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Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon leaked through trademark filings

Posted on February 25, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon are in development, trademark filings from Europe reveal. Both listings just popped up in the database today and were filed by Nintendo.

A brief Pokemon Direct presentation will be hosted at around this time tomorrow. We should hear more about both of these games then.


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  • Kenshin0011

    Must be what codename Pokémon Rainbow is…

    • Anonymoose

      The companion game to that will be Pokemon Moonbow. 😛


    Well this was sudden and unexpected. It might not be colors or gemstones, but any new gen is ok with me right now. I’ve needed to scratch that Pokemon itch since ORAS. I guess the world will see it tomorrow during the direct then!

    • Wait, what about colors and gemstones? Did people say we’re going back to those or was there another leak with them?

  • TheDonRob

    Yes! That is awesome! Can’t wait for the presentation tomorrow for more details!

  • Exposer

    Idiots they should wait for tomorrow to start to filling the trademark.

    • Radish

      Why do you keep calling it XYZ series when there is no Z?

      • Cavalier

        Because that’s how the anime is called.
        That’s why he refers to Ash and keeping Serena.

      • Exposer

        I was talking about the anime, since thats its name.

      • jacob browning

        The anime recently under went i name change with the new season. What was the XY series is now the xyz series it’s what lead to people saying “pokemon z fully confirmed.”

      • Ramasez

        The anime is called that.

      • Michael Doyle

        Only in Japan like green version

    • Mahmoud Aziz Radwan

      How can Ash have a son? The guy is 10!!!

    • Dan Lopez

      Don’t know why would need another Kanto remake since there’s already FireRed/LeafGreen.

      • I need my DPP remake first. Then we can restart the cycle. x’D

    • Simon H.
  • Stuart

    Oh great freaking BS, this just ruined the surprise for tomorrow.

    Couldn’t just wait one day, one freaking day.

    • Ragnell

      They could’ve posted the title as “Leaked pokemon details “….

    • ToonAddict1

      Look on the bright side: at least some of the new Pokemon saved up for tomorrow’s likely announcement haven’t been leaked yet (emphasize on the word yet, as there’s still a good 24 hours before the direct happens).

    • Kyle K. Moore

      Seriously though…

    • SquareSide

      Nintendo Life was the only site with any professional decency to not splatter the logo and the names in the header it seems.

    • Austin Ward

      You know this not even be what they’re going to talk about right? There have been unused Pokémon trademarks before.

  • Mike Ivans

    Sooooooo what does this mean for “Z”?

    • Exposer

      Z ya.

      • Ragnell


      • Mike Ivans

        yeah, definitely disappointing, unless they reveal it along with the other two…

        • Exposer

          For me too, more because Im actually watching the anime and this means bye bye, Kalos, XYZ series and Serena…Hello new region.

          • Ragnell

            Is the anime series any good? Haven’t seen it since the orange islands lol

          • Exposer

            Pretty enjoyable. Try to catch up since the beggining of XY series or go watch the XYZ arc, but the Megaevolution Arc is mandatory since XYZ is conected to that, dont worry its just 4 episodes.

      • wiki443556

        I’m British so your reply made no sense. it took a while to get it

        • Ljink

          Ah, you read Zedya XD

          • wiki443556

            Yep XD

          • Evan Gustavson

            Wait, the British pronounce “Z” as “Zed”, not “Zee”? Huh.
            You learn something new every day.

          • wiki443556

            Yup. American English is incredibly confusing

      • RoadyMike

        You glorious mf

  • Coonfoot

    7th gen already? Feels like just yesterday, we were speculating about new 6th gen Pokemon.

  • Spencer Manigat

    I still say its Gen 6.5.

    • Yolkghost

      I hope so- there’s really more that can come out of gen 6. Could work, its red and blue still like XY, and apparently the zygarde core gets energy from the sun and moon.

      • Ragnell

        Hm then perhaps 6.5 prediction is correct. Hope theres a bunch of extra stuff like in bw2

      • Austin Ward

        No it’s just the sun. It hasn’t shown any connection to the moon that I know of.

  • KnightWonder

    I’m taking this with a grain of salt.

