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Square Enix open to bringing Final Fantasy XIV to NX

Posted on August 9, 2015 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Final Fantasy XIV may have a shot of coming to the NX. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida has said that he’s waiting to know when the console will be released, and the company would need to talk with Nintendo about the policies regarding cross-platform gameplay before a port can be considered. Note that negotiations with Nintendo have not yet been started.


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  • Seems lots of developers were truly interested, as that one rumor around E3 stated. Was this anything like what happened pre-wii u?

    • Operative

      Sort of. When the Wii U was announced they had all those famous 3rd party developer interviews saying how amazing it was. People like Ken Levine. Then they did that thing where they show all the company logos of 3rd parties gonna support the console. There was even this whole shebang of an “unprecedented partnership” between EA and Nintendo.

      We all know how that turned out. Unless the NX is wildly successful, I wouldn’t get my hopes up for any more 3rd party support than the Wii U got.

      • DKing

        The thing is, the reason why 3rd party publishers like EA and Ubisoft were initially supportive was because they thought the Wii U was going to be just as successful as the original Wii. But the first year of Wii U’s life cycle was abysmal and the technology was behind the competition, so they start dropping support for the system. EA’s main reason was that they wanted to control the online infrastructure by integrating it with Origin and Nintendo rightfully refused. On top of that, Nintendo initially relied too heavily on 3rd parties to help move Wii U units, especially when handing out devs kits late into the development cycle.

        • Operative

          All true. So there’s no reason to believe things will be different this time around either. Plus, to be fair to Square Enix, they are pretty big Nintendo supporters. In Japan. Japanese players have a whole bunch of virtual console games from them, not to mention Dragon Quest X, a huge main line DQ title. So it wouldn’t surprise me to see Square give as much support to the NX, we just might not see it

          • DKing

            All Nintendo really needs into terms of 3rd party support are from Japanese publishers and a few Western publishers that matter (and of course indies.) And the NX needs games that are standard for any dedicated gaming platform to have and games that appeal to the Nintendo audience. If they can manage to pull this off, Nintendo can successfully win back a good portion of their fans (current and former), garner some new customers and create their own ecosystem.

          • j12345690

            I know it would be a cold day in hell before that happen but I would love to see a GTA game on the NX

      • Annie

        Exactly, the Wii U got ”unprecedented” 3rd party support at launch, the console didn’t sell that well and all those developers abandoned it, unless the NX’s concept (whatever it is) works and the console sells well then it’ll be the same situation… problem is that the NX most probably will be behind the other 2 in terms of power, Nintendo always tries to keep costs low (except with the Wii U) and releasing the console a year or two before the competition is guaranteed to make them fall behind in terms of power…

        If the NX is a good console it could sell decently but probably die early because most gamers will wait to see what the next xbox and the ps5 are like before deciding which console to get, only Nintendo’s most loyal fans will get the NX on launch, not to mention the number of alienated former Nintendo fans who got a Wii U and will get mad at Nintendo for abandoning the console so early, even if the NX is more powerful than the ps4 it could get abandoned by 3rd parties when the rest of the (probably more powerful) next generation consoles arrive…

        But maybe the NX is a cheaper console, not as powerful to keep costs low but by being affordable it could guarantee sales from people who don’t want to spend that much on a console and PC gamers or people who bought an xbox/ps5 and will view the NX as a good secondary console for its price and game catalog, because releasing a new console mid-generation that’s on par with the ps4 is suicide unless the console has a really really REALLY good concept….

        • Operative

          The thing is, getting to PS4/Xbox One power is really cheap to do. Sony and MS make profits on every unit. The hardware was *already* outdated when the consoles launched. And each year the price to match that power gets lower and lower. So if Nintendo launched in 2016/2017 and STILL didn’t match at least the Xbox One in power, then something is seriously wrong with them. The only reason it won’t match their power is if they come up with some ridiculous controller again that jacks the price up another $100 like the Wii U. And for their sake I hope they don’t.

          • Jack Red

            If Nintendo did use their patent controller design where you can switch out parts on the controller to fix your liking, How much higher do you think the price would be?

          • Operative

            I don’t know. I’ve never seen such a patent.

