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Pokemon Platinum dev not keen on Wii title

Posted on March 23, 2009 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Wii owners craving a helping of a true Pokemon RPG experience on the system are probably going to have to wait awhile. Pokemon Company/GAME FREAK Board Director Junichi Masuda does not seem to be too keen on creating a title for Wii.

“No, we are not thinking of going into development for the Wii because we feel the core idea of Pokemon, communicating and trading with friends and other trainers, is best represented by being able to go anywhere and bring the system with you. This core concept of Pokemon is tied very closely to the portable system…Yes I believe there is a potential that a home console might have a match for our Pokemon concept, but as I said the basic concept is that you trade, you communicate, you want to remain mobile. If that challenge is met by the home console, then we would consider development, but at this point the portable system is the best match for the Pokemon games.”

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  • Captain N

    Honestly they really should just make a mmorpg with Pokemon already, everyone makes their own trainer and searches all the towns etc for Pokemon and battle other trainers in real time, it would actually be perfect, such a missed opportunity !

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  • 357 Lobster

    At this point I’d even be happy with Pokemon Red for Wii. It would be RPG of the millenium if they did it right.

  • Pokemon MMO would do quite nicely!

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  • youngpharaoh

    Look im a big pokemon fan,but lets face the facts wen it did came out on the gameboy it was nationwide n made million or billion,but thats the past this is the future in which now we dont got to worry about going sum where n playing pokemon with a person that live far down the street,or wait until school tomorrow to play or friends.i remember wen we was on three way talking about our pokemon on the phone,now that games r coming to be communicator without talking on the phone while playing the game,but communication in the game its really great! the pokemon c.e.o need to just take a min n think a remake of the pokemon red,yellow,green,blue,n all the others.in this remarkable rpg world wur u can catch all the pokemon n battle real people on rpg online n have people txtn in the box in which their character communicate to u if they dont got a mic,but if they do call them n tell them u want to battle or travel the pokemon world n talk,n meet friends on that road to become a pokemon master