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SNES Classic Edition in stock at GameStop

Posted on December 27, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in General Nintendo, News

Update: And it’s gone. There are a couple of bundles remaining, however.

Original: GameStop currently has the Super NES Classic Edition in stock once again. How long will it last? No more than a few minutes we assume. In any case, you can try ordering one here.


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  • Devlind

    Got mine last week. I hope the next big restock doesn’t last 3 months again.

    • Felipe M.

      Nintendo already confirmed for 2018 that they’ll be making new stock of the Classic NES and SNES. If the fanboys can wait, they won’t have to overpay.

      • Devlind

        I mean, some can find hard waiting or going through the hassle to get one, and well, nowadays, it seems that almost no one likes to wait or have it hard, so… yeah, scalpers gonna sell anyway.

  • Saxo2712

    In Moscow there are a ton of these in the stores (PAL versions). Also a ton of Switches. I imagine one could do international ordering from an electronic company here if they really wanted one.

    • Devlind

      I know some that ordered that version for collecting purposes, but I think, in general, people want the version that was available in their region (I like the colors of the PAL/JP version, but I am fond with the American one).

      • Saxo2712

        I like the North American one much more too–maybe because I grew up with it. Still, those who want the Switch can get it order from here. It’s not region locked. I play all my games and have my settings in English, game language is simply tied (most of the time) to the users account (my is NA).

        • Devlind

          Oh right, for some reason I thought getting a Switch wasn’t really a problem anymore in the USA. Where I live there are tons of them available.

  • Coonfoot

    My family found one by pure chance a mere two days before Christmas. The very definition of a Christmas miracle.

  • peter

    I managed yo get two from different online stores here in Mexico, though its availability was limited (it lasted about half an hour) it wasn’t a hassle to get them at all, I think Nintendo did a better job this time, last year I couldn’t buy the NES.