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Pokemon Sun/Moon – full details on Marshadow

Posted on June 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News, Videos

The Pokemon Sun/Moon website has updated with full details on Marshadow. That’s posted below, along with an English equivalent of yesterday’s video clip.

CATEGORY: Gloomdweller Pokémon
TYPE: Fighting/Ghost
HEIGHT: 2’04”
WEIGHT: 48.9 lbs.
ABILITY: Technician

Known as the Gloomdweller Pokémon, the Mythical Pokémon Marshadow conceals itself in the shadows. It never appears before humans, so its very existence is the stuff of myth. Marshadow sinks into the shadows of others, and is able to copy their movements and power.

Marshadow is a very cautious Pokémon. It sinks into shadows and observes what is going on around it in such a way that no one else will notice it. This may be the reason why is so rarely seen.

Among the numerous Pokémon discovered to date, Marshadow is remarkably the first to combine Fighting type and Ghost type. Even regarding its types, Marshadow is an extremely rare Pokémon. Fighting-type Pokémon are usually ill-suited in battle against Psychic-type Pokémon, but now you’ll be able to take advantage of Marshadow’s Ghost type to battle effectively!

When Marshadow unleashes moves, it turns green! When standing up to enemies with its full power, such as when unleashing moves, parts of Marshadow’s body turn green, thanks to its burning fighting spirit.

Spectral Thief is a new move that only Marshadow can learn. This move steals any stat boosts that the target had, and then deals an attack. It’s a powerful physical move with a never-before-seen and surprising effect. Change a crisis into a chance, and victory is within your grasp!

Marshadow also has a signature Z-Move! Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike is a special Z-Move that can be used by a Marshadow that knows Spectral Thief and is holding the special Z-Crystal Marshadium Z, which cannot be obtained through regular gameplay.

A Z-Powered Marshadow leaps out of its Trainer’s shadow and unleashes its full force on an opponent with a flurry of punches and kicks with this powerful Z-Move! Check back for details on how to get Marshadow and its powerful Z-Crystal Marshadium Z!


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  • Jesiah Grant

    Dear Game Freak, please drop Z moves for the new poekmon game on switch….there so god damn cringy ._.

    • xevidroid


      • Jesiah Grant

        Was it removed?! what took its place? I haven’t played pokemon since Omega Ruby, skipped sun and moon coz they just didnt look like the pokemon I know and love. Super stoked for the nintendo switch pokemon, day one purchase for me.

        • xevidroid

          Yes, it was removed. Now you only have Alola’s Pokèdex.
          Have a Rayquaza? It doesn’t show up in the Pokèdex at all. IT’S STUPID. I was so pissed that I stopped playing, and I’ve never come back to this day )=

          • Jesiah Grant

            WTF that’s seriously messed up, how are you supposed to keep track of catching them all?! Sun and Moon were odd games, glad I skipped them. Did not fancy the designs of those bizzare ultra beasts either.

          • xevidroid

            You are supposed to buy a Pokèbank subscription and use the Pokèdex there. The problem is that you have VERY small image previews, no animations and crappy image quality there. The actual game doesn’t acknowledge you having caught those exotic creatures at all.

            This thing disappointed me to the point that I lost interest in the game and possibly the entire franchise, I had been bringing my boxes with me since Green Leaf, then I bought Sun and all my years of loyalty have been rendered nearly useless by this decision.

          • Jesiah Grant

            Damn man…I had stored all my pokemon in the pokebank since diamond and pearl days. And one day the whole app got corrupted. Lost all my pokemon, called nintendo and they couldn’t help at all…fkn useless, this is why we need a cloud for our saves and pokemon. Its 2017 now and this is beyond ridiculous, nintendo needs to stop releasing ther consoles so early have have there online architecture together, learn a thing or two from apple. Make one unified eshop, not one specific for each console.

            Also thats really scummy and lazy on gamefreaks part -_-

          • Riku0493

            … Pokémon Bank itself is a cloud storage system.

            The very thing you want, yes?

          • Jesiah Grant

            if there was a proper pokemon recovery mechanism in place. I had transferred all my pokemon from past gens to the bank and then sent them all to my omega save. Boot up game, save file corrupted…WHAT!? my omega game was also digital, nintendo couldn’t even help me. Just a sad story, you’d think a digital copy would be safe from all that corrupted shizz considering it has been working absolutely fine prior. Lost countless hours, special event pokemon …and mon’s I had since diamond 🙁

          • Riku0493

            Gotta love human error!

          • Jesiah Grant

            Nah nothing on my part, apparently ORAS was plauged with peoples saves becoming corrupted digital and physical versions. Thats a massive oversight on game freaks part, it better not happen again.

          • Riku0493

            There was no such bug. The worst possibility was the game freezing during the Hall of Fame cutscene before attempting to save.

