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Starting tomorrow, the Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza will once again be in effect. Players will have more opportunities to hatch certain Pokemon.

Niantic shares the following details about the event:

Niantic is in the process of rolling out a new update for Pokemon GO. If you don’t see the patch already, you should be able to download it very soon. Pokemon GO has been updated to version 1.65.3 on iOS and version 0.95.3 on Android.

After applying the update, users will find that Facebook credentials can now be used to log into the app via the ‘Account’ section in Settings. Various bug fixes and performance updates have also been implemented.


Pokemon GO is in the process of rolling out support for Facebook account linking. Not only will the sign-in process be simpler, but the link also provides more log in options and helps preserve your progress across devices.

Players will be able to link their Trainer profile to your Facebook and Google accounts, and use any of those credentials to access the game. This means that if you currently log in with the Pokemon Trainer Club, you could link your Trainer profile to your Google and Facebook accounts, and then use whichever account you prefer in the future.

Linking profiles to a Google or Facebook account is simple. Just visit the settings and choose the platform you’d like to link.


Lugia is appearing in Pokemon GO once again. Starting tomorrow, the Pokemon will be located in Gyms across the globe. You can challenge Lugia, who comes with a newly improved Flying-type move Sky Attack, until April 2.


Pokemon GO recently wrapped up a week of legendary Raid Battles. Since Rayquaza was defeated more than Kyogre and Groudon combined, Pokemon that prefer windy weather will now hatch more often from Eggs. This promotion period will last until March 16.

Raid Battles at Gyms near you will also favor appearances by Pokemon that prefer windy weather. Double XP will be in effect until March 16 as well.


Niantic has shared details about its next Pokemon GO Community Day. The new event, which is taking place on March 25, will feature Bulbasaur.

During Pokemon GO Community Day, you’ll be able to learn a special move for Bulbasaur. Bonuses will be handed out as well.

The upcoming event will take place 2PM-5PM EDT.


Some special clothing has arrived in Pokemon GO. Players can now spend coins on outfits based on FireRed and LeafGreen trainers.

Players can also catch a festive, party hat-wearing Pikachu in the wild from February 26-28 to celebrate Pokemon Day.


Starting today, Legendary Pokemon Kyogre and Groudon are returning to Raid Battles in Pokemon GO alongside Rayquaza for a limited time. Each one can be found at Gyms until March 5.

If Rayquaza is defeated more than Kyogre and Groudon combined, Pokemon that typically prefer windy weather will be more likely to hatch from Eggs from March 5 to March 16. If not, Pokemon that prefer sunny or rainy weather will be more likely to hatch.

Finally, new special boxes will debut in Pokemon GO on February 24 with Raid Passes.


Pokemon GO adds Team Rocket clothing

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Some special clothing has arrived in Pokemon GO. Players can now spend coins on outfits based on Team Rocket, including Team Rainbow Rocket from Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon.

We have a few shots of the clothing below:


According to the Twitter post below, Niantic has increased the spawn rates of Luvdisc in Pokemon GO. Each one you catch will also give you three stardust!

According to comments stemming from the tweet, the chance of seeing a shiny Luvdisc is pretty high as well. There also seems to be an increased spawn chance for Chansey.

One can only wonder why Niantic decided to send out a bunch of Luvdiscs on February 14… wait, that’s Valentine’s Day. All right, I suppose it’s obvious.

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