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Keegan-Michael Key Mario movie Toad

Toad is one of the key characters in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and Keegan-Michael Key – who plays the character – has now discussed how he found the voice for the role.

In a Fandango interview, Key talked about how he was looking to “almost pretend like I was sucking on a helium balloon while I was doing the recording.” Here’s what he shared:

Mario movie final trailer

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is fast approaching, and the final trailer has now come in. This video just debuted in a Nintendo Direct a few moments ago.

We again get to see the main premise of Mario going on adventure to save his brother, Luigi. Lots of action is included, and we even get to see Donkey Kong powering up with a Fire Flower.

Here’s the final trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Direct live stream March 2023

With the third Direct for The Super Mario Bros. Movie kicking off in just a bit, we have the live stream ready to go. It’ll begin at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET / 10 PM in the UK / 11 PM in Europe.

Thus far Nintendo has only said that the presentation will only highlight the film’s final trailer. It goes without saying, but there won’t be any game information here.

MAR10 Day sale 2023

Original (3/2): Nintendo has passed along an announcement covering all of the plans it has in store for MAR10 Day, which is dedicated to Mario.

We already mentioned the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass Wave 4 release date and new Switch bundle. A few other things are planned, including a special sale.

Here’s the full announcement:

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Super Mario Bros Movie April 5

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will debut a little earlier than expected, as the film is now set to premiere on April 5, 2023. It was most recently on track for April 7. That’s not a huge change, but fans will be happy to hear that they’ll be able to see the movie a couple of days earlier.

Note that this change applies to the United States “and in more than 60 markets around the world.” Other marks will see the film in April and May. For Japan specifically, the movie is opening on April 28.

Mario popularity

When you think about games and the most popular characters in the medium, Mario has to be there as one of the top choices. He’s been around for decades, in multiple titles and genres – and now he’s even getting his own animated movie.

So what’s been behind Mario’s long-term popularity? Shigeru Miyamoto, the character’s creator, recently shared some thoughts.

Mario Bros movie McDonald's

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a few months to go until its debut (you can see the latest trailer here by the way), but it looks like McDonald’s already has a big promotion planned – at least in Japan.

A flyer is starting to be distributed at the restaurant revealing that toys will be included with Happy Meals in just a few weeks. Two (well, technically three) waves will be happening. The first features Mario, Peach, Toad, and Donkey Kong. The second has Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and a character that isn’t currently named but seems to be some kind of Luma. For the third round, it sounds like all of the eight toys will be offered at the same time.

Super Mario Bros animated movie details leaked

The Super Mario Bros. animated movie was announced years ago, yet there’s very little that we actually know. The main cast had been previous confirmed, but in terms of what to actually expect, things have been quiet. 

Before that recent delay took place, rumored details about the film supposedly leaked online. The information is a bit dubious, but GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, who has a history with leaking news pertaining to games, seems to think that it could be legitimate and may have come about from audience testing. 

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super mario bros animated movie delay

The Super Mario Bros. animated movie has been delayed to April 2023, Nintendo has just announced.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, who is a co-producer on the film, shared the news. He and Illumination founder Chris Meledandri were in agreement to push the film back April 7 in North America and April 28 in Japan. It was previously planned for December of this year.

Miyamoto’s full statement about the Super Mario Bros. movie being delayed is as follows:

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princess peach alternate design

Princess Peach has a design that’s famous today, but the character could have gone in a very different direction.

On Twitter this week, mangaka Gaku Miyao shared a photo of some Mario merchandise he worked on before Peach had a standardized design (see above). This was before the look we now know of was fully established.

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