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Sony: 3DS “shows that playing on a dedicated handheld device has not gone”

Posted on March 13, 2014 by (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, News

Last year, 3DS was the best-selling games console in the UK. MCV decided to ask PlayStation UK MD Fergal Gara if he believes this bodes well for Sony’s handheld device, the PlayStation Vita.

Gara said:

Well that just shows that playing on a dedicated handheld device has not gone, as many will try to suggest. We want to have a healthy share of that handheld market. But we are playing fairly differently to Nintendo 3DS, when you think that is a dedicated handheld device with a very strong showing amongst kids. Vita is positioned differently. Yes it appeals to kids but also to committed gamers and as a companion device for PlayStation 4. 3DS shows that the sector is still there and that Nintendo is doing very well in it, so there is a market to harness.


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  • Megina

    And the day before Masahiro Sakurai was praising the PS4. What a nice world to live in if we could enjoy the consoles & games we want without the worthless, unnecessary desire to insult the consoles & games that don’t appeal to us. But I suppose that is a lesson people at sites like IGN, N4G and Nintendo Life may never grasp.

    • Tlink7

      Don’t forget ”mynintendonews”… God, the owner posts soooo many ”news”(clickbait)articles that aren’t news arcticles at all and many of the users just visit to bash each other <.< It's a hell

      • D2K

        That’s why I don’t post there anymore. It’s a breeding-ground for stupidity and foolishness

    • ronin4life

      True, but did you notice the “Kid” Point? As if the 3ds doesn’t appeal to non-child gamers at all, While Vita appeals to everyone… somehow?

      It could be a stretch. I could be reading too deep on this comment. But coupled with the “TVita is positioned *Differently*”(Despite it not selling well enough to imply being positioned in any way whatsoever) just comes off as arrogant. Not towards Nintendo: We all know they have the kid market and all of that between Nintendo and Sony, but just of and about themselves.

      It reads to me like: “We think 3DS Proves Handheld gaming still exists for *our* handheld system, which is more appealing in every way to everyone than 3ds is(Despite no proof of this being true in the market) and therefor Vita will somehow sell better because ____.” It’s just an attempt at Product Jockeying for their own as-of-now unsuccessful system, which makes sense considering that’s point of a PR’s job anyway.

      As for Sakurai, well… he has always been a HUGE Sony Fan. So him liking PS4 isn’t really news. ^ ,^

      • Matthew Wesley

        Yeah, the vita is appealing to everyone alright, that’s why Sony combined it’s lifetime to date sales with the psp, because it’s kicking so much butt sales and money wise.

      • Mstrbrown

        Not to sound to harsh but I think you don’t understand the concept of “positioning”. This term relates to appealinghe company/brand/product/service is viewed in the target consumers mindset.
        – you can’t say 3DS and Vita are aimed to offer similar experiences or that they are marketed the same way.
        What Gara said is something like this;
        The succes of the 3DS proves that there still is a big market for gaming on a dedicated handheld (i.e. smartphone gaming hasn’t not made handheld gaming obsolete).

        If you read between the lines he implies that if PlayStation manages to make the unique features of the Vita more appealing (think with a stronger software library than the Vita currently has when compared to 3DS) than they could tap into that huge market.

        The big advantage Nintendo has leveraged with the 3DS is their IP library, on top of that they managed to deliver great iterations of some of their biggest franchises.
        For the Vita, PlayStation have ways to go but they also have a strong IP library although admittedly those brands are less strong than Nintendo’s.

        It will boil down to the Sony ‘s-Hertogenbosch continued support for the Vita with big first party games, along with the already strong 3rd party support, there is no reason for the Vita to die.

  • Rodrigo Coelho Costa Junior

    “Vita is positioned differently. Yes it appeals to kids but also to committed gamers”
    ok, kids are not gamers then?

    • sonicfan1373

      The word gamer is used in a very narrow and somewhat elitist fashion these days.

      In my opinion you are a gamer if you play video games.

  • TalesOfBS

    “But we are playing fairly differently to Nintendo 3DS, when you think
    that is a dedicated handheld device with a very strong showing amongst
    kids. Vita is positioned differently.”

