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Splatoon 2 updates incoming on November 23, December – new stages, gear, amiibo functionality, Clam Blitz, more

Posted on November 21, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Nintendo has outlined two huge updates coming to Splatoon 2 on November 23 and in December.

Both updates are significant, but the one dropping this week will be adding more “stuff”. Nintendo will be rolling out new stages over the next few weeks, including MakoMart, Shellendorf Institute, Walleye Warehouse, and Arowana Mall. Salmon Run is also getting a new Salmonid Smokeyard stage.

On the gear front, roughly 140 pieces will be added. These include shoes, headgear and clothes, returning items from the original Splatoon, and more. Also incoming are new hairstyles, new battle music, higher level caps, new amiibo functionality, and convenient gear swapping.

In December, Splatoon 2 is adding Clam Blitz. Players will compete to collect clams scattered around the stage. The clam follows the player after they pick one up, and you’ll need to throw the clam into the basket near the opponent’s base. The first team to score 100 points wins. However, you’ll need to break a barrier by first collecting 10 clams and earning a Power Clam.

We have a ton of additional details about both updates below, along with a trailer.

REDMOND, Wash., Nov. 21, 2017 – Nintendo continues to roll out additional content for the Splatoon 2 game for the Nintendo Switch system, and is now releasing two free software updates with a ton of new content and a new way to play. The first free update hits on Nov. 23 and adds a new stage for Salmon Run, new gear and new hairstyles for Inklings, as well as many other features, with additional new battle stages rolling out beginning Nov. 24. The second free update will be available mid-December and introduces a frantic new Ranked Battle mode called Clam Blitz, which involves picking up clams around the stage and trying to throw them into your opponent’s basket.

“These free new additions to Splatoon 2 deliver surprises to fans to keep the fun going,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This new content significantly expands the game and provides a great value for players, regardless of whether they purchased it on launch day or have it on their holiday gift lists.”

The two free updates include the following content:

Nov. 23 Update

Four New Battle Stages: While four new battle stages are coming to Splatoon 2, they won’t all be available immediately after downloading the update. Like with previous additions, the stages will roll out over the subsequent weeks, giving players new surprises as they play throughout the holiday season and beyond. The first new battle stage, MakoMart, will be available to play on Black Friday, Nov. 24, with Shellendorf Institute, Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall coming soon. The new MakoMart stage is a giant superstore-style stage, so what better time to play than on Black Friday! Shellendorf Institute is new to the series, while Walleye Warehouse and Arowana Mall are popular stages returning from the original Splatoon game.

New Salmon Run Stage: Fan-favorite multiplayer mode* Salmon Run is getting a new stage. After downloading the update, Salmonid Smokeyard will be added to the stage rotation. In Salmonid Smokeyard, a wide gap on the beach divides two upper platforms, with fan lifts being the quickest way to traverse the two platforms. Teamwork is required to use the fan lifts effectively.

New Gear: Approximately 140 pieces of gear are being added to Splatoon 2. These include shoes, headgear and clothes, like a motocross mask, and additional winter clothing (perfect for the cold weather!), as well as returning items from the original Splatoon game.

New Battle Music: Two new bands have been gaining popularity in Inkopolis! The punk-flavored Bottom Feeders and classically trained avant-garde-style Ink Theory are contributing new songs to the already music-rich game.

New Hairstyle: When customizing an Inkling, four new hairstyles will be available to choose from – two each for female and male characters.

Higher Level Caps: Currently, players are maxed out at Level 50. After downloading the update, the new maximum level will be raised to 99. If players talk to Judd when they reach Level 99, they’ll have the option to reset their level display to Level ★1 so they can continue raising their level.

New amiibo Functionality: Tapping a compatible amiibo figure after the update will let players take and share in-game photos in preset locations in Battle Stages, in addition to being able to take photos in Inkopolis Square. Players can also add fun filters to their images.

Convenient Gear Swapping: Players that want to change gear between battles in Regular Battle, Ranked Battle and Splatfest Battle (Solo) won’t have to exit to the lobby anymore! After downloading the update, gear can be swapped out without leaving the match room, making it quicker to get back to splatting. For Regular Battle, this also means players can play the next battle with the same players.

