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Sonic Forces devs on bringing the game to Switch, including frame rate and resolution

Posted on October 8, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Some of the developers working on Sonic Forces such as Sonic Team boss Takashi Iizuka and producer Shun Nakamura have shared some information about the process of bringing the to Switch. That includes details about the game’s performance.

First up, Sonic Forces is officially 30 frames per second on Switch. Interestingly though, the controls are 60. Doing so still allows players to control Sonic in a precise manner. Since the game would become something different at 30 FPS, having the hybrid solution with the controls allowed the team to preserve gameplay.

We also have confirmation that Sonic Forces is 720p on Switch. The resolution applies to both docked and portable modes.

Other tidbits are as follows:

– The team was already committed to port the game on Switch from the very beginning, even before anyone really knew what the system would be
– One of the challenges was that the the team had a deadline by which the game needed to be done, and a mysterious hardware they needed to work on
– Development was aided to to the use of the Hedgehog Engine 2
– This made working with Switch much easier once they were finally made aware of what the console actually was
– The team has a lot of control on what the final game is going to look like, and they did their best to make sure that it has the same overall look and feel no matter the platform
– Development on the Switch version was started after the other platforms
– When the PS4 and Xbox One versions were in the alpha stage, SEGA was at the point in which they could run only one stage of the game on Switch and felt like what they were aiming to
– Even if the core content of the game was done, much of the development on Switch came right at the end, in order to customize Sonic Forces to make the best out of the hardware
– Even around the time of E3, the development team wasn’t yet sure if they’d make it in time
– The use of their proprietary engine and having full control of it allowed them to really polish the game for Switch during the final stages of development
– The game was first developed on PC, and then the team made sure that it works well on all platforms
– Having multiple platforms didn’t bring many changes into the workflow, but they had to match the performance of the Switch, so that requires required dedicated tweaks


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  • awng782

    The game is 30 FPS, but the controls are 60 FPS…

    That’s…certainly an interesting compromise.

    • Roto Prime

      I don’t understand it… brain hurts….do you get it?….

      • JasonBall

        It means that an input can be registered in between frames.

        • Roto Prime

          Thank you <3

    • Reggie

      I’m really curious how that’s going to work out. I imagine not very well.

      • Justin McQuillen

        I am a game programmer. It should be fine. Games actually do this all the time I’m sure, this is just the first time I’m aware of a developer pointing it out.

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  • stephen warcop

    … Wait…. What? The game is 30 and the controls are 60 (FPS)? How can that even work? Well, Either way the game will still give us control over our characters, so I can’t argue but I am confused…

    • Here how it works.
      It basically means that the gameplay controls at 60fps. Basically moving Sonic and all of the animations you see is rendering at 60fps.

      It’s like animation. When you have the animation at 24fps but you including faster animation make the 24fps for the animation seem like 40fps or more.

  • nemo37

    Is this a Street Fighter like situation where the characters play at 60 FPS but all other animations are restricted to 30 FPS?

    • Justin McQuillen

      No. The detection of control inputs is only happening at double speed of the frame rate.

  • Coonfoot

    Well, I was fine with Unleashed, Colors, and Generations being 30 fps, so why not this? …I mean, if I get it on Switch, because I’m also leaning towards PS4.

  • Michael C

    again the switch version is the lesser version…but hey its mobile.

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      it seems you are the only surprised here…..
      a hint: every game on switch will be a lesser graphic version, but we play games to have fun…

      • SuperNinja3D

        Performance and Gameplay go hand in hand.

        • Ardisan

          Depends on the game. Boost Sonic is oddly enough fine with 30 fps since almost all of the console boost games were 30FPS and I personally had no issues with it, didn’t even notice them. What really matters is if its not obnoxiously dipping below 30fps.

        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          performance is a thing completely different to visual graphics

  • Locky Mavo

    What’s the deal with Sonic games and deadlines? Sure I like to see games come out on time, but deadlines tend to lead to rushing and we know how usually turns out, look at Sonic Boom.

    That’s not to say long development automatically makes it better, looking at No Mans Sky. I just think that at 720p they could’ve tried harder for a solid 60fps all around on the Switch.

    • Reggie

      I wish more devs would follow Konami’s example where they chose to lower resolution in favor of higher frame rate in that one update for Super Bomberman R….not that frame rate matters to me anyway.

    • Burning Gravity

      it’s hard to explain, but when running a business with many, many people’s livelihoods on the line, and with various intermingling schedules and other things, it’s important to make deadlines so that other projects don’t suffer, so that revenue comes in according to schedule, so that certain periods of the year (such as holidays or other months where sales are more active) are made the most of, etc., a game’s development can continue on and on and on if they want it to, but that’s not practical in the least so at some point people have to cut it off, and the bigger a company is, the more they have to lose, so the more important it is they try and stick to plans (including budgets and deadlines) as much as possible

      tl;dr, if you want to understand the game industry, your best bet is to join the game industry, and even then you might not understand it, lol

      • Justin McQuillen

        But delaying the game turns a sales dud into a killer app. In SEGA’s defense, they lost a ton of their money on Shenmue so I can see why they fear risk.

