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Super Mario 3D World is a 1.7GB download

Posted on October 23, 2013 by (@NE_Brian) in News, Wii U eShop

All things considered, Super Mario 3D World is a fairly small download. You’ll only need 1702MB of free space on your console or hard drive. That’s quite a bit less than another recent Wii U title, Sonic Lost World, which was 8475MB.


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  • erikthomp

    wow, i am surprised it turned out to be this small!

    • Tim

      that’s what she said!

  • Nocturne

    new super mario bros U dident take up much space either yet i had to get warriors orochi 3 retail because it was 16gigs

  • Jumwa

    Nintendo works to make those files compact, gotta give them that. Whereas most of the worst games I’ve played on PC have had massive download sizes, because the developers don’t even seem to know of the word “compression”.

  • Andrea B.S.

    This is what i call “Optimization”

  • Thomas_NE

    This worries me a tiny bit, because SMG and SMG2 are both bigger files…

    • Hinscher

      The first SMG was 3.5GB, but the second one was only 1.3GB

      • Ahmed Ben Adda

        but everyone now that Super mario galaxy 1 has only 120 stars and Super mario galaxy 2 has 242 Stars why Super Mario galaxy is Bigger

  • Daisy ~ Tiggu

    Is it a good or a bad thing it’s that small? ・へ・

    • eh

      It doesn’t mean much. Its all about optimization. A game that looks like it came out on the N64 could be 5 gigabytes, while a “modern” game could only be 2.
      Case in point, Nocturne’s comment on Warriors Orochi 3.

  • Edgarska

    One of the advantages of using simplistic graphics, it’s all in the shaders and post-processing.


    zzz coulllll

  • nikola


  • nikola

    super mario 3d land

  • nikola

    minecraft vs super mario

  • Abid Tauseef

    can someone give me the link to download the torrent

    • uPadWatcher

      Troll harder next time, pirate!

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