’t make THEIR $5 a year”? That is not something that will proffit. The fee is ONLY there to help cover costs.

      • Tabbydasher

        it doesn’t cost $5-$10 million dollars a year to operate (and outright purchase) the neccessary servers and bandwidth, which is how much the service will likely rake in.

      • Thomas_NE

        $5 a year for a few kilobytes of data? Only to recover costs, no profit? That’s hilarious.

  • Carlos

    I’m pretty disappointed that this is taking so long. They should have been prepared for this. What kind of issues are they checking? They’re shouldn’t be that many issues for something they must have been working on for a while.

  • SquareSide

    Nintendo really means they are addressing the “hacked” pokemon being in there.

  • dom harris

    bank is out in japan and other asian countries :P

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