          • Jack Red
          • Annie

            I know they can match the power of those consoles, my guess is it’ll be pretty much like the ps4 in terms of power but that would be outdated in a year or two after the NX launches so maybe Nintendo is aiming to make a more affordable console, like $200, so aside from the usual people that buy Nintendo consoles to play Zelda, Mario and Smash it can also attract PC gamers and xbox/ps fanboys who could see the NX as a perfect secondary console, with a great game catalog and a more affordable price than the competition it could get some good sales numbers without actually trying to compete against xbox and playstation…

            Or like they seem to have hinted, the NX has an interesting concept with good titles that will attract gamers despite not being as powerful as the competition, like the Wii and DS did, I just hope Nintendo doesn’t rush the NX… launching a console early to get more sales just for being the first of the generation doesn’t work that well in the long run…

        • Rhys Morgan

          Part of the problem with that third-party support was it was pretty crap at launch – e.g. Wii U getting Mass Effect 3 at full price when everything else was getting Mass Effect Trilogy for the same price at the same time.

          • Annie

            Everything by EA is garbage, but there were some ”ok” and good titles at launch, ZombiU is an ok survival horror experience, made good use of the gamepad and has an interesting multiplayer, and while AC is an awful series AC3 is actually decent, easily one of the best in the series, then there’s the definitive editions of Batman: Arkham City and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U edition is also good, great roster and some neat extra feaures such as the Nintendo costumes, there’s Ninja Gaiden 3, CoD:BO2, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Sonic & All-Stars racing transformed, Darksiders 2, NSMBU which is easily the best in the NSMB series and Nintendo land was much better than Wii Sports… plus some good eShop titles like Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive edition, Nano Assault Neo and Trine 2: Director’s Cut…

            I actually think the Wii U’s launch was better than the Wii, the only decent or good games at launch with the Wii were: Twilight Princess, The grim adventures of billy & mandy, Trauma Center: SO, DBZ:BT2 and Wii Sports…

      • yeah yeah just making sure./ thanks

      • Vjon

        Consoles are all about their Japanese exclusives not ubisoft/Activision support…it’s a sad day when a console which was backed by Miyamoto (pikmin, mario, mp), kamiya (101, bay) and sakurai (smash) is rejected by the west but thats what happened..it’s unlikely nx will get metal gear solid, scalebound and Zelda all on one place because – well Iwata is not around to bring it together, and Sony/ms would throw money to stop it so Nintendo would prioritise western developers for support. Tbh I don’t care for more just dance/assassins creed and batman arkham as they already had big releases on Nintendo consoles – the wii U. It’s no surprise Square Enix are making noise as they want to become a second party developer on Nintendo’s next console – RPGs have traditionally sold well on Nintendo plus have not been filled on wii U.

        • rex pro

          isn’t scalebound an x1 exclusive?

    • Vigilante_blade

      Wii U had everyone speak the same way. In the industry, people will always say that they are open to support a platform. It’s a way to keep bridges open. They may or may not support the platform. But saying they are open to it even if they have no intention to gives them more leeway.

      Nintendo fans are also known to have a short temper. Flat out saying that you won’t support a Nintendo console will burn bridges.

  • CaraDeGalleta

    I’m looking forward to it, now I can’t wait to hear more from that NX and we have to wait so much :'(

  • Operative

    Yet even more observations that prove the NX to be a home console.

    I think Nintendo is fine with cross platform games. Aren’t there a few eShop games that do that? It would be a huge + for Nintendo to get one of the generation’s most popular MMO’s. And a good way to get regular Final Fantasies back onto Nintendo consoles.

  • jimmy

    The stupid “mobile” thing is what really has me concerned about the NX

    • The mobile stuff isnt tied to the dedicated Nintendo system

      • Ghasfarost

        exactly. That is why they enphasised so much on the “dedicated game platform” thin

  • Logan Wayman

    First Dragon Quest XI and Dragon Quest X, now Final Fantasy XIV?! This is looking pretty good so far. I wonder what’s next. Maybe Mortal Kombat NX?

    • Exposer

      Or FFXV.

  • Leonel

    Well the game that possibly sound coming to the nx sounds good but we will see what haooens next year

  • All I want from Square Enix as far as Nintendo is concerned is for them to bring all their Virtual Console games to the US. Seriously, what gives??

