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Have you ever wondered if Mario feels pain? Takashi Tezuka, who has been working on the Super Mario series since the very beginning, was recently asked that very question.

The Verge recently spoke with Tezuka, who weighed in – kind of. He first started out by simply stating: “It may be that Mario does feel pain.”

Mario movie sequel

A brand new animated movie is in production for Super Mario Bros., Nintendo and Illumination have revealed. It will debut on April 3, 2026.

Just like The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto and Illumination’s Chris Meledandri will act as producers. Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic will be directing while Matthew Fogel is writing the project.

Here’s the full announcement for the new movie, which was made as part of MAR10 Day:

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My Nintendo Mario pouch

MAR10 day is just around the corner, and it looks like My Nintendo is celebrating with a couple of new physical rewards in North America. In addition to a pouch, members can get their hands on new stickers.

The pouch lets fans store everyday essentials with a special design featuring Mario. It comes in at 6″ x 5″ and is made of vegan leather with nylon zipper closure.

Kevin Afghani has come forward as the new voice of Mario, confirming that he’s handling the character in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. He will also be playing Luigi.

Yesterday, rumors swirled that Mick Wingert would be taking over the role after a store demo for the game was datamined. However, while his representative confirmed his involvement, we also received confirmation that he wouldn’t be playing Mario.

Switch OLED - Mario Red Edition

We have a bunch of photos showing off the recently announced Switch OLED – Mario Red Edition.

The upcoming system is being made to tie in with the upcoming launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder. However, the game itself will be sold separately.


My Nintendo members in North America can get their hands on the latest physical reward, with the site adding a Super Mario shopping bag.

One side includes a selection of Super Mario characters and the classic Super Mario series logo on the other. Aside from the bag itself where you can obviously carry things, there’s another little wrinkle to it. Nintendo mentions that it can be folded into a Question Mark Box pocket that makes it compact and easy to carry. 

Charles Martinet Shigeru Miyamoto Mario

Nintendo has dropped a video that it previously teased in which Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles Martinet talk about the change of Mario’s voice actor. It was posted on social media a short while ago.

Martinet, who voiced Mario and other characters from Nintendo for decades, is now a Mario Ambassador. Miyamoto said that “in this role Charles will continue to travel around the world and meet fans, performing the familiar voices at events, signing autographs, and enjoying interacting with you all.”

Switch OLED Mario Red Edition

Original (8/31): During today’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, the Switch OLED – Mario Red Edition was announced. It’s due out on October 6, 2023.

The system features Mario-related designs including the Mario silhouette on the back of the red dock. If you open the back of the dock, you will also find an illustration of hidden coins. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is not included, so you’ll need to pick that up separately if you’re interested.

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Charles Martinet Doug Bowser

IGN recently caught up with Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser and asked about the recent decision to make Charles Martinet a Mario Ambassador. 

Recently, it was announced that Martinet won’t be voicing characters for Nintendo’s games going forward. He previously held the role for Mario and others for a few decades. But now as Mario Ambassador, Martinet will ” continue to travel the world sharing the joy of Mario and interacting” with fans.

Bowser had this to say when asked about the decision to make Martinet Mario Ambassdor:

Charles Martinet Mario Ambassador voice

Charles Martinet, the original voice of Mario in the video games, has been named Mario Ambassador by Nintendo – but it sounds like he won’t be the recording for the character going forward.

Nintendo said that Martinet will “continue to travel the world sharing the joy of Mario and interacting with you all”. However, the voice of the character will now go to someone else moving forward.

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