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Update: Layoffs, not shut down – Scribblenauts developer closing its doors

Posted on March 21, 2016 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Update 2: Here’s what Slaczka told Polygon:

“WB cancelled [Scribblenauts: Fighting Words] today so we had to lay off the staff. It happened so quick we’re not sure what the plans are going forward yet.”

Update: Despite what we’ve been hearing, 5th Cell has not shut down. The studio did lay off some employees following layoffs last week, but creative director Jeremiah Slaczka says the company remains in operation. Layoffs came about to due Warner Bros. cancelling a Scribblenauts mobile game, according to Kotaku. Slaczka added that the remaining staff is “tiny”.

5th Cell, makers of the Scribblenauts series, is closing its doors. That significant piece of information comes by the way of the studio’s lead animator Tim Borrelli.

Scribblenauts was definitely the biggest name attached to 5th Cell, and the series was hugely successful back in the day. On Nintendo platforms, the company also created Drawn to Life and Lock’s Quest.

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  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Sad day. Maybe I’ll pick up the one on Wii U. I never did get to play this series.

  • Welp, now they are doing a game for iOS, I guess the game is a Warner Bros. IP.

  • M2000

    Very sad.

  • Supporter

    It’s too bad the Scribblenauts series is likely over. I hope the game developers can find new jobs. They did a great job with those titles.

  • Stuart

    Nooo…Worst news ever.

    I love Scribblenauts so much, it’s sad indeed.

  • Kenshin0011

    Super sad, I remember when the first Scribble game cane out on the DS. Really nothing else like it 🙁

  • Rafael Bueno

    No! i like Scribblenauts!
    i was even playing Remix recently

  • AquaBat

    After Warner Bros. basically made them their puppet and Anchors in the Drift’s crowdfunding campaign failed miserably, I’d say it’s a mercy kill. They’re better off with jobs elsewhere, a dying company can’t pay them.

  • Vigilante_blade

    I never liked their games, but it still sucks for these people. I hope they find new jobs quickly.

    • GamerGuy

      Never liked their games?

      • Vigilante_blade

        Well yes, I never enjoyed Scribblenauts, Drawn to life and other games they made. They’re just not my kind of games. I do still empathize with them.

  • Yolkghost

    I enjoyed scribblenauts at first – would love a new one though. I REALLY would love a new Drawn to Life though. I hope they can bounce back.