    • Ghasfarost

      This. I don’t like how Japan eShop already has all of Square Enix VC games. Even this week they got Super Mario RPG!!! It is just annoying

  • AquaBat

    Final Fantasy 14? The MMO? Doesn’t sound like the best way to reintroduce Final Fantasy to Nintendo consoles. Especially since by the time the NX comes out, they’ll probably already be working on FF16.

    • Ducked

      NX will be out next year.

      • Jack Red

        Dude, don’t go jumping to conclusions like that. The NX won’t come out next year. The only thing that we may see being released, System-wise by Nintendo is their QOL.

        • uPadWatcher


      • MrJohnson90

        And you know this how?

        • Ducked

          Just a prediction.

      • uPadWatcher

        REALITY CHECK– The NX will be INTRODUCED next year. Secondly, the NX will launch in LATE 2017/EARLY 2018.

        • Ducked

          That’s what I originally thought. But Nintendo said in a interview last year that they don’t need to reveal a console within a year’s time anymore. The whole Zelda mystery release date, small amount of Wii U games, leads me to believe that NX has been in development longer than we thought. Just my prediction. But I’m expecting it to be revealed in the beginning of 2016, and release next holiday.

      • AquaBat

        [citation needed]

    • KH

      The most probably is that they already are working on a FF16, the director of FF6, FF9, and FF12, has been working on a mysterious project for some years now, that project is suspected to be FF16, though it is believed that project originally was FF15, but like it was taking so long, they renamed VersusXIII to FFXV, to not release the next numbered entry late in Gen 8.

    • GoldenTriforce

      If we even get Final Fantasy XV next year lol

      No one said that they aren’t considering XV as well, all this is about is XIV (Also this is not the original, this is ARR)

  • KnightWonder

    I’l say this game is fun to play, but they should really lower or get rid of the monthly fee.

    • GoldenTriforce

      The fee is there because they needed to fund the game’s redevelopment

  • Jesse Best

    this is what the Wii U should have done, instead they got so focused on the hardware and releasing it early that there was hardly any software.

    • ronin4life

      They did do this with WiiU

  • Ducked

    More support from Square? How about Kingdom Hearts 3.

    • uPadWatcher

      You darn tootin’, ducky!

    • Michael Cortorreal

      Nah man, Nintendo is getting that side story of Kairi’s training to become a keyblade master. I can almost bet on that.

  • Kyle K. Moore

    I get the sense that industry insiders know a lot about the NX’s specs, at least those at Square Enix. Their comments suggest that the NX will be on par with X1/PS4, which I decent news. Although I’m not excited for Nintendo to get brought into the 900p/1080p crapshow

    • Jack Red

      Most likely, If the NX is a home console, It’ll probably have a better time at handling the multiplats at 1080p 60fps, But I could just end up being off.

  • Steve793

    First Dragon Quest X, then XI, and now Final Fantasy XIV? If these games are localized to Europe and the Americas (Canada, Mexico, etc), the NX might have a fighting chance. Especially if I take what Miyamoto said about the next 3D Mario, it seems like the NX will launch with one, or have one very soon after launch. And of course, there is the possible Zelda port. (still a firm believer that Zelda U will be out in February 2016, for the 30th Anniversary and then, have the port launch for the next system with just enough new content for the previous buyers to consider buying it, for a lower price) If it had that, that’s a great start to a new console! Then again, who the f*** knows what’s going to happen? Right?

    • Locky Mavo

      Don’t forget about Metroid and F-Zero! They said the next Metroid Prime would likely on Nintendo’s next console and Miyamoto said their look for “the right controls/controller”? for F-Zero and just state the obvious, they’re working on new hardware, so new controls too? Then you also got Monolith Soft already working there next game too!

      • KidGameR

        WHAT!? they are already working on another game?

      • Steve793

        It’ll be great, probably, but until they actually unveil it, I don’t care about it, at all. I still have Mario Maker, Devil’s Third (I will probably get it as it looks neat, and different) Star Fox (HYPE!), Yoshi (so adorable, how could i say no?) and Xenoblade, I’m happy with Wii U. Oh, and Zelda…… yay!

