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Runner3 teases its new mechanical world

Posted on May 19, 2017 by in News, Switch eShop

The official Runner3’s devlog has been updated once again with an image that teases what the new world will be about.

This time we have a picture of a cute robot, which means that after Foodland and Spookyland, the next world will probably be based on mechanical stuff. Furthermore, developer Choice Provisions want us to guess the name, so go to their site and leave a comment on what do you think the new Runner3’s world will be called.

Here’s the tease for Runner3’s new world:


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  • wish this would come to wiiu
    dont want to spend $300 just for this

    • Señor Cardgage

      There are plenty of other reasons to get a Switch though, right? Aren’t there at least a couple of other games you’re excited about?

      • no

        and any good games will just be ported to nintendo’s next failing console

        • Ninty Kad

          Well, at lease let others enjoy the games coming to the switch.

      • Kristijlewis

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