Mid-December Update

Clam Blitz: In Clam Blitz, competing Inklings are tasked with collecting clams scattered around the stage. After one is picked up, the clam follows the player. The objective is to throw the clam into the basket near the opponent’s base. The first team to score 100 points wins! But, of course, this being the fiercely competitive world of Splatoon 2, things are not as easy as they seem. The baskets are protected by a barrier, which much be destroyed first. After collecting 10 clams, the player will earn a Power Clam. These super-powered clams are the key to breaking the barrier, so strategy will definitely be involved in which clams are used to destroy the barrier and which are used to earn points. Not to mention the extra-satisfying opportunity to steal opponents’ clams by splatting them…

Splatoon 2 is now available in stores, for digital purchase on the official website or in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch at a suggested retail price of $59.99. The upcoming software updates are both free and can be downloaded starting on Nov. 23 and in mid-December. For more information about the game, visit http://splatoon.nintendo.com/.

Remember that Nintendo Switch features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about other features, visit http://www.nintendo.com/switch/.

Source: Nintendo PR

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  • Locky Mavo

    Awesome! New game mode like hoped!

  • KnightWonder

    Oh thank god. We can change gear while in the match room.

    • Exy

      They really ought to have emphasized this more.

  • Emufred


    No offense but this just craps all over ARMS “big” update.

    • SpectralDynamite

      True… not gonna stop me from playing both, tho.

  • Bruno_Ostara

    “Players that want to change gear between battles in Regular Battle, Ranked Battle and Splatfest Battle (Solo) won’t have to exit to the lobby anymore! “. Y E S! Now I’m hyped. This and new ranked mode. Thanks god they gave new things to splatoon. I just wish they did it a bit earlier, its a shame this game is not even on the run for best shooter of the year. But ok, we finally got an update that will take this from splatoon 1.5 to splatoon 2

    • Sano

      Wrong, you ignorant, tasteless piece of s***. FACT of the matter is that this game has been Splatoon 2 right from the jump; while the excellent core fundamentals largely remained intact, more than enough upgrades, changes and innovations were present at release to truly earn its status as a full-on sequel, any suggestion to the contrary being nothing but a load of utter idiotic and blatantly untrue bulls***. The same could be said for the suggestion that it’s not in the running for the best shooter of the year: it most certainly is and is almost undoubtedly the absolute best shooter released this year. It eschews bogstandard gameplay, art design, setting and conventions and is the single most refreshing and unique shooter released this year, all while being the most incredibly fun and endlessly enjoyable. There was no best shooter category at something like the Game Awards, but a quick look at critics and aggregate sites proves it’s easily one of the most well-received shooters of the year, and rightfully so it’s the best, any your suggestion that that isn’t the case or it somehow isn’t being hailed as such is a load of utter f****ng ignorant-a**, blatantly untrue bulls*** that you’d only spout as a result of your own idiocy and utter f****ng ignorance of its critical acclaim.

      Shut the f*** up and educate yourself you worthless s*** stain before you spout such dumb f*** ignorant bulls*** and acquaint yourself to the fact that it most certainly IS, and always has been, a masterful complete sequel to the original that has been a major hit and one of the best shooters of the year. The entirety of your suggestions in your bulls*** comment above were naught but just that: loads of utter f****ng idiotic and blatantly untrue bulls***, worthless s*** stain. These are the facts, your idiocy loses, my facts and the masterful S2 win. permaleaving

      • Bruno_Ostara

        First go to therapy, then come back and we can sit down and talk 🙂

        • Symbol de Au

          You tell em’ Bruno Senpai!

        • Ovi

          You’d have to wonder if the guy isn’t trying to troll or be satirical.. Massively failed attempt in both cases of course xD
          If he really was triggered by you calling Splatoon 2 Splatoon 1.5 until now it’s beyond ridiculous.

          • Bruno_Ostara

            At the begining I did classify it as a full sequel, but the updates were so disappoint that it started to feel a lot like there wasnt much new content. If you look at the first at this point we had already got the amazing august update. Till the announcement of this holiday ones those who play ranked were almost playing splatoon one with new specials and two new weapon types. And a lot of missing weapons that they bring back on weekly updates. It was starting to be annoying. On the first everything was new so every update was exciting

          • Ovi

            Well, I’d argue that the sequel started off with a much bigger feature set even when you just consider the new features than the start of the first game. So the additions we got (and we did get a significant number of additions including new specials and weapon types) weren’t that different from the build up the first game received. Except for the gradual unlocking of the general modes of the first game.

