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Scans roundup – Mega Man 11, Fire Emblem Warriors DLC, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Your Four Knight Princess Training Story

Posted on December 6, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Images, New Nintendo 3DS, Switch

This week’s Famitsu scans are now available. Highlights include Mega Man 11, the Fire Emblem Warriors DLC, Valkyria Chronicles 4, and Your Four Knight Princess Training Story. Scans of all games are below.


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  • Oh la la, female characters in practical outfits, lol. I actually really like all of the designs in this VC so far. Crymaria and the gals on the last scan are tied for my faves.

    • Aiddon

      I still can’t get over Raita somehow working nekomimi into military caps and not making them seem stupid. Well-played.

      Crymaria does have a great design, giving a more regal, almost ethereal look, like a witch. Also liking Klaus (mostly because it’s Hiroki Tochi) and the second I saw Belgar I knew he was going to be instantly hateable (because Sho Hayami)

      • Right? I honestly love the look, and that is very impressive.

        Yesss. It’s fabulous. She looks powerful but cool? Lol, these seiyuu. Right now, I’ll take any real role I can get out of good seiyuu since I feel burned by XC2 and the Blades.

        • Aiddon

          Though her design also calls to question the reason for going barelegged so far north.

          Yeah, I like XC2’s cast, but it is a bit odd to see A-Listers like Mamoru Miyano and Ayako Kawasumi as well as outright LEGENDS like Shuichi Ikeda and Toru Furuya essentially play guest star parts. Good performances, but kind of a waste

          • Absolutely. Someone on Gematsu mentioned something about them being high temp resistant? Because of their powers? I don’t know the lore well enough to say, but as long as they address it (even tongue-in-cheek), I’ll be content.

            It’s a huge waste. And a kind of irritating one for me. Their roles are entirely limited, and I guess expense is a thing, but this game could use the budget in other places to make up for. . . being lackluster in other ways. Then again, I also think the popular seiyuu are kind of too good for the main designs, so there’s that.

    • キロ

      I would hope so considering the tundra-esque conditions xD

      • Haha, right? Less excuse to not have them dressed well given the climate.

  • Ardisan

    Knew that the Roll Nendoroid design was actually for Mega Man 11. I’m glad because its based off of MM8’s Roll design and thats my favorite design for Roll. Wish the MegaMan concept art here really transfered into 3D though but atleast they got a lot of time to refine Mega Man’s model.