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Ping 1.5+ creator on recent Wii U developer piece, sticks up for dev kit

Posted on January 12, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

In light of Eurogamer’s anonymous Wii U developer piece that went up over the weekend, Ping 1.5+ creator Christopher Arnold has offered his own insight into the console’s dev kit.

Arnold believes that the anonymous remarks are “aimed at pre-retail release SDK problems.” The post-release SKD kit, on the other hand, “do not contain any of the listed problems”.

You’ll find Arnold’s full comments below.


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  • RedRocBoy

    Finally somebody telling the real truth. Really do hope 3rd parties do hop in bed with the Wii U. Stop all this behind-the-scene BS and give us some games.

  • D2K

    And I predict this story will NOT go viral. I wonder why?

    *ominous music plays*

    This guy totally owned the Eurogamer article. He even pointed out that it was obvious click bait.

    • Negativity and extremism play better in general. News articles about everything being great don’t get clicks – controversy does.

    • Gabe Hoffman

      Even if it did people will call it BS just because he is an indie developer and not some AAA development house. This is coming from a guy who has more legit experience with the hardware and that so called anonymous developer’s problem were probably launch related. Maybe Nintendo already fixed most of the issues he mentioned

    • NeoTechni

      Well cause he totally didnt own the eurgamer article, he basically confirmed one aspect of it and ignored the rest. Saying the problems in the sdk are gone now in NO WAY disputes the claim they were there originally.

  • The Secret Developers, if people have something bad/good to say about Nintendo and the Wii U, or any other brand or product they should just come out in person and say it respectably?

    Seems to me these people who air their views under anonymity simply don’t want to rock their little gravy boat.

    • NeoTechni

      “they should just come out in person and say it respectably?”

      So they can lose their careers, respectably?

      • Not necessarily loose their careers. If people have skill sets in the video game industry, they will always find a new job, if it came to that! Being sacked for speaking your mind.

        • NeoTechni

          There was a developer who critisized xbox one openly, he got so harassed by the fans he had to quit his job and move to avoid them. And in my personal experience nintendo fans are just as bad as I’ve had many stalk me. Its part of why I’m not a big nintendo fan anymore, I liked psp when it came out and one stalked me over it, even outted me as gay to (I revealed it to him by accident in my naïveté in a person conversation)

          • sonicfan1373

            My god what a horrible experience that must have been for you. It is so sad that some people overreact to these types of discussions. I am a Nintendo fan (although I own a variety of hardware because I love technology and innovations) and I would never do anything like what someone did to you or to Adam Orth. I think people have the right to disagree with others and even criticize but personal attacks against someone is just taking it way too far.

          • NeoTechni

            Thank you. Surprisingly the gamefaqs community reacted better to me being gay than I had expected.

          • sonicfan1373

            My god what a horrible experience that must have been for you. It is so sad that some people overreact to these types of discussions. I am a Nintendo fan (although I own a variety of hardware because I love technology and innovations) and I would never do anything like what someone did to you or to Adam Orth. I think people have the right to disagree with others and even criticize but personal attacks against someone is just taking it way too far.

  • Gamingsince75

    This isn’t the first time a Dev had good things to say about the Wii U and just like those other times it will be forgotten about. If 1 dev is negative but has no experience with Wii U, it becomes a fact stated by several different developers. If a dev says something positive and they have Wii U experience, well they are just saying it to fool people into buying their game.
    Trolls will always attack the #1 company so its understandable that they get so much hate. Problem is, its not going to help Sony(who is 2 years from going under) in any way.

    • D2K

      The funny part is that while Phonies and X-Bots are busy trashing Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are praising Nintendo. Probably because they are afraid that the Wii U is about to blow up in sales and don’t want to bother that 800-pound Gorilla in the corner.

      It’s bad enough that most of the previously announced titles for the Wii U in 2014 are confirmed system-sellers (probably a strategic move by Nintendo,) but that happened a year ago. There is no telling what Nintendo has started on development on since then. Think about it. Super Mario 3D World came out of NOWHERE. People assumed that there would be one, but there was no tangible evidence to prove it was. By the time it was announced the game was pretty much finished. Then Nintendo announced Hyrule Warriors last month. No one saw THAT coming either. Nintendo keeps secrets better than anyone. Sometimes it can be annoying, but other times it helps a lot.

      All three companies have rats and moles to see what each other is doing and I think that Sony and Microsoft have seen something from Nintendo behind the scenes that is going to be pretty nasty and want to stay on their good side. While they cater to the dude-bro crowd they aren’t as stupid as them and they know that when Nintendo decides to get serious and push their product it means curtains for the competition.

      Exhibit A: Nintendo 3DS

      The 3DS started off as bad if not WORSE than the Wii U and within two years is the fastest-selling console of all time and top-selling console worldwide. The 3DS in two years has sold HALF the lifetime sales of the PS3 and XBOX 360.

