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Sonic Forces demo staying in Japan

Posted on October 27, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Earlier this week, a demo Sonic Forces was published on Switch. The thing is, it’s only up on the Japanese eShop. And that’s where it will stay.

SEGA’s Aaron Webber commented on the demo situation during a live stream yesterday. It was confirmed that there are no plans to release it in either North America or Europe.

Those who managed to download the demo outside of Japan have been critical. It’s comprised of three levels, but there’s a catch: each one has a 60-second timer. What that means is there is essentially no way to easily complete the stages.

Webber said that there are “probably some different sensibilities between how western consumers would react to a 60-second demo of the game versus how maby Japanese consumers would.” The demo’s limitation “may seem like a weird thing in the west,” hence the decision to have it stay in Japan. Webber added that they’d prefer for fans in North America and Europe to pick up the full game and experience the entirety of the levels without a restriction or timer.

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  • Vadim Dzhantyurin

    This demo is awful. Then you just start playing and catch rhythm demo kick you from the level. And start trailer that longer than time you play after every level EVERY time.

  • Princess_Eevee9

    You know what’s an even better idea that’s smart? Release Episode Shadow a day earlier since it’s Day 1 anyway and a prequel so no spoilers. They can’t be so stupid as to not hear all the negative things about Sonic Forces have increased 100% since this Demo fiasco…

    • Jaxad0127

      Prequels can spoil if they touch on things not revealed to the player until mid to late game.

    • TruExtent

      How would releasing DLC early help? You still need the base game to play it. It’s not like they’re going to make a completely separate app just so some people can get that one piece of content early.

  • Reggie

    Hardly a loss, considering its length.

    • Felipe M.

      I was on the fence if I should keep my pre-order but the demo turned me off from buying at launch.

      Thanks, SEGA!

  • Max

    We would prefer you buy the full game before you play the demo and decide you don’t want it anymore <3

    • Felipe M.

      “Give us your money, we beg of you!”

  • Aline Piroutek

    “probably some different sensibilities between how western consumers would react to a 60-second demo of the game versus how maby Japanese consumers would.”
    Are you implying the japanese people are dumb enough to love 1 minute demos?
    Imagine how much sucess Theatrhythm Final Fantasy would have if all the music would be playable only 30 seconds on the demo.

    • Snackster1001

      Japan doesn’t really buy sonic games anymore. Maybe this is a way to get them hooked on the gameplay making them think “wow that was cool, shame it lasted so short. Guess I should buy the game”. Either way, the demo is awful at doing its job of convincing people to buy it

      • Felipe M.

        I still go back to Sonic Unleashed demo from time to time because it’s awesome but this? Screw it!

  • Padre

    Is the game really THAT bad? Its still Japanese thing, not just a type of game Western people usually enjoy.

    • Felipe M.

      I download Japanese demos and they’re usually not 1min-restricted but rather unlimited. That whole talk is just SEGA pretending the game has more to offer.. it doesn’t.

  • Felipe M.

    Webber’s just doing damage control. The demo sucks and I won’t buy it at launch, the game is going to tank in price.

    • Harenghead

      Was the reception for 30 seconds trial in Sonic Generations as bad? Yeah, that was an optional mode, but this is just a demo, and the concept is the same.
      Although they picked the levels/boss very poorly, there’s barely a chance to optimize with how linear those beginnings are(which doesn’t tell us much, the first levels of colors and generations had linear starts as well). But still, I’m baffled that people have that much of a problem with the idea.

  • Roto Prime

    This demo is so amazing, good thing anyone can download it, it gives you the right amount of time to get what the game is about!!

  • Lord Drieg

    I can accept that there are cultural differences in reception of the timer. But I remember seeing that part of the reason they’re not releasing a demo in the West is BECAUSE of the timer. Which is a poor excuse.

    Here’s why I think so. Someone speed-ran Modern Sonic’s stage to the goal. The timer ran out just as he crossed the goal, but because the player did that, it’s clear that each level is there in its entirety. So the timer is a piece of code that was added afterwards to implement this restriction. The timer could be removed and there’s one issue solved.

    The second issue is that the demo’s in Japanese. Unless the demo’s only loaded with the Japanese voices and assests, it should be a simple matter to tell the demo to switch to English, Spanish, French, etc. At the very least, it’d be easier to replace all the demo’s Japanese text with the desired language than to replace all the demo’s Japanese text and voices.

    It’s a dumb excuse that’s easily fixable to make it available to Western audiences.

    • Lord Drieg

      Now, I’ll admit that the first time I tried the demo I was annoyed by the time limit. It was so apparent that there could be so much more to experience if the timer didn’t exist. If they were afraid the game wasn’t going to sell well, they should’ve found a better way to sell it or entice buyers to get it.

      Because I already knew (strongly suspected) that Modern and Classic Sonic would play similarly (identically) to Generations. The “Avatar” stages were the ones I was most concerned about because it looked like they just dropped a Sonic Advance 1 Amy Rose into Modern Sonic’s high-speed levels. And after playing the demo, I can safely say it feels just like that.

      Now I’ll also admit that I’m buying the game day 1, though overlapping events means I won’t be able to play it for a while. Because while it seems, to me, that SEGA didn’t change much gameplay-wise compared to Sonic Generations, this game appears to be the sequel TO Sonic Generations. So I’m buying this to hopefully show SEGA where the money is, in terms of 3D games. That Sonic players want high-speed platforming compered to the garbage that was the Wii U Sonic Boom game. Feelings on the Boost gameplay model are a different matter, but hopefully moderate sales of this game will show SEGA that we want this over Boom, but we want changes to the “Boost to win” formula.