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Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon update out now (version 1.1)

Posted on December 13, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

A new update has just gone live for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon. Nintendo is now distributing version 1.1 for both games.

Today’s update addresses a few different issues. Specifically, the following problems have been tackled:

· On rare occasions at the beginning of the game, if you choose Litten as your first partner Pokémon, the game stops right after the cutscene and prevents you from proceeding.
· The Wide Guard move doesn’t work correctly against some Z-Moves.
​· The Ion Deluge move doesn’t work correctly.
· When a Pokémon learns moves using BP at Mantine Surf Spots or Battle Tree, it will sometimes automatically forget moves it already knows.

Note that once this version has been installed, any Battle Videos saved prior to the update cannot be played or shared.

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  • Sagadego15

    Lol wut @ the 1st glitch. You choose litten the game won’t let you continue.

    • Letrico

      That crotch flame is too stronk. The game stopped working knowing someone wanna abuse ember and flamethrower to make gifs.

  • Jean Acosta

    I think they should’ve addressed the fact that certain totem pokemon cannot be deposited in the bank.

  • Draco Games

    i got the update after during the trainer school tutorial and now i can’t access my save data

  • Cynthia Bélanger

    Instead of this, solve the rotom dex problem to harrass me when I actually know how to play… save and cure, im not a child lol… or put an option to make it more silent??

  • BernArt

    I have the problem, that I can´t even start up my game. Can anybody help me?

    • Miguel Martínez

      do you use CF?

    • Super Sword Gaming (DrSalvador

      If you use something like “no outlines” it breaks the game, so you have to update the patch or remove it.

  • Abdullah Khan

    Can anyone help me I can’t get the last update from the e shop