      HALF… two years

      These Phonies and X-Bots are digging their own grave. They either are going to (or possibly already have) driven Nintendo to say “Okay, you want core games, we’ll show you how it’s done.” Last time that happened we got games like Blast Corps, Killer Instinct, GoldenEye007, Perfect Dark, Smash Bros, 1080 Snowboarding, Wave Race, Crusin USA, F-Zero GX, Eternal Darkness, Metroid Prime, etc.

      They don’t want Nintendo to go down that road again. They don’t want Nintendo to make core games in addition to their own established money-making casual franchises. Sony is praying Nintendo keeps it cool and stays on the casual front because even though they have more established IPs than Microsoft right now, only a handful have actually made any real money and they don’t have a lot of new stuff planned for the PS4. Microsoft claims it has 16 exclusive IPs for the XBOX One. We’ll see. However it isn’t easy to establish an audience for a new IP. In this day and age with people being so fickle and shallow it’s next to impossible. Nintendo is literally crawling with IPs everyone knows and will buy for the name only.

      Mario Series
      Wave Race
      Wii Brand Series
      Kid Icarus

      and many other franchises that lie dormant that can be resurrected at any time.

      Quiet as it’s kept, the Wii U sold close to 2 million this holiday season which is a HUGE improvement. Sure the PS4 is outselling it week to week. That is fine and good. Competition makes the overall product better for everyone. I want these companies to keep pushing each other. You know who wins? We do, because we get the best of the best. I hope the PS4 sales continue to stay strong so that Nintendo can stay on the ball and Microsoft can get on the ball.

    • NeoTechni

      “This isn’t the first time a Dev had good things to say about the Wii U
      and just like those other times it will be forgotten about.”

      Well in fairness, his one comment not only did not dispute any of the original claims, but only targeted one of many. It doesn’t actually conflict if you think about it. And most people here haven’t.

      • Gamingsince75

        In fairness, you had to make up something in order to have a valid point. Nothing you said related to my post or countered it in any way.
        I never said he proved other devs wrong with his post. I said his positive comment will be ignored. What you did was exactly what I suggested. You ignored his comment and continued to hate, you just found a different reason or way to try to make it look bad.

        • NeoTechni

          I made nothing up, and my reply was completely relevant to yours. And you were disputing his claims so yes, you were trying to counter him. What you did now is exactly what you claimed I did, you made stuff up and your reply was so irrelevant I thought you replied to someone else. I did no hating, what are you talking about? I was polite pointing out your error is not making anything look bad

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1130


  • NeoTechni

    That’s not really sticking up for the SDK.
    He’s basically confirmed the original story.

    Saying the problems are gone now in NO WAY disputes the claims they were there.

    He also ignored numerous other problems from the other article

    • The fact that a console was difficult to develop for prior to launch should be a surprise to no one. The criticism arose over a year after said launch as some kind of expose of wii u dev kit quality. If it was put in proper context, the Ping dev and Renegade Kid would not have said a word.

      • NeoTechni

        It was in the proper context though. He did specify it was at launch. And saying its fixed now doesn’t negate that or his numerous other issues

        But yes, other consoles were also hard at launch, which also negates nothing.

        • You’re right, the eurogamer article said it was during launch. The fact that these devs had to make a statement showed that the context was ignored by most readers, and probably most bloggers. The headline here was “Anonymous developer details experience working with Wii U.”

          The fact that it was published recently points to the fact that the information has little value. It’s not strictly consoles. Most products are crap on release date.

          Is this news? No. Will the drama grab clicks during peak Nintendoom days? Of course!

          • NeoTechni

            Its impossible tonfit all context in the title or it’d be as long as the article. Longer since you’re adding things.

            It is news cause we don’t get insider info often. I love developer articles. We don’t get them cause most devs fear for their lives. One lost his job by criticizing xbox one. So this isnrare, and news

          • If you say so, but the Eurogamer one said “The Secret Developers: Wii U – the inside story. From reveal to launch and beyond – a third-party developer talks about the challenges of working with Nintendo and its latest console.” Never really covered the “beyond.”

            The question I’m asking is, why bother now? Why not last Xmas? Why not another console? And the dev answers it as now that the Wii U is “failing,” which tells me Eurogamer paid him to break a handful of NDAs now that Nintendoom is peaking.

            So everyone clicks and shares Nintendo’s shortcomings, which are far from secret.

            If anyone wants to know how making games (or sausage or laws) isn’t pretty, it’s not that hard to discover. Software devs are notoriously gregarious and whiny. Their jobs suck, they’re isolated and they get nothing out of releasing a successful product. For every purportedly secret operation, there are literally thousands of unsatisfied workers happy to complain. But complaining about your job isn’t news unless you’re Snowden, sorry.

          • NeoTechni

            Eurogamers title seems to have all the needed context. This article’s title doesn’t and acts like it counters the original when it doesn’t since the time periods are different. And other issues still apply. Even now.