            This holiday update is pretty much the equivalent of the august update of the first game. Considering that the first game was released two months earlier in the year than the second Friday’s update is just 1,5 months overdue compared to the august update of the first game.
            I don’t think that’s a very significant deviation.
            It’s probably the release month difference that threw your perception off when comparing the two games. And of course like you say, everything was new back then. A sequel always suffers from this, especially with a new IP. That doesn’t disqualify it from being a sequel.

            Also, this update adds 100 more pieces of gear than the 40 additional pieces that were in the August update. The upcoming update also adds four new stages, a salmon run stage, more character customisation options, a new lobby feature, new music, additional features for photo mode, and a full new game mode in less than a month.

            It’s not far fetched to argue this update is a little bit beefier than the august update with the first game which more than justifies the 1.5 month deviation..

            Now, that said, though I personally don’t agree there was reason not to consider the game a sequel anymore even before this announcement, I can understand you were a bit bummed by the update schedule compared to the first game. Hopefully this update redeems it again and makes the game feel “Fresh” again for you too 😉

          • Bruno_Ostara

            And it does 🙂 This update finally got me excited for splatoon 2 again. This complain I typed here was something I had in mind before the update was announced. I was bummed that it was taking forever for a significant update and we were getting almost only things from the first re-released. My point here is exactly this, with this update now i feel they are taking this sequence seriously.

      • Eger Gonz

        this yells out virgin virgin virgin!

      • Justin McQuillen

        “educate yourself” <- SJW terminology

  • Why do girls get all the cool hair styles ;-;
    That spike hair for guys is ugly imo.

    • Kalmaro

      Yeah, I just play a girl with the short hair, just so I can have normal looking pants.

      Stuff I’d never think if be saying while playing a shooter but it is what it is.

    • SpectralDynamite

      That’s the best new one, if you ask me. Now that bowl-cut looking style… THAT is hideous.

      • Ovi

        Evidently the new hair styles address a somewhat wider scope of tastes. Well, that’s a good thing 🙂

  • smashbrolink

    The new Clam mode sounds great, but I still wish there were more modes for the solo players out there.
    Salmon Run isn’t available often enough…

    • Operative

      I think that should be their next free update. Give us something that isn’t completely reliant on other people

      • SpectralDynamite

        Splatoon is a team-oriented game, dude.

        • Operative

          It is, doesn’t mean there can’t be – any- SP content.

      • Ovi

        You’re looking for a different game. Splatoon is multiplayer focused. Even though the single player mode is an important part of the package.
        Within the game the different modes compete for player’s time to set up battles adding too much options thins the crowd. That’s the reason Salmon Run was very limited at the start and slowly became available more often as the player base grew.

        Now, I would like to see a single player game set in the Splatoon universe that takes things in a completely new direction.. But that’d have to be released a good while after Splatoon 2 levels out for the same reasons..

        • Operative

          I probably am, but this game is fun enough that I’d like to see this one specifically with what I mentioned.

          • Ovi

            Fair enough.
            It is an illustration where what fans would like isn’t always beneficial to the dynamics within a game.

            But that’s not a critique of a certain desire, just an observation of misalignment of those two factors. It’s a challenge for the creators of the franchise to find ways to offer a variety of products with features that satisfy the best number of wishes of fans.

            It can never be perfect and all at the same time, but I do hope we’ll see a single player focused game in the Splatoon setting someday..

  • hi v3.0


  • awesomeparadise3

    Not saying the update isn’t great but I’m a little disappointed they still haven’t given us the option to skip the idol boot up scenes.

  • DeltaPeng

    Super glad Walleye Warehouse is coming back! Splatoon2 stages aren’t as good as the original imo, but I’m glad some of the classics are being brought back.

    The items in S2 were also kind of lacking in number/ variety, but this update sounds like it will help with that.

    The new mode sounds like fun too. I think Salmon Run added a lot to the game’s value, so I’m looking forward to checking that out.

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