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Pokemon GO players catch 3 billion Pokemon during Global Catch Challenge, all rewards unlocked

Posted on November 25, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

This week, Niantic challenged Pokemon GO players with a new Global Catch Challenge. By reaching certain milestones, various rewards would be unlocked.

The biggest rewards awaited at 3 billion Pokemon caught. Niantic just announced that this goal was hit, meaning all three tiers have been reached. Among other things, Farfetch’d will be offered around the world.

Here’s the news from Niantic:


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  • Exy

    What did East Asia do to deserve a whole new Pokémon to itself?

    • pixcalcis

      Farfetch’d is normally exclusive to them. Wouldnt be a prize for them to be able to catch him. So we all get their region specific pokemon, and they get one of the other region specific pokemon in return.

    • r_mal

      Did you catch one?

  • Symbol de Au

    “Pokemon GO is dead.”

    • Anon Anonimo


  • zelgadis greywords

    the event has been rigged from the star. 500 millions in 1 day, 1000 millions in two days with spawn rate increased and pokelures for 6 hours and 1500 millions in 3 days with even more spawn rate than the previous one? b*llshit

    • errantrazor

      um. so?

      • zelgadis greywords

        that we could have all the rewards on day 1 if niantic diidn’t rigged the results from the start. Simple math: 300 times 10 millions is 3000 where the 300 are the pokemon and the 10 are the total active players catching in 1 day. For example, myself catched arround 200 pokemons in day one and was one of the lowest one from where i am.

        • errantrazor

          You played a game. You contributed to accomplishing the goal. You got the stated reward. What’s the problem exactly?

          • zelgadis greywords

            yes, i did. Yes i did, yes they gave the reward A LOT LATE THAN THE REAL TIME WAS. We could have the rewards THE FIRST DAY, if they didn’t rigged the count of pokemon

  • Jimmy Boy

    Congrats to those 10 people still playing it who caught a crapload of Pokemon! LOL