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Pokemon GO 2024 changes

Pokemon GO kicked off its “Rediscover GO” campaign today which is focused on changes and improvements planned for the mobile game. Over the next month, fans can rediscover the adventure “with fresh, stylish means to express themselves, enhanced visual effects, and a GO Snapshot upgrade.”

Here’s what else Niantic has said thus far:

Pokemon GO has unveiled a new Party Play feature that will add four-player co-op to the game. It will go live starting October 17, 2023.

Party Play lets up to four friends (levels 15 and above) team up to complete challenges, unlock bonuses, and interact with each other. They’ll be tasked with completing Party Challenges to earn exclusive rewards like new Eevee avatar shirts. Parties can also obtain a special bonus in raids which can double the damage of their next Charged Attack. After players are done, they’ll be able to view to an Activity Summary showing highlights from their adventure.

Here’s a bunch of additional information:

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns

Niantic has announced a new event for Pokemon GO to celebrate the launch of Detective Pikachu Returns on Switch.

While it’s active, Pikachu wearing a detective hat will be appearing. Players will be able to complete detective-themed Timed Research. Other activities include a new avatar pose, a themed Collection Challenge, and event bonuses.

Pikmin Bloom has once again been updated, this time to version 78.0.

This update is implementing a number new features: you will now be assign nicknames to players in your friend list, Pikmin strength will now be visible in the result screen for mushroom battle, and some small changes were made to the visual design of the weekly challenge invite screen and the entry order of mood emojis and photos in the Daily Lookback.

Check out the full patch notes for the latest Pikmin Bloom update below:

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure event starters Lechonk

A Paldean Adventure has been unveiled as the next major event for Pokemon GO, and it starts next week.

Paldea Pokemon were confirmed for the mobile game during the latest Pokemon Presents presentation. The event introducing them involves players taking on Special Research complete with branching paths to introduce the new Pokemon. Paldean starters and Lechonk will all be appearing for the first time.

Pokemon GO Paldaea

Paldea Pokemon are on the way to Pokemon GO, it’s been announced. Niantic dropped the news during today’s Pokemon Presents event.

Players can look forward to the new Pokemon starting in September. Outside of the initial announcement, we don’t have much else to go on. A teaser was shown during today’s Pokemon Presents, but that’s all. Stay tuned for further details.

Pokemon GO Master Ball

Several years after the game’s debut, the Master Ball is finally coming to Pokemon GO.

This device can catch any creature players encounter without fail. This goes for everything – Pokemon in the wild, through Lure Models, after Raid Battles, or while using the Daily Adventure Incense.

Pokemon GO five year revenue low

Original (5/3): Pokemon GO seems to be in a bit of a decline, as the game’s revenue is down to its lowest point in five years.

Mobilegamer reports that the title earned $34.7 million in April. It was at $58 million in February and then $42.8 million in April. Pokemon GO’s revenue hasn’t been this low since February 2018, so that’s something Niantic is surely taking notice of.

Pikmin Bloom update 65.0

Niantic is back with another update for Pikmin Bloom, as the app has been updated to version 65.0.

There are a couple of adjustments here, including the participation requirements for mushroom battles plus the criteria for highlighting Decor Pikmin. New player titles in mushroom battle are also available.

The full patch notes for the Pikmin Bloom version 65.0 update are as follows:

A new update has released for Pikmin Bloom, bringing the game to version 63.0.

This update is implementing a number of notable new features and improvements, including a new flower planting accelerator, a way of feeding Pikmin from the Pikmin list and Pikmin details screens, and the ability to send postcards and gift packs to friends in mushroom battles.

Check out the full patch notes for the latest Pikmin Bloom update below:

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