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Square Enix considering Final Fantasy XIV for Switch

Posted on February 18, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

During the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Europe earlier today, Square Enix commented on a possible version of the game for Switch. It’s under “consideration”, the company said.

In August 2015, director and producer Naoki Yoshida stated that Square Enix was open to putting Final Fantasy XIV on Switch, when it was called NX. It sounds like things are slightly more concrete, though we still don’t have a confirmation of it actually happening.


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  • MrCafecito

    XIV? Not XV? Oh well…

    • Chaos_Knight

      Why not? XIV is still being supported to this day.

      • MrCafecito

        I misread XIV as XV haha

        • NepNepsPudding

          XV would be a bit tricky, but if the Switch sells well enough, I’m sure Square would make it happen somehow.

  • hi v3.0

    How about release FFXV with almost every post content DLC included

    • ««H3©TöR»»

      With the Wii Fit Trainer DLC.

      • nah xv desperately needs super mario rpg dlc if it’s on the switch what w/ that yoko shimomura score and all

        needs mario in general considering there’s a whole dungeon that’s basically super kaizo galaxy. give noctis a mario outfit so he can control less like luigi in a dungeon that requires precision platforming.

        • Blake Good

          I really wish we could get a Super Mario RPG 2 for the Switch! Paper Mario is dead and Mario & Luigi got stale after the 3rd game. Cancel that stupid Rabbids game and make that, instead!

  • nekoknight

    Do it do it do it do it.

  • ffxv can’t run on switch but you can fit

    a mmo


  • Annie

    FF6 and 5 remakes please!

    • ChaosNocturne

      this since everything after 6 is garbage anyway

      • Annie

        I don’t like 8 and the only thing I like about 10 is Auron but I do like 9 and 7 a lot

    • MusubiKazesaru

      Around when the 3DS came out they mentioned they were thinking about that but it still hasn’t happened…

      • Annie

        6?! THEY MUST REMAKE 6!! It’s my favorite one! I want to see the Figaro brothers in glorious HD

      • Annie

        6?! THEY MUST REMAKE 6!! It’s my favorite one! I need to see this scene in glorious HD

        • Addy

          There’s the mobile port- oh wait don’t touch that.

          • Annie

            Ugh I know 🙁

          • Addy

            It’s either that or the SNES version.

          • Annie

            I’ll stick with the SNES version

        • Bernacdaigle

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    • If it’s like the FF7 remake (gameplay wise) than I’ll be super bummed :/

    • Exy

      I don’t care what anyone says, I call it Final Fantasy III because that’s what’s printed on my cartridge. Imagine my rage when I buy something called Final Fantasy III on DS and there isn’t any Magitek armor in sight.

    • Neto Hil

      FF6 remake, God, please!!!

      • Lol, your avatar is perfect for your comment.

        • Neto Hil

          Your kindness is perfect, too.

  • Lilla My

    I presume it would be on the same cross-platform servers.

    MMORPG = keyboard, so https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-GameCube-ASCII-Keyboard-Controller/dp/B0000694RM for the Switch :p.

    • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD


  • tHe_MaN_wItH_nO_hAnD

    Lol wat? for real the hell

  • ForeVision

    I wonder if they can make it work, considering XIV has a fairly high graphic requirement.

    • Linkavitch Chomofsky

      It ran on the PS3, so the Switch shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Justin McQuillen

      Dude it can most likely run in 4K on the switch, straight up

  • Nintendo pay them $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for FFING sakes

  • Linkavitch Chomofsky

    Oh man, yes please! I would love to have this. The world is amazing and Lalafell dance parties fill your heart with joy for a thousand years.

  • ChaosNocturne

    i can hear the sony phonys diapers filling

  • Chaos_Knight

    Would be cool is see some Nintendo collaborations if it were to happen.

    • TDude73

      The Last Story x Final Fantasy collaboration would be cool.

      • Chaos_Knight

        Along with Zelda, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, and especially Xenoblade.

  • Kyle K. Moore

    All about those first 9 months of sales. If they can sustain strong numbers into the holiday, the ports will follow

  • ««H3©TöR»»

    While this isn’t any XV or FF7 Remake news, the fact that the main series Final Fantasy games could finally be appearing on Nintendo, after FF7 moved away from them, is HUGE news. Of course, it’s no confirmation, but the consideration itself is MAJOR news.

  • I would like FF7 remake please and thank you!

  • GameSpate

    All I want are FF7 and FF13 Remasters on the Switch and I’ll be happy (even though FF13 wouldn’t be much of a remaster and more of a port w/ better lighting.)

    • how can you make better lightning when she’s already perfect

  • Burning Gravity

    I would pick this up almost for sure. Heard FFXIV is great (including the story, funny enough) and making it portable would solve one of the biggest things holding me back from playingit

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Wow an exorbitant amount of anger at FF games. Odd. Anyways, I’m down for more FF games on Nintendo consoles. (Give me a real Crystal Chronicles).

  • NepNepsPudding

    I just wanted World of Final Fantasy, but as an avid XIV player on PC, I would kill to have it on the Switch.

    • world of final fantasy on switch would really intensify its status as final fantasy pokemon

  • Blake Good

    We still need these Virtual Console games.

    Final Fantasy (NES)
    Final Fantasy II (SNES)
    Final Fantasy III (SNES)
    Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (SNES)
    Final Fantasy I&II: Dawn of Souls (GBA)
    Final Fantasy IV Advance (GBA)
    Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA)
    Final Fantasy VI Advance (GBA)

    Japan only has these games and that’s very greedy of them. Why does Square Enix refuse to support the Virtual Console in the west?

  • Cloudy

    FF VI HD Remake in 1080p with 60 fps.

    FF VII and IX in 1080p and 60 fps is good too.

  • That’s cool. That would be nice.

    But can we please get XI? Maybe even with updated graphics? And offline and local multiplayer? Between the story and the supports, it’s feasible.