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In its latest financial report, SEGA provided an update on the sales of Sonic Forces. The company said that it “performed strongly”.

As far as specifics go, SEGA didn’t have much else to say. An actual sales figure was not provided, nor were any comments on platform breakdowns.


SEGA recently announced that the Super Sonic DLC in Sonic Forces will be made free forever. That wasn’t the original plan, however.

The Super Sonic DLC launched at the end of December for free. After about a month, it was intended to cost $2. SEGA ended up reversing that decision a couple of weeks ago.

SEGA prepared some new DLC for Sonic Forces last month. By downloading an add-on, you can transform into Super Sonic.

There was a catch though. Originally, SEGA intended to make Super Sonic free for just a limited time. It was actually around today when the DLC was intended to cost $2.

Fortunately, SEGA has changed its mind. The Super Sonic DLC will now be free forever. You won’t have to fork over any extra cash for it at any point in the future.


Update (12/22): The Super Sonic DLC is now live around the world, including North America.

Original (12/21): If you saw today’s European Nintendo Download report, you may have noticed that Nintendo included a listing for Super Sonic DLC in Sonic Forces. That content is now starting to go live. It won’t be available in North America until tomorrow, but it’s up in Australia, and probably very soon in Europe as well.

Here’s some footage:

The Super Sonic DLC is free… for now. SEGA will make it a paid download on January 23. When that happens, the DLC will cost $1.99 / €1.99 / £1.69.

Source: Switch eShop

SEGA has prepared a couple of new trailers for the Super Sonic DLC in Sonic Forces. Both videos are attached below.

SEGA issued free “Sanic” T-shirts for Sonic Forces just a short while ago. Get a closer look at the DLC in the video below.

Shortly after Sonic Forces launched, dataminers found that the game had “Sanic” T-shirt content hidden away. It has now officially arrived as free DLC.

Head on over to the Sonic Forces eShop page, and you should quickly see that the DLC can be downloaded. SEGA says that the T-shirts, available for your custom character, feature “beautifully rendered art, and virtual threads organically grown on the snowing peaks of Mt. Fuji many years ago.” At least they’re having fun with it, right?

Source: Switch eShop

Two SEGA games for Switch will be bundled together in a “2 Hits Pack” for Europe. A listing on Amazon France shows that Sonic Forces and Puyo Puyo Tetris will be sold as a single package.

2 Hits Pack: Sonic Forces / Puyo Puyo Tetris will be available on January 5. Pricing is set at €49.99.

When a new game launches, fans tend to pick apart the files and codes in hopes of finding hidden secrets. That’s exactly what happened this week with Sonic Forces. Dataminers went to work and found a couple of interesting things that could be added to the game in the near future.

First, a “Sanic” t-shirt has been found. Sanic has become a meme over the years after one fan drew his interpretation of the character in the Windows Paint app. It would be… interesting to see that design in Sonic Forces, to say the least.

Sonic Forces – prequel comic issue #4

Posted on 6 months ago by (@NE_Brian) in Switch | 1 Comment | 0 Likes

Sonic Forces is out today. To celebrate, SEGA has provided the fourth part of the prequel comic that has been uploaded in separate sections over the past few weeks. We have the full thing below.


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