    • me

      This is not a grain of salt moment. This is a legot leak

    • Kenshin0011

      Salted for nothing, this is real life.

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      i just hope it is like a side game so we can actually get our gen 6.5 game…i need my tengen toppa gurren zygard

      • Kenshin0011

        Just gonna have to pierce the moon and sun with your drill instead

    • Austin Ward

      So am I. I’m not one to jump to conclusions like everyone else is. Am I expecting Pokémon Z? Yes, but that’s because there’s such a large amount of evidence for it but with this all we have is a trademark and something one guy said, that’s not enough to bet on.

    • Simon H.
  • wiki443556

    if this is true I am mega-hyped! But I’m also confused as to where Z is with those Zyguarde forms

  • awng0781

    If this is real, then it would be a helluva lot better than Pokémon “Z” that everyone has speculated for the last ~2 years.

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      how the hell would it be better it would literally destroy 2 in game events people have been waiting 2 years for

    • Luke WalkingMoonTree

      do you realize that they teased the comeback of the Battle Frontier in ORAS talking bout the Kalos region, right ?

  • Raven Zombie

    This same site claimed Delta Emerald was filed in mid 2014

  • Nathan Joh


  • Logan Wayman

    Pokemon Sun and Moon, eh? Looks interesting. I’ll bet if there’s a Pokemon Z for 3DS and these games are NX launch titles, I would say that there would be another version called Pokemon Stars?

    • KGRAMR

      Possible names for a third game talking in ORAS & SM: SigmaEmerald & Star.

      • xSiNx SHADOW

        it would have been called sigma emerald but nice try

        • KGRAMR

          Oops,sorry about the mistake

    • ToonAddict1

      I seriously doubt Sun and Moon are going to be NX launch titles, as the main games of the Pokemon franchise are usually meant for the handheld systems.

      However, I do wonder if Sun and Moon are be games that will require the New 3DS in order to play them.

      • Simon H.

        It would be a good reason to get the special 20th anniversary edition 3ds then.

  • Scott Devine

    I want a Sun and Moon to focus on a new character named Ash and Serena’s son instead of Ash.

  • James

    And instead of ‘Z’, in a few years we’ll be getting ‘Eclipse’…

    • Simon H.

      That’s…. Really clever.

  • Hmm… that probably debunks my crackpot theory of Pokemon XY’s third version and 7th gen being combined somehow. Oh, well. :/

    But I’m still hyped as ever for tomorrow either way! 😀

  • Lily .Vocaloid


  • John Enigma

    See, this is why Nintendo won’t reveal or say anything related to the Nintendo NX, so it won’t suffer from leaks like this. I think.

    That being said, do you guys think that these new Pokemon games, (assuming that they’ll be announced tomorrow), will come to the NX? Or will they come to the 3DS, like Game Freak has always done?

    • wiki443556

      How can not saying anything mean no leaks? Leaks are pieces of information that haven’t been revealed. By definition you can’t leak something that’s been mentioned already

      • Advance*

        I think he was more referring to the developer that was complaining that Nintendo wouldn’t give him any information about NX. As if it’s a bad business practice when in reality telling a bunch of small developers could easily result in a leak.

    • awng0781

      If Pokémon Sun and Moon were NX titles, then Nintendo would have talked about the NX by now. Nintendo will not “Square Enix” themselves and start talking about NX games before the NX itself.


    Hope this game come true

  • nekoknight

    It’s Pokemon……IN SPACE!!!!!!

  • KokiriHylian

    So…why wasn’t this put behind a spoiler warning? I mean, even the title of the article outright explains what the leak is.

    • Kenshin0011

      Since when are trademark leaks considered spoilers?

      • KokiriHylian

        Well considering the fact that there is a Pokemon-dedicated Direct with a “big announcement” tomorrow, anything that can be seen as potential spoilers of that announcement should be treated as such imho.

        • Kenshin0011

          But this is a Nintendo News website. This trademark leak is news, and while I completely understand that many people like to be surprised by Nintendo Directs, it’s just not feasible in this day and age.
          I also wouldn’t put it in the true category of a “spoiler”, because it’s not revealing anything about the game, what’ll happen, etc.