  • ChaosNocturne

    we dont want this garbage give us a real game like the world ends with you 2

  • ChaosNocturne

    dont forget by the time this could even come out it will prob be long dead 2016 = NX first reveal 2017 = NX games start getting revealed 2018 = NX release

    • Kenshin0011

      That’s one theory. Another is that it will be announced AND released in 2016….who knows.

      • ChaosNocturne

        shoo sony pony

        • Kenshin0011

          I’m more of a Nintendo fan than you’ll ever be

      • uPadWatcher

        That’s company suicide. Nintendo’s new system won’t be launched until late 2017.

    • Killey

      2018 will be too late, Nintendo needs to release the NX in the Holydays of 2016, after making a big impact on E3 and before the PS4’s game library manages to make owning one hard to resist. Nobody is going to buy an NX to play Final Fantasy XV or Dragon Quest XI two years after they became available.

      • ChaosNocturne

        obvous pony

    • The Green Hylian

      There is no way in hell Nintendo would give Wii U a 6 year lifetime.

      • Vjon

        Actually there’s no way in hell Nintendo would release a run of the mill generic console that has no difference from ps4

  • awang0718

    Dang…Square Enix seems really, really, really interested in the NX.

    • Yeah, especially a third party that ignored the Wii U pre and post release.

      This is a little excessive Square Enix damn! (Not that I’m complaining lol)

      • awang0718

        Yeah, the excessiveness makes me cautiously optimistic, but it would be great for the NX if the third party games being “considered” for the platform came to fruition.

  • AD08

    taking this with a HUGE grain of salt (especially since some have said that dualshockers is not reliable)
    curious thing to see Square Enix so interested in the NX…but wonder why XIV out of all the Final Fantasy games

    • Probably because it’s the most recent finished one. I hear that XV is coming out next year, but I also hear people are hella cynical about that.

      • rex pro

        they want to add more stuff and are going to change several things, if what i heard is true. so i probably won’t count on next year release

  • Michael Cortorreal

    The more Square -Enix “consider” porting games to the NX, the more I consider they have the dev kits and the console’s hardware specifications already.
    The NX more and more sounds like a home console, one that is on par with PS4 and Xone on hardware department…maybe a little bit more powerfull?

    I just hope Nintendo can pull this one out, if we start seeing more support on third party for Nintendo, things could get interesting.

  • MasterpieceGamer

    Will defo getting this game on NX.

    I knew PS4 and PS3 had it already but I not want play it on either of them. Will love to on NX. 🙂 🙂

    I owned XB1, Wii U and PS4. I loved those current generation systems lots than i felt with xbox 360, ps3 and wii in last generation. 😛

  • welp, now that they’ve said they’ll at least consider it or something akin to that, I guess I’ll be delaying my trying out this game on PS4 until I’m more sure of whether or not we’ll be getting some version of it on the NX!

    Would really like actual 3rd-party-support on the NX, especially if it gets localized over here… here’s to hoping 2017 (or whenever the console comes out) and the years soon after are going be great for traditional/hardcore gamers! ^_^

  • It looks like Square Enix is trying to pour a lot of support onto the NX. I’m just hoping for a Kingdom Hearts 3 NX version confirmation then everything will be sweet. They really seem to be really impressed with what Nintendo allegedly showed them at E3 behind closed doors. I’m hoping other 3rd parties are just as enthusiastic and will follow suit. I can’t wait for next year’s E3. It should be very very interesting

    • Jon Turner

      Chances are that will eventually happen down the line, but SE isn’t ready yet to talk about it yet. But if the system is indeed easy to port to, it SHOULD mean KH3 as well.

  • Annie

    I’d prefer FFXV and KH3….

    • uPadWatcher

      You’ve come to the wrong place Annie.

  • Vjon

    I think the nx is being touted as a third next/current gen console with ‘exclusive’ rpg releases

  • Locky Mavo

    Okay, SE “considering” bring DQ11 and FF14 on NX? All this tells me is SE know what the NX is and the fact FF14 is also on the table suggest it’s a pretty good console, in terms of hardware.

    Wasn’t there a thing not long ago where Nintendo apparently showed off their new console behind closed doors to 3rd party companies and was well received? Square Enix was one of those involved perhaps?