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Poi receiving physical copy for Switch

Posted on August 17, 2017 by (@tylerlelliott) in Images, News, Switch

As previously reported, Poi will be coming to the Switch. EB Games now has a listing up for a physical release, featuring extra content with the “Explorer Edition.”

This special edition is set to include:

  • Extended Storyline
  • More challenging boss battles
  • Unlockable Soundtrack and Digital Art Book
  • New costumes and hats only available within the “Explorer Edition”
  • Joy-Con motion control support

The game is listed as $40 CAD.


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  • Roto Prime

    ….I can’t get Sonic Mania hard copy…..but poi is ok……What is life?!

  • Busterblade

    For those interested, you may want to have a look at this as to what to expect: https://gdqvods.com/game/poi/

    • Roto Prime

      Hmmmmm, this looks fun!

  • $40CAD/$30USD for some boss battles and hats? My boys—this is $14.99 on Steam. If the eShop version is comparable in price, I’ll jump in Day 1, cause it’s been sitting on my wishlist on Steam for forever and I’d love to play this on Switch instead, but damn not for that big of a price hike. I love myself a physical copy of a game –don’t get me wrong– but I also appreciate a good deal (and subsequently not being in debt…)

    • Are the extended storyline, artbook and OST also available at that price point on Steam? If so, that is weird.

      • A Deluxe Edition is available on Steam for $17.98 (odd price, I know) that has the OST included. Not sure about the digital artbook. Either way, an “unlockable OST” on Switch seems kinda useless to me. With no dedicated media player (right now), I don’t ever see myself booting up the game just to lounge out and listen to the soundtrack while I do other tasks in my day-to-day life as my Switch sits idly by. I also feel like this “extended storyline” will come in a patch to other platforms as well once the Switch version releases. Having something important like story-related content be platform exclusive seems like a dumb idea to me and is a disservice to those that bought somewhere else (you especially don’t want to do that as an Indie dev), and is only advertised as such because Poi is not out on Switch yet, but will be available via patch once it does release. I could be wrong, however. We’ll see. The hats and stuff I can see being exclusive (a Mario hat would not surprise me), but again, story content seems too risky to limit to one platform over others.

        • That’s understandable. I had a fun time with that and the 3DS, but I guess the Switch is a slightly different story.

  • Interesting~. I’m considering importing the Canadian copy then.

    • Lance Devon

      Where does One Import from Canada to the states?

      • I was gonna see if I could import from the EB games of Canada, but I’ll have to do some research.

  • R.Z.

    I was quite interested in that game back when it was being kickstarted, so I’ll keep an eye on this release.

  • Sinara Centeno

    Poi is a nice Mario 64 clone. Now witch extra chalenge boss battles and better history is nicer. The only complaint is the poor carisma of protagonits.