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Sonic Forces main theme (instrumental version)

Posted on March 16, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in Switch, Videos

At the SXSW Sonic panel, SEGA debuted the first music from Sonic Forces by issuing the game’s main theme. What we have below is the instrumental version as composed by Tomoya Ohtani. In the final version, vocals will be added.

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  • Ninty Kad

    I just wanna start headbanging to this.

    • Paulinemspears

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  • Hidden Flare

    Oh yeah this is a nice beat, I’m betting there will be like some intro going with this music, has that awesome anime intro feel.

    I’m betting crush 40 are going to be on the lyrics.

  • GeekGuru

    The instruments are just begging to have vocals by Crush 40 mixed in with them! This will fit in perfectly with all of their other masterpieces!

  • AquaBat

    With some good and catchy lyrics this could beat out the others.
    And it sure seems like Hideaki Kobayashi has his work cut out for him for the final boss arrangement.

  • Switchling


  • _17chan

    Ugh I love sonic and sonic music but I find this sounds too cliche and very all over the place. It just sounds like four songs slapped together… I miss the magic that was around in the adventure era music-wise. No theme will ever beat Open Your Heart.