          • KokiriHylian

            Sure but I feel like it would at least be common courtesy to hide potential spoilers of anew upcoming announcement behind a warning. It would be different if there was no knowledge of an upcoming major announcement.
            I mean, back when the Ryu and Roy footage was leaked, prior to an upcoming Smash announcement, those were put behind a spoiler warning.

          • Kenshin0011

            Ultimately you are right. Yea, they could have put a spoiler heading.

  • Incoming Pokemon that are embodiments of the sun and moon.

  • TheGoomba

    You REALLY, REALLY should have put a spoiler in this post. Thanks for ruining it.

    • Kenshin0011

      What exactly is this spoiling though? Not everything can be put in the “spoiler” category, or else there’d be nothing to report that isn’t a spoiler.
      A leak is a leak is a leak.

  • SparkAT

    I wouldn’t put much stock into this. We thought we would get Pokemon Delta Emerald after seeing that trademark, but we didn’t

  • Seansong1

    deja vu

    • TheGoomba


  • jimmy

    But it’s just a trademark, won’t get my hopes up until the announcement

  • Czern Obog

    Dubious. People file fake copyright claims all the time with big-name games, from Fallout to Mega Man. It’ll be one of my favorite themes if it’s true, though.

  • Reggie

    So no Z? Guess they are dropping the third versions after all. If this is supposed to be another new generation, then I’m kind of surprised as I figured they would have waited.

    • Blue Basilisk

      Fire Red/Leaf Green and Heart Gold/Soul Silver didn’t get a third version either.

      • Edgarska

        Those were remakes.

      • Reggie

        That’s because those are remakes. There is literally no point in making a third version for a remake.

        When I said “Guess they are dropping the third versions after all”, I was referring to Gen 5 when there were no third version then either.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    I really didn’t want to know this yet.

  • Mr_Slurpee

    Great. Now I have to decide. Probably leaning moon.

  • wiki443556

    Moon all the way!

  • NobleYoshi

    I’m still hoping for a games called Pokémon XYZ

  • Santoryu02

    Its sun and moon, but is it 7th gen? I’m going to be annoyed if its labeled like this and its a black and white 2 scenario.

    • Tao

      I doubt that. If it were a B2/W2 scenario, surely they would just call it X2/Y2.

  • Locky Mavo

    Why didn’t I just listen to my head and just avoid all gaming sites until after the direct? There’s always gotta be some a$$hole that has to spoil it and leak info early, oh well.

  • Saul Hernandez

    Solrock and lunatone are the new legendaries…

  • Yolkghost

    Obviously i’ll buy it since I need a new Pokemon badly, but boy am I disappointed its not a X2Y2… So much they could have done with a BW2 like situation.

  • Awwww yeahhhhhhhhh

  • SquareSide

    It this isn’t a true leak the direct will have a twist tomorrow anyway.

  • JasonBall

    Can we please wait until official announcements to put the name of the game on the homepage? Some of us want to see all Nintnedo news on one page AND conform to Nintendo’s grand marketing plans and timing to reveal things.

    • Evan Gustavson

      You can have one or the other.
      You can’t have both.
      If they don’t put the name on the homepage, then you won’t really be seeing ALL Nintendo News on one page (considering the name of the game IS the news in this case), but if they do, then you won’t be able to conform to Nintendo’s grand marketing plans.

  • Addy the Wanderer

    Robopon remake confirmed. But only version will be released outside of Japan, two years later, while Japan gets a third version along with a Comic BomBom variant of the third version.

  • RoadyMike

    Praise the Sun!

    • Addy the Wanderer

      Unleash the power of the sun!

  • DirtyDanTheMan™

    I’m gonna get Moon Version…. :3

    • Saul Hernandez


  • Bcardia

    Haven’t played a Pokémon game since Platinum. Maybe I’ll dive into this franchise again.

    • ikr? The name is pretty hype. Best name since Platinum for sure, and I loved BW/BW2

  • Mitt_Romney_2012


  • CanDyMan

    Solrock and Lunatone will be promoted to a legendary status and will be the version mascots 😀

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