            And the XY fiasco in Lumiose City didn’t really corrupt save files.

          • Jesiah Grant

            Go read some forums of people saves becoming corrupt in ORAS, It happened to me, it happened to many people.


          • Riku0493

            Because of human error. There was no glitch in the game that caused this.

            Such as turning off the power while it is saving.

          • Jesiah Grant

            Yeah human error over at game freak

          • xevidroid

            Yeah like they spend so much time developing useless crap like Festiplaza or other retarded features that you feel like a braindead kid the two times you eventually use, but NOOOO adding a few lines of code to the Pokèdex was too much. Well, they won’t have my money until they announce a game where I can finally admire my complete pokedex without going to the bank with their 128x128px image previews.

          • Jesiah Grant

            Do they still have those stupid pet mini games where we can pet out pokemon? Such a waste of resources making the animations for all that in my opinion, thats animations that could of gone into a proper pokedex.

          • xevidroid

            Yes they do. Someone spent hours developing an animation for a cute cheering Arceus, but they didn’t bother to add the literal god of the Pokemon world to the “Pokemon Encyclopedia”..which is something they could have done in like 10 minutes, trust me, i don’t work for Nintendo but i do know enough about programming and development to assure you that their decision not to include it was not driven by time or money.

            They did this so that newer players wouldn’t get scared by the shier quantity of creatures to capture. Instead of making a huge map to allow more species to be caught, they just decided to hide them so that children wouldn’t complain.

            Meanwhile, the majority of their fanbase who is now old enough to care about the legacy of the series, got slapped in the face.

            Anyway i’m sorry if I ruined your enthusiasm for the next game. I’d be hyped as well if they decided to announce a full open world “Skyrim-like” Pokemon game for the switch, with a proper complex 3D world similar to the one in the anime or even in Zelda games. I just hope that they remember to include a bloody Pokedex in their Magnum Opus instead of just giving me the final reason to just move on from this franchise (and after Pokemon Go and this stunt I’m pretty much on the way out sadly).

          • Jesiah Grant

            All good man I’m not touching ultra sun and moon, waiting for whatever arrives on the switch. Hers hoping alot of those mini games are gone since thw switch only has one screen. Lets get back to core pokemon gameplay. I still to this day think Heartgold and Soulsilver was pokemon at its absoulte best. Didn’t fancy black and white, X and Y had a boring story, ORAS while great was a remake but man that post game story with deoxys and rayquaza was legit good.

          • xevidroid

            Well aside from this pokèdex stuff I liked Sun and Moon! The story was kinda cool I guess, though the gameplay is still a tad bit too easy and there are some other issues like the fact that the game assumes you are pretty much an infant which i do hope nintendo realizes is not true anymore for their next installment. If you find it on a sale I do recommend you check it out, might be a long wait since the switch game comes out.

            Speaking of that, I don’t have a Switch and I don’t care about Zelda, I hope the next one is very very good, or buying a Switch just for that will be impossible to justify for me =

            TL;DR GameFreak bring back my Pokèdex and you’ll have my money!!!

          • Jesiah Grant

            The pain of all my pokemon lost 2 years ago still pains me to pick up another title. I’ll wait till the switch version comes. Hopefully I would have finally healed. Whatever the switch one is, its going to be in HD. Which is a first for Pokemon in terms of mainline games.

            In before the pokedex is an exclusive IOS companion app for pokemon switch 😛

          • xevidroid

            Yeah you kinda scared me when you said that your bank save got corrupted. I hope that’s something they have long solved by now!

            I wouldn’t mind a Pokèdex app, as long as it is tightly integrated with the Switch game, it has no bs microtransactions in it and it has cool graphics with all the evolution lines and the other features the Pokèdex has had since gen 1. Please, no badly cropped post stamp images like the bank has now!

            This is how you see Pokèmon now in the bank (imagine this on a small 3DS screen):

            The list:

            The detail screen:


            People on Reddit have tried to convince me that this makes up for the lack of a pokèdex in the main game. For reference, this is how it looks in the game:


            (The model is 3D animated and you can turn it around and make it perform attacks and poses, plus you get a cool looking screen with the whole evolutionary line with each Pokèmon set in a particular pose, that’s to say not frozen in T-pose or something like that)

          • Jesiah Grant

            I see I see very interesting, would be great if they just integrate it back into the game how its always been though. Man seeing your pokemons in the bank brings a tear to my eye…If you every get a switch I’d gladly add ya FC and battle/trade with ya. Totally respect you and your pokemon, not to mention your detailed replies…really making me want to get back into pokemon dammit!!!

          • xevidroid

            Well we’ll have to wait for a Pokemon game to show up on the switch, until then i’m on Sun/Moon i guess, if you ever want to battle send me your fc no problem 😉

          • Jesiah Grant

            Yeww, gonna be a while haha. Until then 😛

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