  • Gamingfan

    30fps? This is unacceptable nintendo. The switch is overpriced if you dont care about portable gaming. I wouldnt pay more than an xbox one for this.

    • Alexander Samudio

      Isn’t the xbox one the same price? Sounds to me like you forgot that since they both cost the same.

      • Saki Okuda

        Xbox One S is often on sale for $230 with one or two free games bundled along side it. So yeah, it tends to be cheaper than buying a Switch in the US.

        • KnickKnackMyWack

          It’s also not portable and by this time next year will have a smaller library of games.

        • Ardisan

          Also its a American console, shipping is less expensive.

          Or maybe thats not the case? Dont know a lot about that stuff atm.

      • Gamingfan

        Where I am the switch is $469 and the xbox one s is $319.

      • DarkVader

        Who in their right mind would think about Xbone, I had mine since launch, it only had ONE or TWO decent exclusives, multiplats are way better on my PC and even PS4. Xbone made me completely lose faith in that brand.

        • Gamingfan

          because not everyone cares about pc gaming. just like not everyone cares about portable gaming.

          • DarkVader

            Still PS4 is better than that pos Xbone

          • Gamingfan

            I agree.

          • zelgadis greywords

            so you keep bashing the switch because the games look and play like crap ( so you’re a fan of FPS/resolution) and then you tell this? are you serious or only trying to troll while deluding yourself into accepting the consoles over the pc or you dont see the double standar that you’re are doing?

          • Velen (Not WoW)

            He’s a troll. He has literally nothing better to do.

        • Ardisan

          I lost faith since Xbox360. Mine red ringed for literally no reason and they couldn’t get it fixed.

    • Ardisan

      Ugh, get a life.

    • nemo37

      Then don’t buy it. Nobody is forcing you to. Also, this is not a case where the portability is just a feature added in. This is, by nature, a portable system. It is designed to offer a different experience than an Xbox One and a PS4. People that prefer only portable gaming will buy it (likely as their only system). Those that play on stationary systems like PS4, XOne, and PC but want something to play while they are on the go will buy it. Those that only game on stationary systems and have no use for a portable will not buy it.

      Also, the level of performance this hardware exhibits is fully acceptable given that it is mobile hardware running underneath.

      • Gamingfan

        Very good response. You arent defending the switch but telling it like it is.

    • theFooFighter

      Who gives a f***? Dude you’re 1 person, Nintendo isn’t crying over you when they’re still struggling to keep consoles on shelves for more than a day

      • Sagadego15

        That stupid pr*ck is still trolling. Gaming fan my @ss

        • Gamingfan

          Not trolling. nintendo fanboys just see anything negative about their fav company as trolling.

          • DarkVader

            Meh, you just an Xcoon trying to advertise that useless POS Xbone, BOTW and GODyssey still best games around, Halo and Gears are dead! happy now you little Xcoon troll 😀

          • Gamingfan

            I just agreed with you on the ps4 being better than the xbox one lol. hold that L.

      • Gamingfan

        only in the us and japan. it’s not selling well in europe and australia.

        • Indielink

          Nintendo has never done well in Europe and Australia has never been a wildly important market.

        • DarkVader

          You mean UK, the worst market ever in which everyone is a dudebro Fifa casual, lmao, Nintendo is always top seller in MOST of Europe, including France, Scandinavia and Germany!

        • awng782

          Complete BS.

          The Switch has sold more in Europe + Australia than it has in Japan.

    • ≈ KobobKC ≈ ᔦꙬᔨ

      30fps is considered unacceptable. Ok…

      • Gamingfan

        when the other console versions are 60fps, yes.

        • DarkVader

          When GODyssey is 60fps heaven and Knack2 is below 30fps trash and Sonic is mediocre trash…and MS, lol, have Super Lucky’s Tale 😀

    • DarkVader

      Lmao, this port is rushed, it started late and the game was already almost done on other platforms, Switch is much better than this, just look at Mario Odyssey, ARMS, MK*D, XB2 and BOTW for example. Tbh Forces looks like another mediocre 3D Sonic.

      • Gamingfan

        botw runs like complete crap lol. what are you talking about?

        • DarkVader

          So 30 fps is complete crap….the frame rate was fixed after a week of release. You just didn’t play it, pal

          • Gamingfan

            I played it on the wii u.

          • DarkVader

            That settles it then.

          • Gamingfan

            settles what? Ive still heard it runs like crap on the switch too.

          • DarkVader

            Nah, it’s 30

          • Gamingfan

            with frame drops.

