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Nintendo to let users purchase digital content through PCs/smartphones by year’s end

Posted on July 30, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News, Podcast Stories

Nintendo has been emphasizing its “digital business” over the past few years, and it sounds like an even greater focus will be placed in this area going forward.

Recently, president Satoru Iwata stated, “It’s important for us to expand our revenue opportunities.”

Means of downloading content, other than the eShop, have been looked at. Nintendo officials have confirmed that a system will launch by year’s end so that users can purchase items from a PC or smartphone.

The company’s statement reads:

“By the end of the year, we will launch a system where you can purchase (content) from your computer or smartphone through strict account management.”

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  • TheUnBiasedGamer

    Are we finally going to have a unified account system? Because I won’t be doing anything with Nintendo digitally until then.

    • Brian

      I wish I knew! Nintendo didn’t explain further. With Nintendo, you never know!

      • TheUnBiasedGamer

        Yeah, when I saw Nintendo Network IDs, I was like, “Yes! They finally have an account system,” but it turned out that downloads were still console locked and NNIDs are nontransferable…

  • Carlos

    Is Nintendo going to start making games for pc and smartphones? That what it sounds like they’re doing…

    • TheGoomba

      No. Iwata repeatedly tells people this. No.

      • Carlos

        I know he’s been saying that, I do read the news articles here. I was just saying that because I don’t see any other reason for them doing it…

        • bradtastic2

          So you can buy games digitally, be able to buy a new console and still keep your games or if it was stolen, you wouldn’t lose games you’ve bought digitally.

          • Carlos

            Ok that makes sense. Thanks for actually helping to clear that up.

          • This is so you can buy games when you’re not near the console. There’ s no confirmation of a console-independent account system yet.

    • Guymelef

      no. i’m pretty sure what they’ll do is similar to how you can buy download codes from retailers for eShop games. you buy them via PC/Smartphone, you get the code, for use to download with your 3DS or Wii U.

  • scott

    So I can pay for their content on my PC but can’t play their games on my PC? Fuck you, Nintendo.

    • TheUnBiasedGamer

      It’s like Google Play. Purchase on PC, download on different device. Thanks Christian for the comparisoin.

      • Shong

        Perfect explanation.

  • Christian

    I think of it kinda like the Google Play Store. I can browse and purchase games on there from my PC, and then select the device i wish i play it on, none of which are my PC. And once I’ve paid for it, I always own it, independent of the device I first installed it on.