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Splatoon 2 Switch Pro Controller up on Amazon Germany, ships to the US

Posted on May 19, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Update: Bumped to the top. The controller and Switch case are now up on Amazon UK. Note that these do not ship to the US, but Amazon Germany is still an option.

Original: Amazon Germany is now taking pre-orders for the Splatoon 2 Switch Pro Controller. Get a reservation here. Worth noting, despite what the page says, we were able to place an order that ships to the US.

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  • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

    to buy or not to buy….

  • ibo✿✿AKA✿✿SleepyAbra༼凸 ◉_◔༽凸

    like i wrote on the other site, they ruined the pro controller with the big ugly ink spots….. why cover up the cool graphics with random ink spots?…

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      for you, I like it….

      • ibo✿✿AKA✿✿SleepyAbra༼凸 ◉_◔༽凸

        it’s an UGLY piece of plastic!!!!!!!!!!

        • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

          for you, I like it

        • hi v3.0

          Stop being a hater

          • ibo✿✿AKA✿✿SleepyAbra༼凸 ◉_◔༽凸

            i’m no hater i could buy this if i wanted to but it’s ugly…

    • Constantinos Lapiotis

      It’s a BEAUTIFUL piece of plastic!!!!!!!

  • Justmadeanaccount2

    I have a feeling I’m going to end up owning more pro controllers and joycons than I need. lol

    • KnightWonder

      Gotta buy them all.

      • Brandon Ramsey


        • Tlink7

          I think your comment should be more along the lines of: ”MMRFFFGFFFFFF” 😛

    • Tlink7

      You can always donate one to a good cause..

      *puppy dog eyes*

  • I already settled on buying the Splatoon 2 joycons instead of this sadly. I already have a pro controller and I need another pair of joycons for ARMS.

    • Fredy Rodriguez Ortega

      I have the same struggle… why not both… no i don’t need another pro controller….bu it is beautiful

  • Lance Devon

    Germany likes US money more than US likes Russian money.

  • Linkavitch Chomofsky

    My pro controllers will have uniformity. I’ll go nuts on the colors for my joycons.

  • R.Z.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s … SOLD !
    I was on edge about the regular model, but this one is just too cool to pass.

  • hi v3.0


  • this is strange
    the switch controller colors are all hideous
    the splatoon colors are all real nice
    and when they finally come together it just ends up looking stupid and overwrought

  • I have a question. I ordered on Amazon germany but the website says it doesn’t ship to the U.S. it is already ordered and the website acknowledge that I bought it from the U.S. and it is coming to the U.S. but it stills says on the home page that it doesn’t ship to the U.S. what do I do? Ask costumer support? Cancel the order? Hope that it comes?