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Pokémon GO available in Italy, Spain, and Portugal

Posted on July 15, 2016 by in Mobile, News

Pokémon GO’s worldwide conquest continues, as the game is now available in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. Pokemon GO can be downloaded on both the Google Play Store and iTunes.


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  • Welcome to the madness

  • Jack Longman

    No they can’t. I am in Spain, along with 10 others who all want the app and we have both Android and iOS devices on the latest update and we can’t get it.

    • Luke WalkingMoonTree

      I live in Italy and I managed to download the app 30 minutes before the announcement, a friend of mine tried 30 minutes after and the App had disappeared from the App Store, they either had too many people playing (which is possible given that Italy+Spain+Portugal make up a bigger population than UK/Germany) or maybe it’s the fact that when I had to select my nickname I tried to use this one of mine and the App stated “your Nickname is too short” when probably it meant too long (or maybe there isn’t even a lenght limit) so they had to fix it…