Rumor: Friend codes, 16 players online for The Conduit

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February 2, 2009 by (@NE_Brian)

Nintendo Power promised the scoop on The Conduit’s multiplayer mode, but a few early details have apparently been released. If the latest rumors are to be believed, The Conduit will support 16 players online and will include friend codes. This information allegedly comes from High Voltage Software’s Matt Corso, but there is not an official confirmation. Though nothing has been confirmed, these details are more than likely to be true. Granted this information is correct, this means that there is still a major online Wii title out there that will not be supporting friend codes.

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  • dsab

    What do you mean by “there is still a major online Wii title out there that will not be supporting friend codes.”???

  • someguy

    It was reported last month by some official that there was a high profile game releasing in ’09 that would do away with the friend codes for online play. Many speculated that this high profile release was The Conduit.

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  • Anthony

    That game is probably Monster Hunter 3 !

  • Tracy

    That game has been confirmed to be the next Boom Blox.

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  • Paul

    Wake up folks. Medal Of Honor: Heroes 2 for the Wii is out there and has been out here for a while and does not use friend codes for online play (up to 32 player by the way)

  • Valay

    @ Paul – That’s true but like someguy said, there was a report that there is another major online title that will not be using friend codes. I’m not entirely sure that the game is the next Boom Blox though.

  • meow

    friends code.. GEGE