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Photos of Nintendo’s Gamescom 2014 booth

Posted on August 13, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, Images


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  • ZeldaWiiUTakeMyLife

    empty :

    • Kallumsmarties

      Done just as doors opened. That will be absolutely full just like E3 and every other things they did has.

  • Chaos_Knight

    Does Gamescom usually have this less people attending?

  • Mr Ninty

    no gamescon is full. but if you take a picture at opening you will get less people on your pic

  • TalesOfBS

    The place is completely empty, what a waste of time and money.
    Is it always like this?

    • Kallumsmarties

      They were taken right before doors opened.

  • Brian

    Guys, these photos were snapped literally as the doors opened. I wouldn’t worry about the lack of attendance since tons and tons of people attend each year.

    • Kallumsmarties

      Thank god somebody came out and said that. Pretty sure it’s going to be full in Nintendo’s corner XD

  • Kallumsmarties

    Like Brain (MOD) said, photos were taken right as doors opened so they could get a good view of everything that’s around. I highly doubt it’s going to be empty and they never have been. Hyper Japan, E3, anything you could think off have always been quite packed.

  • Matt

    Also, today is basically a press-only day. It’s not open for regular visitors until tomorrow.