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Rumor: Burnout Paradise rated for Switch in Brazil

Posted on December 14, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Switch

Could Burnout Paradise be making its way to Switch? A supposed classification from Brazil could provide at least some hope that it could be happening.

The Enemy claims that the listing below is legitimate, though it is no longer in the database. Either it was removed because the information was shared when it shouldn’t have been, or it didn’t exist in the first place.

Today’s rumor popped up during an interesting time. Yesterday, news surfaced that a retailer in Brazil apparently posted a new listing for Burnout Paradise, though Switch was not included.

Burnout Paradise originally released in 2008. EA published the Criterion-made title, which earned a lot of praise upon its original launch. Players could take on a bunch of races in an open world, while a special “Showtime” let players wreak havoc at any point by bouncing and smashing into other vehicles.


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  • Felipe M.

    Played it in PS3 and enjoyed it but not as good as Burnout 3 was. I’d love a Burnout 3 remake or remaster.

    • andrewsqual

      2 was the perfect one for me. 3 was the one where EA took over and added an awful soundtrack instead of original music for every level.
      Also the way you unlocked cars was silly. You unlock a car and they give you four different versions of the exact same car in an “A” “B” “C” and “Dominator” variant, I just didn’t get that.
      The Crash mode also sucked with one multiplier power up making or breaking the entire thing in the end.
      Revenge was a much better game than 3 with a slightly less obnoxious soundtrack and every single car you unlocked being slightly better than the last.

  • Matheus Barbosa


  • Armandood

    Damn I hope this is real. Would love to have this game on the go.

  • Aline Piroutek

    Why we do always slip on this kind of information?

    • Stuart

      Porque aqui é o pais em que tudo vaza. Vaza game, vaza filme, vaza esgoto, vaza conta do banco, vaza tudo.

    • Heltinho Minardi

      Mario+Rabbids leaked in Brazil too.

  • Aline Piroutek


  • Blanco8x8

    Nah, EA wouldn’t release a legitimately good game on the Switch.

  • Jacob Groves

    PLEASE!!!!!! BURNOUT MAKING COMEBACK!!! Day one buy for Switch version if it is true. I am so glad. 😀

  • Stuart

    Uh-oh, EA is starting to get on board!

    I love the heck out of Burnout,however I didn’t played the laatest versions. This will be REALLY welcome.

    • moviereviewrsports

      Its might be fake. EA don’t do remasters.

      • Michael Clarke

        well last year they were starting to warm up the idea of remasters so you never know really and apparently this remaster is being published by Warner Brothers meaning it might not be EA at all doing this remaster

  • awng782

    I’m pretty sure this game won’t come to Switch.

    But if it does, expect a ton of loot boxes and microtransactions in the game. It’s EA.

  • estranho

    é sempre bom ver o nome Brasil ligado a Nintendo kkk vlw

    • Aline Piroutek

      Tirando na hora de falar que o brasileiro para $650 dólar no Switch por aqui, nessas horas os gringos se lembram da gente

  • Jack Bankhead

    Didn’t the Brazillian rating board rate Mario+Rabbids before we knew it was real, too?

    • Heltinho Minardi


  • Roto Prime


    • Radish

      Physical copy? xD

      • Roto Prime


    • Aline Piroutek

      In BR we trust

  • Drybonekoopa85

    Wait… This game is being published by Warner Brothers now instead of EA?!?! Sign me up if true! I love the Burnout games. Burnout 3 being my favorite.

    • Radish

      I’ve not played a Burnout game but it’s the type of game I think I’d love!

    • Stuart

      Don’t get too excited, sometimes Warner does the distribution and the localization of a few games of EA and Ubisoft in Brazil. Battlefield Hardline and Fifa 15 for example were localized by Warner over here.

  • Melatelo

    Wait a second WB games would be the publisher according to this listing. That’s wouldnt be the case though since EA own so that franchise no?

    • Maxi

      Noticed this as well, although since EA haven’t touched Burnout in years WB may have acquired the rights?

  • spideynut71

    Dang….Skyrim, L.A. Noire, Burnout Paradise…..SWITCH is getting ALL the hot new games.

  • andrewsqual

    RIP Criterion 🙁

  • Í Live in Brazil and i dont believe in it. Because here the rumors ever cames from USA but, not impossible.
    Lets see what happens.
    Valeu aí galera brasileira aqui é XSTATIONBR.

    • Heltinho Minardi

      Mario+Rabbids tb vazou no Brasil antes de ser revelado.

    • Aline Piroutek

      Se bobear até o Pokémon XY vazou pra todo mundo aqui no Brasil antes do lançamento.

  • Brian S

    I played the crap out of this game on PS3, and really wish it had been ported to PS4. I still listen to the soundtrack a lot. This would do. Paradise was so Zen and awesome.