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Splatoon 1.2.0 update out now, online back up

Posted on June 2, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U

Following today’s maintenance period for Splatoon, a new update for the game has been issued. Version 1.2.0 is out now.

Regarding the new patch, Nintendo said that “Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.”

You can head online once again to participate in battles now that the maintenance is finished!



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  • Exy

    And yet there will still be grown adults whining about how rollers are unbeatable.

  • Douglas Siano

    More pleasant. Hmmm, did they buff Blasters? They are useless outside Port Mackerel.

  • ChaosNocturne

    hopefully this means no more 3 level 20s and 5 10-12 dont get paired with all the 20s on the same team anymore crybabys will cry rollers leave u open to die fast if you dont sneak attack your dead and chargers are ment to kill not to spread ink the blasters are op if used right

    • Douglas Siano

      I’ve tried blasters, they are just bad. Haven’t seen anyone use them well, either.

      • Bluichu

        actually, they’re pretty good in ranked, it has spread damage so it’s good for catching players hiding behind walls, that and the fact that it’s does a good job at covering the nodes(squares) that u need to capture. the multi-bomb special covers most of the are as well.

        • Douglas Siano

          I haven’t been on since ranked came out. Is it different from unranked? It was awful in covering territory and plain awful in many maps that were wide open.

          • TheMagicMax

            The Splatzone mode really changes up the game completely. You should try it out but you will get what i mean.

  • Roman

    anyone else having connection issues after the update

  • Jag Gentlemann

    This proves that they are locking content. The map and weapon where added without any patch, and now they make a patch without content.

    • Jack Red

      Is there really any reason to complain? I mean, it’d be one thing if you’re paying for it and it’s already on the disc, But you’re getting the Maps and Weapons for free. How is that a problem? They can’t be holding back content to try and milk you of your money when all of the Weapons and Maps you’re gonna get that’ve been announced are free.

      • Jag Gentlemann

        You payed for something and they are giving it to you later when you could already have it, in a game with little content. Yes, there’s a reason to complaint. Imagine that with other stuff. For example, you buy a car, but it doesn’t have an engine. But don’t worry, you’ll get it later.

        I wouldn’t say that you get them for free because you already payed for them, what we can say is that we don’t have to pay more for them.

        It’s not as bad as the other companies that make you pay for them, but it’s not something that should be done. It has sense with the future maps and weapons since they are in development, but if they are already done, there’s no excuse.

        • D2K

          That’s an absurd comparison. You cannot drive a car without an engine. Everyone has played Splatoon just fine without extra weapons and levels and they are not essential to the operation of the game. People don’t even have to use the N-Zap ’85 gun or play on the new map if they won’t want to.

          There is nothing wrong here at all. You cannot insinuate that a company is “withholding” any content from the game because you have no knowledge as to what the full extent of the parameters of the game is. Even if there is disc-locked content, you have no proof of this, nor do you have any idea of how much it would be IF it is.

          The butthurt and salt over Splatoon’s success is beyond amazing and fantastically irrational. Well too bad. The game is awesome, people are enjoying it, it is selling great, and it is doing everything Nintendo needs it to do and some of of what they want it to do, and Nintendo (just like last year) are riding a huge wave of momentum into E3.

          • Jag Gentlemann

            No proof? How did they add new weapons without any update? That’s all the proof you need.

            Just because a game is good doesn’t mean that can’t be critiqued. I might be butthurt but it’s incredible the fanboyism this game has.

          • D2K

            They did have an update. You said that much yourself. You haven’t given an critique of the game itself in terms of gameplay, graphics, sound, story, etc. You are accusing a company of deception and I know you are not so dilapidated not to know the difference.

          • Jag Gentlemann

            There was an update but not for the weapon and map, those where added without any updates.

            The game itself is great, but it’s stupid how they are holding content back that is finished when the game itself doesn’t have that much to begin with. And with this I include the map rotation too. I’m okay with that, but with at least 3 maps (which I’m sure they are going to be 3 in the future) every 4 hours. Every 1 hour? good, but 4 is too much.

            I’m not comparing Nintendo to Capcom o Warner Brothers, but just because there’s cancer in the world doesn’t mean that a cold should be ignored.

        • A. It’s a way to keep people interested after the release date. (Check out this new map!)
          B. Unlocking Ranked Matches later helps them spreading server load for both modes.
          C. You still payed for them and you still get them.

        • Hermione Granger

          i agree with you but i am not sure what to think of it. this is content you can only use online and when years later the servers are long gone you have no use for it anyway. had it been single player content, that would be another story…

          • Jag Gentlemann

            Everything is going to broke or die eventually, that’s more reason to make all the use we can of things.

  • Rhys Morgan

    Oh, it seems like the main plaza area no longer runs at 15 frames a second!

    • Melatelo

      Oh really!? I’m glad that was fixed because it was really bad

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