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Strategy guide listing confirms several returning features in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Posted on September 25, 2017 by (@OnePunchMaz) in 3DS, News

The official Japanese strategy guide for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, which is due to be released on December 6th and comes with an in-game code that can be redeemed for two Master Balls, got listed by several retailers. The product description gives us some insight into the contents of the strategy guide, which in turn confirms some returning features from Pokemon Sun & Moon which will be in the new games as well. Specifically, the Festival Plaza, Battle Royal, Poke Finder and Poke Pelago all make a return.

The guide also talks about new moves, abilities and hold items, though it’s unclear if these are completely new or if it’s referring to moves, abilities and items that were introduced with Pokemon Sun & Moon.


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  • NinetalesCommander

    I swear, if the Festival Plaza still hasn’t been fixed, I’m going to flip a table.

  • Carlos

    Festival Plaza was the worst thing about that game. PSS was so much better. Hopefully they make it better than it was.

  • Ferrett

    I still dont get why we get a remake just after the main games!! They should be expanding A LOT of the story for it to be worth replaying considering I just finished Moon… I dont know if they got lazy or what.. but so far Im not convinced at all..

  • TimG57867

    You know what would make the Festival Plaza NOT the worst thing ever? Being able to choose new facilities from a list depending on your Plaza Rank rather then getting offered a random one that’s complete garbage. Why I am above 110 ranks yet still getting offered Stomp House 1’s?

  • Auragar

    Nothing ground breaking and other than Festival Plaza which while I don’t like I definitely don’t seem to hate nearly as much as everybody else I definitely could do without returning I am really happy to know these features are returning. I liked them for the most part.

  • Princess_Eevee9


  • PokePelago is all that matters to me~.