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Scrapped Mission Mode found for Mario Kart Wii after nearly a decade

Posted on August 4, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii

Mario Kart DS introduced the very neat Mission Mode. It had you completing various objectives, such as racing backwards through a course. The mode even featured a number of boss battles.

The next Mario Kart game, Mario Kart Wii, was going to include its own Mission Mode at some point before being ultimately scrapped. After nearly a decade, a new discovery from MrBean35000vr reveals some of the leftover content.

As for how MrBean35000vr managed to find Mario Kart Wii’s cut Mission Mode and why it took so long, he explains:

So, you may be wondering, how has nobody found this before now? The reason all this took so long to find is just because the game doesn’t try to load these screens at all, ever, even on the menus that would once upon a time have contained them. So in order to get at them, you’d have to convince the game it was supposed to load them first, which I did, and then politely asking them to render actually works! Moreover, these screens change the game state into an unused mode, similar yet different to that of Competition and Tournaments, revealing a bunch of features that were once part of Mario Kart DS, hiding away in the depths of Mario Kart Wii’s code.

The menus for Mission Mode have no available text, but the game is trying to load them; they’ve simply been erased. Similarly, a massive file that would’ve contained mission parameters is not present, and without it, the mode can’t start – UNLESS you simulate its existence, which is what I did. It attempts to load files out of the /Race/MissionRun folder on the disc, but that folder is empty, but that affects nothing since that folder would only have contained extra data (like where to place goombas or similar). As such, I was actually able to play a few games with the game in Misson state, and show off some of the game modes.

The full video from MrBean35000vr is below. It shows the following objectives:

– Get miniturbos to score points
– Get item boxes to score points
– Kill enemies to score points
– Wheelie to score points
– Kill topmen to score points

MrBean35000vr believes there are other objectives in Mario Kart Wii’s Mission Mode, but he’s trying to get to the bottom of them. He believes that in order for that to happen, he’ll likely need to add files to the game.

Side note: Mission Mode is one of the reasons why Mario Kart DS is my favorite Mario Kart entry. When will you bring it back, Nintendo?!

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  • Blanco8x8

    I never get to play that Galaxy event…

    • – ̗̀Zach Rubin ̖́-

      If you really want to you can go to to restore functionality to the mario kart channel tournaments, then you just have to wait for galaxy arena to be ran.

  • Roto Prime

    And this is another reason why Mario Kart DS is still the best Mario Kart… is the most fun with the most content!

    • R.Z.

      Agreed, plus the new tracks were some of the best ever in the franchise.

    • R.Z.

      And the battle mode was a proper battle royale too, I really wish it was also the case in MK8DX.

      • Roto Prime

        yep, that is the main mode that really pushes Mario Kart DS above all else for me, the way you have to blow on the mic to inflate balloons is ever so funny…….I really hope Mario Kart IX is a labor of love like the DS one <3

        • Adrián Alucard

          Nintendo do not love its games or fans anymore. It is just another filthy and greedy company like EA, Ubisoft, Activision…

          • Roto Prime

            lol, what….your funny!

    • Princess_Eevee9

      Won’t even know why people say this and just cite Mission Mode as a primary reason for this? Personally I hate Mario Kart DS: Boring Tracks, Character roster is decent, yeah it introduced Online but it was broken as all get out freaking snaking everywhere. Minority here but Mario Kart Wii was the best until Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Blue Shell’d it.

      • Roto Prime

        it’s not really the game itself, Mario Kart 8 is the best in racing part……but there is more to Mario Kart then just racing right? I love MK DS so much more cause it has it all, racing, best battle mode, missions, custom pixel art avatar stuff, the game had endless amount of amazing-ness packed into a little tiny DS cart… ;____; I just want all Mario Kart games to be as jam packed as the DS version…that is all really….

  • JasonBall

    Dude, 8 blows everything out of the water.

    • Princess_Eevee9

      I dunno, feel like 8 Deluxe goes knocks it outta the park.

      • JasonBall

        Okay, yes, you’re absolutely right. 8 Deluxe trumps all.

    • Mario Kart Wii was a better game overall. It only lacked good graphics and music.

      Mario Kart 7/8 is just too hard, and the anti-gravity stuff is stupid. The mushroom is worthless now because you can’t steer when it’s on. Red shells barely do anything.

      • JasonBall

        Okay, I see your arguments, and I respect them. Antigrav is a little wonky, mushrooms are tighter, yes, but I don’t see the redshell issue. They track enemy and mess em up. And what do you mean by 7/8 being too hard?

        • wii was an easier game to win at if you were terrible, mostly because the items were better. at least my wife says. i think the mk nerds call it “rubber-banding” where you can be in 12th one minute and 3rd the next.
          mk7/8 are more serious business racing games.

          • JasonBall

            Hm. That’s interesting. I’d argue that it didn’t make it harder per se for horrible casuals, but refocused the fun of catching up on item management. You cant just mash L to win now. Active decisionmaking is required as to when to use items because several of them are only effective in close range to other karts now, and POW is gone. I’d say that a bigger focus on management actually makes it more fun, but I guess possibly harder. Yeah.

  • Coonfoot

    Mission Mode (with boss battles) better be in Mario Kart 9 or we gon’ riot.

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