          • DarkVader

            Another lie from someone who himself admitted he never played Switch version……the frame rate was fixed in the next week after launch, and even BOTW was designed for Wii U…..but hey, keep lying and keep being a toxic fanboy. Everyone else, enjoy whatever console and PC you have, especially Switch, it’s taking the world by storm and rightfully so, the future of consoles and electronics in general is mobile/hybrid, Nintendo innovated again and made world’s first powerful hybrid console and two of the best, if not the best, videogames ever made in the first 9 months after launch and the future is looking brighter than ever for more development on the hybrid/mobile tech front!

          • Sagadego15

            Lol that dumb gamefan pr*ck is getting owned left and right

          • Gamingfan

            fanboys are delusional lol. they always think they’re owning someone.

          • Gamingfan

            darkvader said Im an xbox fanboy when I agreed with him about the ps4 being better. owning yourselves more like it lol. dont throw stones in a glass house.

    • Ektoras Kalderis

      You do realise that this being developed by sega . Right?

  • Burning Gravity

    For those wondering about the 30fps-60fps

    Most likely it means that the game registers inputs 60 times per second (at 60fps), but you only see the visual effect of them on-screen 30 times per second (at 30fps). So in terms of responsiveness, the game feels smooth, but it might look slightly less smooth than it actually is, because you aren’t seeing as many frames to help show subtle changes in movement.

    Another way to think of it is:


    1/60 sec: frame, input -> action
    2/60 sec: frame, input -> action


    2/60 sec: frame, input -> action
    4/60 sec: frame, input -> action

    30/60fps hybrid:

    1/60 sec: frame, input received, but no action
    2/60 sec: frame, input received, action is based on past 2 inputs
    3/60 sec: frame, input received, but no action
    4/60 sec: frame, input received, action is based on past 2 inputs

    by “action” I mean the on-screen visualization of the action taken. so 60fps is obviously still better as you get more visual feedback, but IMO this is an acceptable compromise if they could not get the game running at 60fps without botching the visual quality, since gameplay-wise it’s similar enough (again, in my opinion; some hardcore gamers might be convinced they need the visuals in 60fps too, but if a person is a hardcore gamer, I’d expect they have at least one of either an Xbox One or PS4, too, so yeah…)

  • DarkVader

    Late and rushed porting process, they didn’t even utilize the docked mode performance to up resolution and/or frame rate. Lazy

    • Gamingfan

      not lazy, just a weak console. it can’t even run a linear doom game in 60fps.

      • DarkVader

        same case, late and rushed, developed for other systems in mind. Super Mario GODyssey is gorgeous and is 60fps, where as Knack 2, a 1st party game in the same style, made by the guy who designed the PS4, looks like crap and runs at 30fps with slow down and frame tears…..

        • DarkVader

          Not to even mention that Switch is 1/10 the size and weight of other low tier PC in a box consoles, oh and it runs on battery too 😀

          • Gamingfan

            mario godyssey? who are you, blandrew lol.

          • DarkVader

            ??????? It’s GOD like, I came up with this since the game was first shown late last year, lol. and thanks for calling me bland, people who know me think I am cool!

          • Gamingfan

            also mario in the city looks weird and out of place.

          • awng782

            Doesn’t change the fact that Mario Odyssey has a higher framerate and resolution than Sonic Forces, all while being a semi-open world game while the latter is extremely linear and on-rails

    • theFooFighter

      It’s just resolution so who cares

  • awng782

    I don’t care if Sonic Forces was 4K,120 FPS…I’ll be playing Mario Odyssey, which releases a week prior…

  • Paddy Alfan

    Wow, lold hard at the comments.
    Before switch exist, nobody gave jack about framerate and resolution with portable gaming. Usually it’s just a “console like graphic” marketing words by the like of gameloft which is far from modern consoles could do, and people still praising them.

    And now after switch is here and bring us the quality AAA games on portable, suddenly peoples complaining about framerate and resolution, and not console enough graphic?

    • A Gamer


    • Addy

      “Before switch exist, nobody gave jack about framerate and resolution with portable gaming.”

      Before Switch? Nonononono. It was like that before the Switch (aka the NX) was even announced. People did care about having a stable framerate and a resolution that doesn’t look like a N64 game. But not so much when a big time publisher like EA, Activision, or Ubisoft releases a unfinished, buggy game and then half-heartedly fixes it up to six months later or by Sega’s standpoint, never bother.

  • 720p and 30FPS….i really, really consider about canceling pre-order…just what the heck SEGA?

    • Drugs

      I can’t tell whether or not this is sarcasm?

  • Lumine

    Can’t wait to play this on the go.

  • Nguyễn Bá Khiêm
  • R.Z.

    I think it’s great to see that the Nintendo platform version was a target for launch even before it was properly shown. It wouldn’t make much sense to keep Sonic out of a Nintendo platform after the previous two console gens.
    I wish the Dragon Quest IX team had the same reasoning, and it’s a shame that wasn’t the case.

    So yeah, unlike some other people here who are scandalized by lower performance on a weaker console (no sh*t …), that interview is building up my desire to get the game.

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