    This is really a shame. Sony is completely out of excuses for the Vita’s lack of success.
    I can’t believe they have gone this low.

    • Megina

      And with the PS4 running rings around Wii U and Xbox One (or so gamers would think) I am interested in seeing how long the Vita will last in the market. It may be time to sound the red alarm if Wii U finally outsells its lifetime sales in Japan…

  • Matthew Wesley

    Well, as the now resigned (corporate speak for either you leave or you’re fired) Jack Tretton said “The 3ds is a babysitting device…”, which is funny, because the baby sitting device is killing the vita.

    • Yeahbutcmon handhelds are basically for kids. Kids don’t have TVs, kids don’t have iphones, starting with that market makes sense.

      • Matthew Wesley

        Here’s the problem with that statement you just made (if you’re serious, of course), the 3ds is 150-200 dollars in cost, a sum that most children would not have, so when marketing a product, you show it to the person you want to buy it it (or conversely the person who can afford it). So, the mostly the only people who just have 150-200 bucks lying around are adults, people with kids, or really thrifty children- all of which of these people probably have jobs. Now, I’m 28, highly educated, have little debt, own my own business, own my house, and have a sometimes live-in girlfriend, and I own a 3ds and I’m offended some jackass thinks that it’s kiddy. Well, I have one thing to say to Sony’s Playstation division… how’s that “kiddy” handheld doing compared to your vita, hmmm?

        • Right, and the adults have TVs, couches, cars and no good reason for on-the-go video games. That’s why the Vita, a portable game device marketed at adults, is failing. Kids get stuck places, they get dragged places, they wait on adults for rides, they’re too young for smartphones but old enough to want a similar device and a degree of isolation.

          Don’t get me wrong, the 3DS has broad appeal, but games in the PS360 vein – gritty, rated M, 3rd person action, fps, your COD, Uncharted, AC – are a minority on the system. All of my favorite 3DS games have young people in a starring role or feature cute characters and bright colors.

        • D2K

          Well, a lot of kids these days have tablets that cost as much if not more than the 3DS XL. I know all my nieces and nephews have them.

          However Nintendo hardware has a proven track record of being durable so parents are more inclined to buy them a 3DS over a tablet. Especially if they have had the DS previously.

    • D2K

      The Jack Tretton firing adds fuel to the “Nintendo possibly buying Sony’s gaming division” feeling I have. He’s done nothing but troll Nintendo since he got there. Well, he definitely has to go then.

      • Matthew Wesley

        Nintendo isn’t dishing out money to buy the money sink that is the Playstation brand.

        • D2K

          Yeah, because clearly companies have NEVER bought out others that have had debt before.



  • SecretX

    The vita could do great if more games were coming from sony.

    • D2K

      The Vita and the Wii U basically have the same problem. Powerful hardware not being supported enough and/or marketed well.

      • SecretX

        but the wiiu will be supported by nintendo. sony can’t support two systems so the vita could die. and yeah i know you can stream ps4 games on the vita but isn’t the same.

        • D2K

          No it isn’t, but Sony really doesn’t have a choice but to make Vita work. They are all out of mulligans.

  • D2K

    It’s a shot-in-the-dark but for the past several months Sony and Nintendo have been very huggy-buggy with each other praising each others accomplishments and keeping trolling to an absolute minimum.

    It is not a stretch I feel that at some point Nintendo will purchase Sony’s game division. Even with the PS4 ripping it up, all the money from the sales are being tossed into a black hole because of how much debt Sony has. Nintendo could wipe that out with one fail swoop.

    • Matthew Wesley

      Nintendo isn’t wiping out their warchest to purchase Sony’s 100’s of millions of dollars losing per year Playstation division.

      • D2K

        Nintendo has 18 billion dollars CASH in the bank. Not to mention their market cap of 17 billion.

        They can LOSE 257 million dollars a year for 30 years, not make one dime, and still not go bankrupt. Sorry, try again.

  • As soon as I started reading this compliment to Nintendo from Sony I knew there would be a hidden shot against Nintendo. And I was not wrong. It basically says “Nintendo is doing well because they are kiddy” and “Vita is for the real gamers unlike the 3DS.”

    I’m so sick of this crap!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Did Fergal Gara just imply that kids AREN’T gamers!?