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Rumor: Dragon Quest IX’s “DQVC” taken down

Posted on July 7, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in DS, News

Dragon Quest IX’s “DQVC” service has been up and running since the game hit North America in 2010. Three years later, it may have come to an end.

Users are reporting issues with the virtual store, which requires communication with a server in order to function. The list of available items just isn’t updating even though the download data process is successful.

Dragon Quest IX players have said that this problem has popped up a couple of times in the past. But since the DQVC store has been down for some time and the DS game is a few years old, it’s possible that the service could be done for good.


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  • Weerd Whale

    It’s now 2014, and in May of this year, Nintendo will be taking down their online servers for DS, DSi, and Wii, meaning no more DQVC. This renders any hopes any future players will have of getting every single item, piece of equipment, and outfit defunct. So many games are now ruined…