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Rumor: Details about what to expect from tomorrow’s NX preview trailer

Posted on October 19, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Switch

Former Destructoid UK editor-in-chief (now of Kotaku UK, Polygon) Laura Kate Dale tweeted out some speculation about NX news tomorrow before Nintendo confirmed the platform’s preview trailer. Now she’s come forward with some apparent information about what we can expect.

This is part-rumor and part-spoiler potentially, so we’ve posted the details after the break.

Here’s a roundup of what Dale has shared on Twitter thus far:

Dale was correct about tomorrow’s NX news, but all rumors need to be taken with a grain of salt. We’ll find out if this information is true soon!



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  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Emily Rogers trustworthy? This is immediately discredited then. ESPECIALLY EUROGAMER.

    • Luciano Gertrudes

      I came from an hour from the future, and she was right. Sorry.

  • Exposer

    Remmember Emily said that Mother 3 will be here…Who is playing it right now?

    • Jack Red

      People playing the fan translation on emulators, flash carts for GBA or reproduction cartridges.

      • Exposer


        • Jack Red

          Well, technically both if you get homebrew on them and use GBA emulators, or possibly even GBA VC Injection for 3DS.

          • Exposer

            …Dude, focus, you know that i mean about legal ways to play with localization and all the thing, not homebrew or things like that.

    • Segata Sanshiro

      I was anti Emily but she kept saying for a week or so NX reveal would be this week and well here we are.

      • Stuart

        SupermetalDavid was also saying that the reveal was about to happen,lets just wait and see.

      • Melatelo

        She’s not the only one to predict that…

      • Annie

        A lot of people, including me, believed that it’d be this week because of the investors meeting on Oct. 26

      • Tlink7

        If you make twenty predictions a week you are bound to get one of them right

    • Advance*

      Just because someone is wrong about one thing doesn’t mean you should assume they are wrong about everything. She probably has sources that are hit and miss.

      • Melatelo

        One thing? She has been wrong about so many things it’s not even funny. If you want proof I have it. I’m not saying she’s wrong again this time- but her track record is terrible.
        Exhibit A)

      • Exposer

        Well Nintendo is calling this a “Home console” and people said “hybrid so EXCUSE ME if i have some doubts…Also i could believe her, but this is NX, the rumor machine, so…

        • powerprotoman

          no there calling it a home system the word console does not show up on their website

      • Aiddon

        Except she’s been on a months-long cold streak so if anything it’s the opposite

  • Alex Pop Tula

    So the guys that did Runbow have a NX dev kit, interesting I expected Yatch Club Games to have one first.

  • Stuart

    Real or not,here what I think is going to be: I don’t believe they will show anything too big,I guess what we will get tomorrow is a funny trailer with Reggie (Like those they make for E3) showing the date of the direct they will reveal the NX along with some details about how it will work. That’s what I’m waiting for but of course,I can be wrong. Anyway they can’t show everything in just 3 minutes,of course a big Direct will happen soon.

    • Jack Red

      I don’t know about a direct. Let’s not forget, There was a Direct scheduled for Fall already I think dedicated to either Animal Crossing or Yokai Watch.

  • Señor Cardgage

    Is the indie game on New 3DS Binding of Isaac?

    • Annie

      I think it’s Runbow

  • Vigilante_blade

    I just want eurogamer to be wrong. Their idea was pretty awful IMO.

  • Justin McQuillen

    This is probably one of the worst sources I have ever seen a news organization use as a citation.

    • Justin McQuillen

      And by that I mean someone associated with VICE, which is terrible.

  • RoadyMike

    I mean, anybody could have guessed most of this based on the different patents and interviews with Nintendo we’ve seen this year so far…

  • A load of BS.
    It’s a home console meaning Eurogamer detachable docking rumor which is basically just Aikun X300 gaming tablet as described fake.

  • TalesOfBS

    >Not wanting to advertise hardware specs

    Come on… don’t be another weak gimmick.

  • Blake Good

    If this is only a console and doesn’t have any handheld capabilities, then Nintendo is screwed. We don’t want another Dreamcast!

  • Tlink7

    Oh my God, the trailer is within mere hours and people still feel the need to lie about what will be in it? Whatever happened to just, I don’t know, waiting and seeing?

  • Hermione Granger

    Emily Rogers NX spec info is accurate = NX dead on arrival….

  • AJK

    This is someone who works for gawker media, and VICE. Why does anyone believe her? I personally really hope the NX is close to what eurogamer predicted (as much as I dislike eurogamer), because it sounds like something fresh and interesting, which is what I want from Nintendo.

    • Batmatt

      Laura worked for mainstream media for many years and have a really large accuracy with leaks of many kinds. She revealed the PS4 Slim weeks before Sony, to say the last successful one she made, with video reviews and everything. She’s good.