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Shiny Pikachu spotted at Japanese Pokemon GO event

Posted on August 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Mobile, News

A special “Pikachu Outbreak” event is currently being hosted for Pokemon GO in Japan. Through August 15, players will be able to explore two special Kanto and Johto-themed parks. The Red Brick Park has Pokemon originally from the Kanto region appearing more frequently. The same goes for the Johto region at Cup Noodle Museum Park.

Other activities are also underway, such as Pokemon rarely encountered in Japan appearing, including Mr. Mime. The Photo Disc at the PokeStops found at each of these parks may also award Trainers special 2 km Eggs with the potential to hatch a greater variety of Pokemon than usual.

That’s not all though. We’re hearing reports that a Shiny Pikachu has been sighted. That also means Shiny Raichu and (potentially) Pichu are present. For Pichu, it seems that the Pokemon has to be hatched during the duration of the event similar to Ash Hat Pichu. We’ve not actually seen a screenshot of Shiny Pichu, but since its sprite is present, it’s likely available.

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Thanks to Drew D for the tip.


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  • Exy

    I don’t get it. What’s shiny about it? Is it because it’s slightly darker than normal?

    • RoadyMike

      Yes. Pikachu is one of the many bad shiny pokemon that are only slightly lighter/darker in tone. GameFreak disappoints me sometimes

      • Filament

        Why does it have to be not slightly darker or lighter for it to become a good shiny Pokémon? To me as long as it’s not a normal coloured Pokémon, it’s a good shiny Pokémon. Coz I don’t really like a totally different colour then the usual one. So to me just a contrast difference is enough.

        • RoadyMike

          Because if it weren’t for the sparkle that shows up when your pokemon comes out, you’d never be able to tell that it really is a shiny pokemon. The point of a shiny pokemon is that it’s supposed to look different than normal

          If that’s your only criteria for what makes a shiny pokemon a good one, all the power to ya. I want to actually be able to tell when my pokemon are shiny