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Rumor – PS3 Wiimote tested?

Posted on June 2, 2008 by (@NE_Brian) in Rumors, Wii

Both Microsoft and Sony have had rumored Wiimote lookalikes in development for quite some time. Although not nearly identical, the sixaxis PS3 controller is the closest thing to the Wii remote. Sony may be pushing its motion control further, as a new rumor has surfaced. Allegedly, a number of PS3 owners were taken to an undisclosed location in California, in which the participants were able to try out a new PS3 controller (which is very close to that of the Wiimote.) At the event, games like tennis and paintball were up for testing, in addition to a modified version of Quake on someone’s laptop. However, the PS3 controller is far from complete, as one downside it was its usage of a tripod and many issues need to be hammered out.


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    If something is a success, then it’s sure to be imitated, they may even improve on it. I’m not talking about the Microsoft, who brought the Red Ring of Death to another generation and release self-defeating updates. They may have been early this cycle, but they’ll suffer next cycle even with a full-fledged solution to motion-sensitivity. The PS3 remote, well even if they did improve it, from what I’ve read its hard to produce games on the PS3 already while the Wii is easier the remote isn’t: they’d be adding more complications to projects that already struggling, though Sony may comment “those efforts were not befitting of our system” or some other high and mighty comment.