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Super Bomberman R details its multiplayer options

Posted on February 17, 2017 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Super Bomberman R will offer several different multiplayer options. On the game’s official website, these are fully detailed.

First, in terms of local play, up to eight controllers can be paired with Switch for an 8-player battle. Two controllers can also be paired to four Switch systems to again battle it out with eight players.

Super Bomberman R also supports online. By pairing two controllers to four Switches that are connected to the internet, you can participate in an 8-player battle here as well.


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  • Exy

    Imagine eight individuals all gathering around a 6.3″ screen, Joy-Cons in hand, trying in equal measure to eliminate the other players and to figure out what is going on.

    Now try imagining playing Smash Bros. this way.

    It’s gonna be great.

    • We did it at my place with Bomberman Blast for the Wii (except on a slightly bigger TV), it was honestly an extremely awesome time haha

      • Exy

        They shoulda went all the way and supported 10 players like Saturn Bomberman. The Switch is known to support at least 10 consoles ad-hoc.

        • Well if you want to get really crazy, you can hook up at least 8 Switches together and on Bomberman each Switch can have up to 2 players; so if you make a gigantic map big enough you could go crazy with 16 players haha.

        • R.Z.

          that was the mode with the giant maps (super tiny characters on screen), right ?
          I really want to see something like that again !

  • Yo, I m so ready~. ♥

  • KnickKnackMyWack

    Can you not do 8 people online on 8 different Switch consoles?

  • Sandman83

    Wonder how many players story mode support?